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Her father was supposed to pay.
She was supposed to die.
It was supposed to stay buried.

Nine months after Faith Roden was kidnapped, beaten and left for dead, she’s physically recovered. But she remembers nothing of her abduction, and is grappling with several other gaps in her life left by trauma-induced amnesia.

Headstrong Faith is determined to move on and ignore the things she’s lost, throwing herself into her career as a journalist and diving into a new romance. Yet, when violent nightmares begin to haunt her and a trickle of memories becomes a flood, she has no choice but to confront a past that jeopardises her future.




This isn’t an actually review this is more along the lines of my thoughts and feelings on the book.
You know when you read a blurb and think hell yeah that sounds brilliant I really want to read it. The author ever so kindly offers you a read to review and you jump at the chance but said book gets lost on your kindle. Say a fortnight later you realise you still have it cause a GR friend as added it as well. First word that went through my head was shite because I’d completely forgotten about it.

It turns out that the author has written doesn’t seem to be what I expected or to be honest was looking for. I thought the beginning of the book was good and another bonus was that it is set in England. I’m afraid to say that not enough romance is set in England. But somewhere along the way I got lost with this book.

Ms. Ellis has a good writing style there is no doubt in that whatsoever. I couldn’t connect with the heroine of the story she felt off to me. Did I get a feel for the Hero? Not so much really. A dash more suspense would have been nice. I think that this book could have been spectacular
Maybe my heart wasn’t in it from the beginning? In no way whatsoever can my thoughts and feelings been taken at face value. I personally can only recommend that you read the book.

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