One Last Fling
Leela Lou Dahlin


Event planner Daisy Maxwell has never been lucky at love,

but her family’s financial issues convince her to toss her hat in the ring to

be the Billionaire’s Bride. If all else fails, she figures she at least has a

shot at planning the winner’s wedding. She never expects to meet a man—the

wrong man—at the first event, a sexy chef who charms her and makes her believe

there’s love at first bite.

Chef Ryder Blake has a problem…well, two. First, he’s met

the most amazing woman at the best but worst time of his life. Daisy is a

morsel of sexy and sweet all rolled into one dynamite package he’d love to

sample. But his second issue is a little more complicated… He can’t tell

Daisy—or anyone—he’s the secret billionaire seeking a bride before his

thirtieth birthday or he’ll lose his inheritance. Daisy is definitely bride

material, but he’s not sure he’ll survive the pressure, especially after she

proposes one last fling before she plans to say “I do.”

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 Bringing a Fairytale into a contemporary format is not an easy feature. I think Leela Lou Dahlin did a great job with “One Last Fling”. If you ask me for the direct name of the fairytale – I would compare it to Cinderella – but not totally – more loosely. 

Keeping the idea of the fairytale in mind – the reader should not expect it to be 100 serious when it comes to what is going on or how people react. Usually that would be a reason for me to give less stars. As you might know, when following my reviews I am contemporary MEANS contemporary girl so even a fairytale “prince” has to follow the rules. 

But I admit that books like this have a wider range of motion with me because they touch the little girl in me that still wants to believe anything is possible. 

Actually, this book was not far from the 5th star – It was the Blurb and End when the author lost it. The Blurb contains too much information – I would have liked it to go into the story without knowing that Ryder is the Billionaire (logically the reader will guess it at a certain point – hey fairytale and all – but I do not need to have it written before I start reading. 

It would have done the story a bonus if the reader could have followed it a few chapters guessing – because there is a nice discussion where that would have fitted in perfectly for the reader to discover. 

But it really was the end when the 5th star got lost … There was such a nice build up and all – a good pace and tension but only to rush the end. I am not sure how it should be different but it was too rushed. All this build up tension needed an emotional release and the one I got did not suffice the situation. (not going to detail because of spoilers) 

This was a really intriguing Story with a well developed (even if complicated but still totally understandable) plot and the author put a lot of thought into explanations for the bizarre situation that Ryder was in. 

It was all perfectly fitting to a contemporary fairytale and beautifully written. 

It was so sweet that not even the bad guys are really bad like you would expect so If you are looking for a nice “sigh-romance” you came to the perfect book.

 About The Author

At the age of 9 Leela

Lou Dahlin started reading the romance novels her grandmother left around the

house during her summer vacations. She learned early that she enjoyed the type

of story that could make you feel like you had fluttering butterflies in your

stomach and bring tears to your eyes. Leela tries to create the emotional and

endearing stories she adored as a child and continues to love to this day.

She resides in SW

Pennsylvania working as a RN Case Manager during the day and spinning her

sweetly sexy stories by night.

You can also find her

blogging over at Nice Girls Writing Naughty

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