Her past is a blank, her future uncertain….

Recovering from a shooting, LAPD witch consultant Sophie Ross leaves her job and travels to the U.K. to search for answers about her childhood. When she encounters a Daoine Sidhe knight of the Dark Court, she becomes entangled in an ancient hatred between two arcane forces.

He has given his body and soul to fight for his people….

Barred from his homeland along with his surviving brother knights, Nikolas Sevigny is embroiled in a conflict that threatens everything he holds dear. Only by uniting his people’s resources can they hope to prevail against Isabeau, the deadly Queen of the Light Court. He will do anything and use anyone to return home to Lyonesse.

When Nikolas encounters Sophie, he sees a tool to be used. The insouciant witch might be the key to unlocking every passageway that has been barred to the knights of the Dark Court, even as a fascination for her takes root in what’s left of his soul.

Sophie has no intention of becoming anyone’s pawn, yet the fierce Nikolas is so compelling, she can’t deny the temptation that endangers her guarded heart.

As magic threatens Lyonesse, Queen Isabeau unleashes her merciless Hounds, and Nikolas and Sophie become embroiled in a race for survival. Meanwhile, the passion that ignites between them burns too hot to be denied and quickly turns into obsession.

Thank goodness they both know better than to fall in love…



Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, okay Germany. There was a girl, okay young woman, alright, alright a woman who has been enchanted by Thea Harrison. This girl ah woman was born with a book in her hand. Sadly no but I wish. She liked to read, ah loved to read and if she had her way she would tell everyone to leave her alone because books. Need I say more?

One day when scouring the vast kingdom of Netgalley she came across a hidden gem of a book. With little hope she requested it and didn’t think about it till the afternoon where a pigeon dropped a note, okay so I got an email that I had been approved. I did a happy dance and started reading Moonshadow straight away.

“Standing in a shadow cast by the moon reveals a person’s true nature to those with the ability to see it.”

Sophie Ross is currently on leave from the LAPD after being shot. She needs time to recuperate but it is taking too much time. She can’t seem to move on. Until she is asked to meet with Dr. Kathryn Shaw, Sophie decides to do a reading.

What the royal fuck was that? She had never experienced anything like that, and she had been practicing magic for as long as she could remember.

The good doctor has been looking for the children that her father saved. This family tradition has been going on for years and so far the house has stayed closed. Known as the family albatross. Very amusing. When fate comes knocking on your door to gain a house that you’ve never seen the inside or outside of. To receive an annuity. To heal without worrying about money. The catch? The house is stubborn. It just won’t let anyone in. But what’s a girl to do? Travel to England of course.

The plot thickens what with Sophie finding a lost and abused dog. An interaction with the man from her vision and a spooky, stubborn house. Add in a couple dozen of Hounds and getting involved in a plot that has been going on for hundreds of years. Let’s not forget the hunky, old timey folk that has a chip on his shoulder. Well it has been a very long time.

Sophie Ross is a good female leading character I can’t really say if I liked her or not. There were times were she was pretty kick arse but there were other times where her attitude was a bit too much for to liking. She is a rare occurrence and I love that she has Djinn blood.

Nikolas and his brothers are the stranded Daoine Sidhe Knights of the Dark Court. When the crossover passageways were brought to a fall due to Isabeau and Morgan Le Fae they have been stuck on Earth, slowly their numbers diminished leaving only nine of them left. Hope is lost and taking a last stand is coming nearer and nearer. They are the rarest of the Elder Races as they have blood of three races in them. Some call them monsters or abominations.

That is until a clever witch crosses their path with the Puck and all hell breaks loose. With hope comes betrayal, heartache and pain. Nikolas and Sophie don’t really like one another but then lines begin to blur. Nik gains back some of his compassion although as a leader he is loyal and true to his people even if he does behave like an arse in Sophie’s eyes anyway. But the animosity is slowly replaced with lust and love.

When he had finished, he pressed a kiss to her fingers and whispered. “You still make me. So. Crazy.” She loved him so much it twisted her up inside. Stroking his lips with her thumb she smiled and whispered back, “And you’re still very much an asshole.”

Nikolas thinks she’s suicidal but I think that she is courageous. For the fact that Nik and Sophie bickered a lot of one another I found it highly amusing and normally stuff like that bothers me but this didn’t.

The love has to be bigger than everything else and In this case through ups and downs it is.
This is a fantastic start to a brand new series. Where for once the setting is in England and the countryside. The world building and the trickle of information that we get so that we don’t feel overwhelmed is spot on. I liked that the Dark Court is actually seen to be good and that the Light Court isn’t. Role reversal. I like it.

The enchantress Thea Harrison had captivated me with her writing style already two years ago but with all things books and they can be so pretty and shiny and captivating I was sidetracked to my despair only six days ago I order the first 8 books in the Elder Race Series.

It has a Lord of the Rings vibe to it. Now I don’t think that any J.R. Tolkien fans will actually read my review but let me emphasize the fact that it has a vibe to it. Nothing more, nothing less.
Fingers crossed the other books come soon and the second book is going to be released in 2017 and I can’t wait.



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