From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and Anna Bishop Barker comes an exciting collaboration… EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT UNDERWATER

Clinical researcher Rebecca Shaughnessy’s life has always been planned, ordered, controlled, logical. She isn’t a damsel and she doesn’t need a hero.
Ex- Army Ranger Max Lawrence’s life is a study in balancing. War and compassion, aggression and tenderness. He isn’t looking to be anyone’s hero, even if he does appreciate the trusty steed and the mighty sword stories.
But there is a monster from the past. A monster who simply takes. And this time it intends to take everything.
In every good fairy tale there are dragons and monsters. The dragon in this tale may be their fiery attraction but the monster won’t remain in the past where it belongs. When the monster resurfaces, this damsel and her knight must brave the currents and fight to keep from going under.

4 ‘Ma is always right’ Stars

Max Lawrence former Army Ranger, now a psychiatrist is an alpha alpha and has set his sights on his colleague. As a Hero he is fantastic, he has everything you want in a Hero. Loyal, good guy and a hard arse to the bone with a sweet and funny side. He also has one weakness

He had a permanent hard-on for redheads, that couldn’t be denied. But he was slightly surprised by his immediate visceral reaction to this one.

Rebecca Shaughnessy. Genius IQ was shy in college but after what happened became guarded and socially awkward. She doesn’t want to be attracted to Max but she can’t seem to shake him especially when they are next door neighbors and there their dogs become friends. Zander & Daisy were a great addition to the story but why did you do that Ms. Barker to the wonderful Daisy?

Told in from three POVs, the Hero, the heroine and the one of the stalker is way too creepy for my liking in a good way though. But each characters perspective is spot on.

Sometimes you just need a stalker fix to make you feel better and another thing is that the romance as well as the suspense and the banter well perfectly balanced.

“You are such an arrogant, horse’s ass, Neanderthal Klingon,” she hissed.

Max is also a take charge Hero. He rocked it.

“Here’s the deal, Spock. I know that for whatever reasons, you’ve lived a laced-up life. But I’m telling you now I am here to untie it.”

He is good at convincing Rebecca what he wants and he does it with style and hilariousness.

“That’s not good enough, Spock. I don’t trust it. Repeat after me. I, Dr. Rebecca Spock Black Mamba Shaughnessy, do solemnly swear…” He waited. “Say it.” Rebecca gave a passing thought to his sanity but decided he looked scary enough that she was not going to disobey. “I, Dr. Rebecca Spock Black Mamba… wait, who the hell is that?”

As a character when Rebecca began to thaw out I really liked her and how she let Max into her heart? Beautiful.

He made her laugh, and he made her angry. He challenged her mind, and he made her want to drag him to the nearest bed. Against all odds and reason, he was it.

I’m sure if you’ve all heard of the Titan Group series and well, all I can say is that they are a must read by Cristin Harber. Okay so I’ve only read one that that one that I did read is fantastic and I will go back and read the others. sighs as if I don’t have enough to read already. No rest for the wicked.

But with the help of 11 authors she has expanded on the Titan World. I have had the pleasure of reading one of the books I do have the other one to read as well.

This most certainly is an author to look out for in the romantic suspense genre. After checking this is her first novel so color me doubly impressed.

I would recommend this book and I would read other books by this author once she has released something.  

P.S. I love Max’s take on Mickey Mouse.

“I will have you know, madam, that The Mouse is a total badass. He manages that whack pack of characters that surround him, he can understand what the actual fuck Donald Duck says, he’s faithful to his woman, and he does that wearing red pants with no fly. Total badass.”



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