by Kristy Centeno really reset my view on this kind of paranormal novels. Reading
as much as I do you reach a certain point when you think you have seen it all
or that you can not take any more of a certain genre.
And I have
to be totally honest – If I had known the “genre/idea” behind the story I might
not have chosen the book BUT I also admit that would have been a BIG mistake. So
I think it is good that the reader is left a little in the dark about certain
stuff when he reads the blurb. 
The author
choose the way the Blurb is written wisely because it really fits the story. Therefore
I am sorry to disappoint you but I will not be the one to give you more information
about it. 
The writing
of this author is really very good and the storyline is absolutely intriguing.
There was so much content that I wondered along reading if the reader would be
left with a cliffhanger or if the author will choose to make a series out of
it. Well I can not answer the second but I can answer the first and take away
your worry – you will NOT meet a cliffhanger. 
When you
read the story you will understand the surprise behind that fact. There is
really so much material there that I thought until the last pages that there had
to be a cliffhanger of sorts.
About the
leading characters. 
The “he” the blurb is talking about is such a wonderful “person”
he is so sweet and naïve that it is hard to imagine he really is capable of all
the stuff he lets the reader know about during the story. But given the right
motivation – people are capable of a lot … I had tears in my eyes when he was
explained the way humans usually interact because he never learned it could
actually be that way. 
The “she”
we are getting to know is a strong woman that even though she is afraid she
will stand her ground no matter the outcome – a remarkable character
And we
should not forget about the secondary characters of the story that are built so
strong that I still feel there will be more – it is one of those stories where
you shake your head and think … ok this is an END but do I want it to be an END
and my answer would be NO. There is easy room for more because so many things
are left open … But on the other hand if you think a standalone is ok and you
do not want a series – you will also be fully satisfied when you finished this
So it is
really a remarkable writing style of this new to me author.
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