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Three years ago, Alec and Raegan McClane lived every parent’s worst nightmare: their one-year-old daughter, Emma, was abducted from a park when Alec turned his back for just a moment. Emma was never found, and presumed dead. The crushing trauma, plus Alec’s unbearable guilt, ended the couple’s marriage.

Now a four-year-old girl matching Emma’s profile is found wandering a local park. Alec and Raegan are heartbroken to discover she’s not their daughter but are newly motivated to find closure…and each secretly feels desperate to be in the other’s presence again.

Alec suspects his vengeful biological father is behind Emma’s disappearance. But as Raegan investigates other abductions in the area, she sees a pattern—and begins to wonder if Emma’s kidnapping is actually linked to something more sinister.

As Alec and Raegan race to uncover the truth, a long-burning spark rekindles into smoldering passion, and they realize they need each other now more than ever.




3.5 Stay Strong Stars.


Every parent’s worst nightmare is turning around for a split second and then finding out your child is gone. This is what happened to Alec McClane and since then he struggles every day. After all this time it isn’t much better. He. Lost. Everything. And most of it was his fault no not losing his daughter but everything else that came after that.


Alec received a call from the FBI that a child has been found, a child that resembles is missing daughter Emma. It isn’t Emma.


Imagine experiencing that hope of a phone call every time and then it being torn away from you.


Raegan McClane lost everything that her daughter was missing. All she wanted was for her husband to choose her and not the bottle. Raegan never doubted that Emma was killed. She still firmly believes that Emma is alive.


Although three years have passed they still have strong feelings for one another.  Receiving the call from the FBI she runs to the hospital and finds out that it isn’t Emma. But she sees Alec. The feelings are still the same and in the end she digs deep with other missing kid cases. Alec helps her and patterns start to develop.  They see that there was more to everything. The outcome at the end? Cracked me heart open a bit.


I enjoy Ms. Naughton’s books very much and this worked very well for me even though it is a second chance romance under these conditions of their main characters split and them getting back together is bittersweet.  The rollercoaster ride of emotions and for the fact is that being tasteful about writing about missing children isn’t always a feat but in this case it is perfect.

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