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FIRED!….DUMPED!! …on the same day…fml. I thought things couldn’t get any worse. That was until I found out getting kidnapped by Alien Space Pirates was also possible. I thought life on Earth was hard and confusing. It turns out we had no idea what those words even meant. Earth problems just don’t seem to matter anymore when you’re a slave on a pirate spaceship—when you are owned by Captain Vex. Washing grimy walls all day. Cooking their strange meals, pouring their weird smelling drinks. Getting leered at by a crew that keep saying they want to test out my “special human powers”. Why me? Why kidnap me? What makes me so special? Why does Captain Vex seem to fear me, pity me, and want me all at the same time. It would help if I knew whether to be afraid of him or just want him to take me. His powerful arms, his cut body covered in strange, glowing, tribal tattoos. He’s all trouble, but then again, so is everything else in this galaxy.


Sci-fi alien romance is one of my guilty pleasures. I really don’t know why but sometimes you just have to go with it. There is just something about out of this world heroes who are tough and alpha but also have a softer side.

Ms. Grey delivered this exact Hero which made the book a pleasure to read.

Trisha is having a bad day. So far she has been fired, dumped and the icing on the cake she is kidnapped and ends up on an alien space ship.

Trisha is the newest slave, ah member of the Black Orbit. Vex the Captain had her kidnapped out of very specific reasons this becomes clearer throughout the book.

At the beginning I was wondering what was going on and that this book gripped me but it started to fizzle out but then it picked up again. The book is well written and offers a lot of entertaining moments. Although for me personally there is a lot of inner monologue and a lot of information to process what with all the questions that are being asked and answered. But as a whole it is a strong and solid read from an author to keep an eye out for. I personally just wish I could have liked it more. With some romance novels it is hard to get the right balance so the book doesn’t come off as too cheesy. Ms. Grey achieved this very few can.

I liked the characters although Vex was a tough one to read at the beginning of the book but I really warmed up to him. Trisha is practical, and at sometimes far too sensible and takes everything really well. Far too well. But as a team they worked well together, they started out somewhat as friends after he stopped being an idiot. They are good together and complement one another.

If you like Sci-fi alien romance then I would recommend reading it.

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