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Cade: I tried. I really tried. I should be out of this small town by now, finishing my law degree and partnering up with my buddies, but I couldn’t resist one last street race. Now I’m sidelined in the hospital, and while my injuries will heal, I’m not so sure my voice will return. What kind of attorney can’t talk? Yeah, exactly. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to come back from this… until Tasha Montgomery reawakens every competitive bone in my body.
Tasha: I nearly watched Cade Wilson die on that lonely stretch of road. He’s damn lucky just to be alive, even if he doesn’t realize it. I know he’s destined for bigger and better things, but I don’t mind helping him get there as he relearns everything he took for granted. Cade’s a good student, a real perfectionist; I can tell how much his stutter bothers him. But when he lets his kisses do the talking, everything else disappears. And one day, maybe he’ll be able to tell me that he wants me—as much as I want him.


4 Oral Therapy Stars.

Cade our Hero was in a car accident and that fateful night he lost everything. He had physical injuries to heal from and there were some psychological ones as well. He hadn’t lost his voice completely but the silver tongued fox stuttered. Cade is angry at the world and at himself.

But only one person stuck by him and never gave up on him.

Tasha is just about to wrap up college as a PTA. After her boyfriend being a cheating rat she has found it hard to trust again. She is wealthy but really down to earth she has worked for everything she has.
Tasha saw everything that happened that fateful night.

The only one that didn’t walk away and never gave up.

Before the accident they had an encounter that didn’t go that well. But people change, events change people and this happened with Cade.

Cade and Tasha have more in common than they thought they did and I loved them together. I admired Cade with dealing with the aftermath and how he decided to do what he really wanted in the end.

The chemistry between the two is scorching. With every relationship they have their ups and downs. There is a misunderstanding it takes two to tango so Cade isn’t completely responsible for what happened but his grovelling – EPIC!!

I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would and I was also very close to a DNF and in hindsight I have no idea why.

I admit I haven’t read the first one but it does seem to be worth it. What I liked about this so much?
Although it is NA not a lot of the story took place at college. Yes our heroine went to college but a lot happened outside of campus more than it did on campus.

I would recommend this book to everyone.

Can be read as a standalone although there is a backstory in the first book but it didn’t take away from the book in any way.

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