After the sudden death of his wife two years ago, Darren Griffin has finally found peace. He has a good life, good job, two daughters he’d do anything for, and a beautiful home on the beach.
Greer Monroe is grieving the loss of her father. It’s the final rung on the broken ladder that’s become her life—crappy job, no friends, and a cheating ex-boyfriend. At the insistence of her aunt, Greer decides to spend some time at her family’s beach house.
When the glee-filled sound of children’s laughter dances through the breeze, Greer finds herself smiling again. The neighbor girls are carefree, depicting a life Greer has only dreamed about. Husband, children, happiness—a family. And their father, Darren, he’s everything a woman could ever want.
But it is, of course, only a dream.
She can’t stay at Carolina Beach, no matter how much she adores Darren and his daughters. She has responsibilities at home, a mother who needs her. Where there’s love, there’s heartbreak, and she can’t go through that again. And she sure as hell won’t do that to those little girls.
But Darren isn’t letting her go that easily. It’s been so long since he’s felt this way for anyone. Greer is his missing piece, a piece he never thought he’d find.
Saying goodbye is hard, but sometimes starting over is even harder.
Only when they dare to dream again, will they ever dare to love.


This is an incredibly sweet, adorable and enjoyable read. I prefer the books I read to not be so sweet or precious. I need more grit and action but despite that fact I still found it touching in ways and it hit the spot. I was craving for some things while reading the book that I didn’t know that I was looking for.

Now I might be contradicting myself here it has been known to happen. I liked it and I didn’t. I’m an absolute sucker for a hot daddy with rugrats. And Darren in this book is no different. He has two little girls Violet and Vivian that he dotes on. He lets them paint his toenails hot pink. Freaking adorable.

Greer takes a break and moves out to the beach house in Carolina Beach. After the loss of a family member and the bloke she loves cheating on her. She realizes that she doesn’t love him. By spying on the hot neighbor next door and his two adorable girls takes her mind off other things.  

I liked the build-up between the two main characters and I felt as if it all did progress naturally. Darren realized that enough time has passed and that it is time to move on. Greer gives him that extra nudge. To me Greer never felt second best. They have chemistry and it all instantly clicked between them. The cynic in me finds it hard to believe but I guess these things do happen.

The dead spouse trope is also always quite hard to do because thinking about it means that if the spouse was still there then the MCs wouldn’t get a story. It worked here and I didn’t mind so much. Also giving the Hero a second chance at love isn’t always my thing. But once again it worked here.

I like the authors writing style and she has a great eye for creating extremely likeable characters as well as bringing out a lot of emotions while reading the book. I enjoy the authors work and I think that if you are looking for something sweet and low angst then this is the book for you.



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