Falcon by Scarlett Finn is live!!!
He’s reclusive and stoic,
Aloof and withdrawn.
He won’t let her in,
But he can’t stay away.
Devon doesn’t trust the people who saved her from hell. They call themselves the Kindred and they want her help. All she wants is one thing in return: to meet him.
Breaking through his barriers takes time, but she’s captivated and willing to do whatever it takes to rescue the man who saved her life.
Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.

Yeah – you are correct – it’s time again for another one of my famous letters… So


you be so kind as to advise me how the hell I am supposed to write a
fucking review on Falcon that will ever get posted on Amazon ? Because
there is no way in Hell that I am able to write this without using my
most favorite curse word .. and I am using it often.

This book is a lesson … it is a lesson to never think you have any idea what an author is doing.

know this 75% thing… you are reading on your kindle and you just
fucking KNOW that around 75 % the standard romance will have a fall out
between the couples and the story will reach his peak. If that does not
happen well then either the book is different – which is rare – or you
are heading up to a major cliffhanger.

But what could be the cliffhanger if everything is fine between the characters?

So – here we have the fact that the 75% passed – and the book did not have a peak … but it also does not have a cliffhanger …

Everybody knows exactly where he or she stands … or don’t they?

will leave the judgment up to my fellow readers, Except for me there is
this WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE moment and I can not wrap my head
around it ..

Up to that moment my head was writing a review
stating how Falcon was exactly like I expected him to be – and I really
love the way he is. I could quote so many lines I loved – So if anyone
ever needs a quote on this book – I got tons.

From the first book on I knew he would be the character beside Raven that was attracting me the most and I was right.

He is similar yet totally different from Raven. Where Raven is a man of action – Falcon is a man of logic.

before that WTFMoment I was thinking my Headline for this review would
be something like “how to challenge the most logical emotional virgin on
this planet”.

I am not sure if I made up the word “emotional
virgin” or if that really is a word but I love it when I think of Raven.
And he sure was challenging & challenged … you met him when you
read Raven.

… so would you believe me if I tell you he could be
“sweet” ? (don’t tell him he will deny it most probably) … But yes he
can be sweet and he for sure is kind – but what defines him the most is
logic an the fact that he needs a challenge more than his next breath.

sure got the right woman at his side for that and I loved every minute
of that … until … yeah there it is again the WTFMoment.

So yeah Dear Author – you sure as hell did teach me a lesson … one I will remember

I love your writing dearly but I am not sure I like you just now … that
depends… ON WHAT HAPPENS NEXT – so in fact you just made the “favourite
author” list as you managed to make me NOT like you ( I am not sure I
am making sense – but honestly after what you put me through I really do
not care if I make sense ) …

And your punishment ? That will
be trying to figure out how to get Amazon to publish my fucking review
because I refuse to erase a single of my curse words, because they do
not even cover half of what I am thinking … #yeah this is me ranting

I can not … – no rephrase that – I refuse to say anything more … so let
the others learn their lesson on their own. Because my head is spinning
enough as it is and I am not sure how to handle my emotions now because
I am in fact not an emotional virgin and I am not even sure if I should
cry because I am so shocked I don’t know what to think.

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