Lia just wants him to meet her parents. 
Why does this feel like the fight of his life?

DELOS Series 1B
Lindsay McKenna
Releasing July 25th, 2016
Blue Turtle Publishing

Ex-Navy SEAL Cav Jordan faces danger daily in his job as a

security expert. He even faced down a gang of South American drug dealers to

protect his fiancée, Lia Cassidy. So why is he terrified of meeting her

parents? Having lived through his own horrible childhood Cav can’t understand

the situation is he is walking into. Lia just wants him to meet her parents.

Why does this feel like the fight of his life?

Novella: The continued story of Cav and Lia from Nowhere to

Hide, book 1 of the Delos Series. 

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See how it all began in Nowhere to Hide
Lindsay McKenna lives her life as a risk taker, and it shines through the

books she loves to write: romance, adventure and suspense. She started writing

at age thirteen and continues to hone her writing skills to this day. She sold

her first romance novel in 1981. The rest is history.

Because she went into the military, this experience became the

backbone of her writing—she is credited with writing the first military romance

novel (Captive of Fate, 1983, Silhouette Special Edition) and has created a

thriving sub-genre within the romance field! As a New York Times Best Selling

author, she has sold 23 million books and in 32 foreign languages in her career

thus far. Her many experiences in the U.S. Navy are backdrop for her

understanding of the military in general, and also her very successful Morgan’s

Mercenaries, which is an ongoing series in Silhouette to this day! Forty-five

books strong!

Lindsay has gone Indie in 2015 and has created a new family saga

on par with Morgan’s Mercenaries It is known as the DELOS SERIES. There will be

paperback and eBooks created under Blue Turtle Publishing, her company for her

fans. Readers who love Morgan and his family are bound to fall in love with the

Culver family. Delos is romantic suspense, which Lindsay is well known for. It

took her five years to create and bring DELOS to her readers. It was worth the

wait, but we’ll let you decide that.

Lindsay loves to hear from her readers and loves to know what

they’d like to see her write next. Stay up with the latest on the Delos Series

here. Please visit her Web site at www.lindsaymckenna.com. And be sure to sign up for her free

quarterly newsletter. It contains exclusive content found nowhere else on the

Net. Plus, giveaways and other surprises, to her loyal and faithful


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