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Marine Veteran, Marcus Lincoln, returns home after almost being blown to bits. His physical injuries are nothing compared to his mental state. He now sees the ghost of his best friend. In need of R & R he rents rooms from a landowner in small town Georgia. However, the landlord looks nothing like he imagined. Victoria Silvershade is a spirit seeker. She wants to start a foundation that will allow her to help spirits who have not crossed over. And it just so happens, she has her own troupe of ghosts residing in her home. To bring in money, she rents out part of her house to Marcus, but fails to tell him his new landlord is a woman. When her foundation sponsors begin to turn up dead, Victoria, Marcus, and their combined ghost family try to find the killer. But will they succeed before they become deceased themselves?

Not entirely sure how to describe this book.

Sitting on the tram yesterday I knew exactly what I was going to write for my review and sitting in front of my computer and the keyboard I have no idea.

It was an okay read for me. The author put a lot of thought into creating something unique and in this case it did work. I love myself a tortured hero and Marcus Lincoln is one but he starts to heal. It doesn’t help that he sees the spirit of his best friend who died in Afghanistan.  He rents a flat away from his family to deal with his issues.

Victoria Silvershade is a spirit seeker. She is currently setting up her own company to help those spirits that aren’t moving on but want to be heard. To help her out financially she rents out the rooms in her house to Marcus. Someone is out to sabotage Victoria’s business but Marcus helps her to get to the bottom of the situation.

I liked the eerie feel it had to it. But I felt as if the scenes were rushed and that we also jumped from scene to scene. The characters are well developed although they didn’t also have smooth interaction with one another but they worked it out in the end.

Sweet book and a nice filler for in between books.

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