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An unexpected meeting at the beach and a young nephew who won’t take no for an answer, has Mia Winters’ brother, Owen, falling hard and fast.

Charlotte feels something too, but violently losing her mother at a young age has her afraid to take a chance.

With only five days, Owen will have to work fast if he has any hope of winning Charlotte’s heart.


3 My brown eyed girl. Stars

Charlotte is in Florida on holiday she was meant to meet her Dad but he had other plans. Living in New York and living on the world of finance and numbers. Charlotte without even knowing it has kept a very secluded life. Due to the tragic death of her mother it is no wonder. Moving around a lot as a child at least twelve countries has never made her fit in anyway. She has been holding on to her father for too long.

She is shy and insular. She loves lists, she dislikes boredom and she doesn’t do relaxation aka holiday at all well.

But with the help of Kyle…

“This is my Charlotte,” Kyle shouted. “That’s my uncle.” “Your Charlotte, huh?” he asked Kyle though he was looking at her.

Owen is on holiday with his whole family and yes that includes Colby & Mia Winters. Colby and Owen are cousins which makes for fun times. Owen tries to break up the beginning of a beautiful friendship but falls for the shy beauty himself. He lives in South Carolina so how will that work?

But family can’t help be family and then they get involved. No matter how much you don’t want them to Owen.

“I don’t want to be anyone’s project.” His father chuckled. “And you think you get any say? Especially in this family.”

So with the attraction beneath the surface and Owen’s patience a wonderful summer romance begins. It is the beginning moments of heart flutters and butterflies. Words of promise of something more.

“You take my breath away.” And she was taking his heart right along with it. And for a man who’d never been in danger of losing it, that took his breath away, too.

Of getting to know one another of exploring everything you want to explore of that special someone. He sure does know how to make you feel special.

Drawing her up, he brushed a slow, soft kiss over her lips. The kind of kiss that touched the soul.

But what happens when the time spent on holiday is over and real life beckons?

After the magic is over and they go back to their respective lives they speak on the phone any time that they can. Owen goes to see Charlotte in New York until a moment of the past leads to Charlotte getting a scare and sets everything she has with Owen in jeopardy. But what are fathers for.

“Falling in love, giving your heart to someone, someone you might lose is risky business.”

I’ve got to say that so far this is my least favourite in the Titan World series and also my least favourite when it comes to the lovely Ms. Connor but even putting all of this aside it is still a sweet, sexy, heart-warming read.

On a side note my most favourite bit out of the book.

“SEALs use any equipment needed to train and get the job done.” “And I have a pink princess Navy SEAL bike with training wheels,” Clara added with all her father’s confidence and her mother’s sass.

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