Title: Recovery Road 
Author: Danielle Donaldson
Genre: Romance 
Catalina Montgomery has survived an explosion. She is burned, battered and, suddenly, a widow. Now Catalina is left to wrestle with her grief and depression while raising her young daughter on her own. Only with the help of her friends, including her late husband’s best friend, can she walk back into the sun.
Evan Bowers has shamefully been in love with his best friend’s girl for his whole life. Now that Hudson is gone and Catalina is on her own, his feelings bubble to the surface once again. His haunting past and the shadow of his best friend’s death hangs heavy on his heart. Will he manage to help Catalina through her grief or will he let his own turmoil destroy them both?
Ghosts linger in the shadows but there’s always a chance for love to win in this angst-filled contemporary romance novel.

Road is a shorter novel by Danielle Donaldson that introduces us to a
young family enjoying their lives just deeply enough to make the reader
feel the loss when it happens. Reading the Blurb it was obvious that
something was going to happen but the way it did felt surreal so it was
kind of like one would imagine it to happen for real.

to get her life back on track Catalina is facing all the obstacles you
could imagine in her place. But she can rely on her friends who do not
shy away from drastic measures to help her – cleverly also involving
Hudson’s friend – who is feeling almost as bad as she does.
the journey of this book the reader gets to notice that Evan was
clearly more involved in Catalina’s life than she realized. And while
working through her grief she also helps Evan to bring a focus into his
life that was already full of obstacles before Hudson died.
reader would think from its Blurb that the focus is on question if
Catalina can work through her grief to open herself to Evan. But I
believe the question is also if Evan is able to let Catalina in because
he loved her for so long that now even with his best friend being gone
it still feels wrong to him.
stages of grief as described in the story felt real and the story was
well developed – therefore I can recommend this book to everybody that
considers the Blurb interesting.

Danielle Donaldson writes from Southern California where she lives with her husband and sons. She has a love/hate relationship with zombies, tequila, and crowds of people. She is busy writing YA and Contemporary Romance novels as well as poetry and short stories. Her work can be found in literary journals such as Refractions, Scissors & Spackle, Words Dance and others. Catch her online on WriterDanielleDonaldson.com or@WriterDonaldson

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