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Meeting him was a fluke. Dating him was a mistake. Watching him become a drug addict put me through hell. Running was my only option.


I’m running from my demons and when I find out she’s trying to escape her past, I know what I have to do.

One broken cop. One woman fighting for her life. A fragile love.

Sinister secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

They’ve been to hell. The hard part will be finding their way back together. 

I’ve been to Hell & Back. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and overall I can say

3 ‘Can Mr. Big come out and play?’ Stars

The beginning of the book was like a shot to the heart. Our heroine Bella has left her abusive relationship with her daughter Lilah. What they both experienced and how petrified they are for their lives is palpable. Her chance at freedom is when she finds out that her Nana has passed and she inherits the house.

Our Hero Jackson Fletcher has seen a lot in his job working in the Special Victims Unit as a cop. He has also been feeling very guilty of a past mistake that still haunts him seven years later.

He feels an instant connection to the two broken girl’s across the street when he sees them watching the stars one night and slowly but surely he starts to knock down Bella’s walls. Bella is trying to rebuild her life and she slowly become the woman that she is meant to be.

I admired Bella and the journey she takes to be the person she used to be.  They both as a couple have chemistry although Jackson is a bit of a wild card to be honest. He didn’t always get it right with Bella but anything he said at the beginning is hard.

There is one major twist that I didn’t see coming. Which added an Oh crap moment to the book and the difficulties that arise. It is also a situation I would dread being in.

The author hit all the right notes when it came to conveying feelings and emotions of anger, despair, heart-breaking and utter loss. But in saying that when the funny moments came it just felt so out of place. The book doesn’t have to be one or the other it just felt off to me.

There is one thing which annoyed me and I can’t really explain why. Lilah has never eaten pizza at the end of two. So they give her pizza which is fine with me. But throughout the book the poor girl only got pizza, sweets and a lot of sugar. Is it odd that I am bothered by this?

This is an author to watch out for.

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