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Everything was fine until Sherlock showed up for tea.

Penelope Wilde has worked hard to be normal. With an IQ off the charts, her mother forces her to dampen her genius throughout school to avoid unwanted scrutiny. In time it becomes a normal way of life until a man shows up in her living room proclaiming himself to not only be her father, but also the fictional, ingenious character of Sherlock Holmes. Oh and one more thing, he claims to be a time traveler.

Someone has some explaining to do.

Soon Penelope is plunged into her father’s bizarre yet brilliant world where she’s forced to give up her way of life and embrace the danger and intrigue that are her birthright in order to claim her father’s empire as her own. However, you can’t just thrust a girl into high stakes time travel. First, she has to be trained. With the enigmatic John Watson in the picture, Penelope is confused, bruised, enlightened, and pushed to her limit as she tries to rectify the world she once knew with the one she now belongs to.

But Daddy Dearest has another bomb to drop. Due to an error of epic magnitude with an experimental serum, Watson, and everyone in her genetic line is cursed with immortality. And someone wants that serum. Bad.

Penelope has her hands full and, even with immortality on her side, time is running out.

I read a snippet of this book and just had to read it. Why? Because it is bloody brilliant.

It is original, witty, and funny with likable characters.

Penelope Wilde is wallowing in self-pity when her father, who she doesn’t know is Sherlock Holmes. Yes that Sherlock Holmes the one and only. He created a serum to prolong life turned out it made him immortal along with Penelope’s Mum, Watson, Sherlock and an unknown fifth person.

She is sassy and strong, has a lot to deal with but can stick up for herself and it is now time for her to take up her birthright as a time warden. Just before her 25th birthday when she turns immortal.

There is a lot of banter that adds to the charm of the story.

“Your home is quite a mish mash of eclectic things. Do you require funds?” A benevolent trespasser. The world is full of wonders. “My home is just fine,” I responded with barely there patience. “Can I help you?”

Daddy Dearest doesn’t see the issue with being immortal but he is a bit bonkers. He is also not to be trusted as he will do anything for a scientific break.

So I always seem to have a favorite in the book and it was most certainly John Watson. He is a handsome, funny, to die for man, wild, untamed and well I would commit bloody murder to get to him.

He pressed a kiss to my forehead. “We are not normal. Remember that, love.”

Penelope and Watson don’t want to be attracted to one another but they have serious chemistry.

So would the evil cow of the book Lila. As well as Aaron. I can’t wait for the next installment as this book left me guessing in what could happen and to what actually happened.

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