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The Last Riders #8
Jamie Begley
Releasing July 19th, 2016
Young Ink Press

president of The Last Riders, Viper’s only fear was losing his wife. After all,

he had almost lost her once before.


wife to the president, Winter lived in fear every day: fear that a club enemy

would take Viper from her, fear that one of the club women would tempt him to

stray, fear that she wasn’t enough of a woman for him. One thing Winter didn’t

fear was risking everything to carry her husband’s child, even her health, yet

Viper refused to take the chance.


hope, Winter makes one last ditch effort, determined to make Viper realize that

some things were worth fighting for besides the club.

Jamie Begley grew up

in a very small, and a very rural town in Kentucky. Growing up poor was hard

but she would go back if she could just to get that feeling of going to the

corner and popping open a soda.

For now her days are spent writing, writing, and writing.

She would like all her fans to know one thing, “All my books are written for

one purpose- the enjoyment others find in them, and the expectations of my fans

that inspire me to give it my best.” 

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