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An ambitious journalist on a fast track to success.

A round one draft pick determined to keep his personal life his own.

And an attraction neither of them expected.

Olivia Callahan is a woman on a mission. When she lands a career defining opportunity in the male-dominated world of sports journalism, she knows it’s make or break time. Olivia’s boss has given her the green light to produce her very own documentary, and she’s not going to let anything get in the way of perfection.

After a few setbacks in college, Nate Sullivan is finally on his way to the big leagues as the newest recruit for the New York Warriors. Determined to put his somewhat colorful past behind him, Nate’s all about the straight and narrow as he sets out to prove he’s worthy of the first round draft pick that’s caused so much debate from fans and media.

The last thing Nate wants is to delve into stories from his past. But when his new team directs him to set the record straight, he has no choice but to cooperate with the feisty, determined reporter who shows up on campus. Olivia is thrilled that Nate Sullivan is her man. His colorful background is just the thing to take her story from memorable to award winning.

What neither of them expected is their attraction to one another, yet try as they might, determination gives way to temptation eventually. As Nate battles to protect his privacy and Olivia fights to produce the story of her career, they must decide what they’re willing to give up in order to gain each other.

4 Any Given Sunday & The Godfather Stars.

Olivia Callahan, 27 year old New Yorker has her whole life mapped out. To the guy she wants to date. To when to do what. It is all planned out. An older man who wears a suit and isn’t an athlete. I see a spanner in the works here. Moving on, though each junior sports reporter knows that if you land the Under the Lights documentary you get promoted to senior sports reporter. Olivia Callahan wants that spot and she gets it. Document an athlete’s journey from college making it to the NFL first draft pick. Enter Nate Sullivan.

Nate Sullivan, the king of gentle let-downs. 22 year old soon to graduate college and is in the NFL as the first draft pick for the Warriors in New York. He’s at the beginning of his career. He always knew that going pro would put him on the map on the field but off the field he wants his privacy. He doesn’t like the media or reporters but doesn’t want to be the difficult one so agrees. Enter Olivia Callahan.

They meet and get off to an odd start.

He stared at me in shock. “Did you just sniff me?” Mortified, I nodded. “I’m sorry but you’re so clean…not exactly well groomed or anything,” I said as I studied the messy blond hair that was tucked behind his ears, the rough stubble along his jaw. “But you look…fresh” “And how did I smell?” I lifted my chin. “Good nothing like your room.”

“Are there many women like you in New York? She scrunched up her nose. “You mean opinionated?” “No I mean sniffers.” “Oh, no.” She shook her head. “That’s my special brand of crazy. And just so you know, I reserved that bit of crazy all for you. I don’t normally sniff people I’ve just met.” “I’m honored.”

I wouldn’t mind giving him a sniff. Not at all.

Olivia wants a juicy story the juicer the better. She wasn’t to what really happened with that fight. This book was hard for me that in that respect reporters show no boundaries. And they don’t realize how much they affect people.

Nate finds Liv confident, sexy as fuck a little intimidating. Liv is never embarrassed to say what she thinks. She wants Nate. The chemistry is undeniable and I love how there were encounters where there could have been more straight away but we get a buildup how they are together.

“You don’t kiss like a college kid” “I don’t fuck like one either.”


“You’re sweet.” I smirked. “You wouldn’t think I was sweet if you knew what I wanted to do to you.”

There is something there right from the start but they are both on different sides. Without both of them knowing it they have move towards something beautiful. Although Liv is really hesitant in getting involved she could lose everything that is important to her. She wants that promotion. They do both have something to prove but each of them take different paths to achieve it. The last interview Olivia really knows how to go for the jugular. Had me on my seat.

She knows that he is lying and then she feels duped about her job and not being taken serious enough and that is when all things start to go to hell. All she had to do was tell him the truth beforehand before he gets blindsided but she is selfish and doesn’t until it is too late. She did grovel though and she did as much as she could to right a wrong even by losing one of her dreams. They both felt anger, pain and disappointment. Nate stands his ground and doesn’t say anything. It’s not his story to tell and neither does he want to tell it.

There are some truly amazing laugh out loud moments in the book. Meet me Halfway is well written. It engages you. You want to know more about the characters, you get involved with them you feel what you feel. You’ll scream at them. Well I mainly screamed at Olivia. Ms. Carmody has the tendency to have the most annoying heroines ever. Olivia is better than Emma (book 1) so there is that. Olivia has a priorities set completely wrong and that is why I docked half a star.

That among the laugh out loud moments there are sweet moments behind closed doors with our main characters. But they frustrated me as well. In their actions but there was a chain reaction to it all and they were in pain as they said some awful things to one another. Olivia always acted as if she didn’t know Nate at all out of their fling. And that she didn’t have any feelings for him was tough.

But it all boils down to

Meet me halfway, right at the borderline
That’s where I’m gonna wait for you
I’ll be lookin out, night n’ day
Took my heart to the limit, and this is where I’ll stay.  –The Black Eyed Peas

They were both at that borderline, and in reach of it but never at the same time. Until? Of course you guessed it right at the very end.

I would like to say that more people should read Ms. Carmody’s books. This is told in a dual POV which is my favorites. I’m going to leave a lot out because I lot happens in the book all good though. Although I liked this more than book 1 there is one thing that could have been left out also why I docked half a star. PM me if you want to know what.


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