It’s a night Lauren won’t forget…until Reid leaves to save the world… 
A one night stand, a mission in the future and a lost memory. Can this Army Ranger sacrifice everything to finish his mission—including the woman he loves? Find out in Reid’s Deliverance by Nina Crespo… 


Can their bond withstand the test of time? 
Lauren isn’t looking for love when she spends a scintillating night with Reid, the sexy keyboardist of Thane’s Redemption. While their passion may be off the charts, her trust issues–and Reid’s secret life as a time-traveling covert agent–makes any chance for a relationship impossible.   When operatives involved in a mysterious project begin dying, Reid defies orders and travels alone into the future to find the cause. But when things go dangerously awry, it takes all of his strength to get himself back to safety–and directly onto Lauren’s doorstep. While neither of them remembers their night of passion, their intense connection leads Lauren to help him. But as Reid’s memories reignite, will he be forced to sacrifice everything to finish his mission–including the woman he loves? 
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Reid hustled into his jeans and grabbed the fire poker. Just his luck to have a gun in the loft, but no bullets. He’d take his chances. He wanted this perverted, dysfunctional motherfucker.  
The French doors rattled as he flung them open. He took the stairs by twos and threes from the deck. At a flat-out run, he hauled it to the side of the house. The full moon illuminated the night. A shadow popped out from behind the covered woodpile. He swung the poker.  
The guy ducked and blocked every swing as if he anticipated it. Then he charged.  
Reid connected with an elbow to the head.  
His opponent retaliated with a swift punch near the ribs.  
Reid’s breath hitched. More punches connected for both of them.  
“Damn it, Reid, stop. It’s me.”  
This asshole knew his name? “Who are you?” Reid felt the opening, and he went for a headlock.  
His opponent slipped out of his hold.  
“Thane?” Lauren approached with a flashlight.  
The beam momentarily blinded Reid. He blocked it with his hand. “Lauren, go inside.”  
“No.” She pointed the light and the gun at Thane. “How do you know Reid?”  
As Thane sat up, he gave Reid a quizzical look. Thane spat on the ground. “We were in the same band.” 
In the kitchen, Lauren dabbed at Reid’s bleeding lip with a cloth. “It’s not as bad as I thought. I don’t think you’ll need stitches. What about your ribs? They’re bruised. Are you sure it doesn’t hurt when you breathe?”  
“I’m fine. Take a look.” He lifted his shirt. “It looked worse than it really was.” Funny. It didn’t hurt like earlier. 
“Looks like you’re a fast healer.” Her gentle swipes grew harder. The sting zipped into him. “I can’t believe you ran out there like that.”  
He took the cloth from her hand. “I can’t believe you didn’t do what I told you.” He suppressed the hint of pride welling up. She hadn’t listened to him, but she also hadn’t shown fear.  
“You knowing Thane is a weird coincidence. At least he can help you fill in the blanks.” Her gaze drifted to the living room. Thane was on the phone with Celine. “Do you think you two can talk without wailing on each other again?”  
“Looks like we have to.” How were Thane and Lauren connected? Why did the two of them in the same room seem wrong? “You mind giving us time alone?”  
“Of course not. I need to call Celine after Thane is finished. Just remember to keep it civil. I don’t like seeing you bruised and bloody.”  
A frisson of irritation kicked up. “You make it sound like I got my ass kicked.”  
She huffed in exasperation. “Give this to Thane.” 
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The one night she’ll want to remember, she’ll be forced to forget.  It’s been almost a year since Celine’s fiancé’s death and she’s still struggling to move on. But when she meets Thane, the super hot lead singer of Thane’s Redemption, she finds her desire reawakening, and her heart opening. Soon one kiss leads them straight into a night of heated passion…   Thane’s unexpected connection with Celine only leaves him wanting more of her—but his life makes it impossible. For Thane’s Redemption is just a cover for a deeper secret: A former Army Ranger presumed dead, Thane is really a time-traveling, covert operative charged with saving the world from disaster. Each jump through time forces those around him to forget he ever existed—and Celine would be no exception. But can time work in their favor to give them a second chance at love? Or will a choice Thane makes in the future put Celine in mortal danger?… 
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Nina Crespo lives in Florida where she indulges in her favorite passions—the beach, kickboxing, a good glass of wine, and dancing. Her lifelong addiction to romance began in her teens while on a “borrowing spree” in her older sister’s bedroom where she discovered her first romance novel. Curiosity about people and places, including what’s beyond the stars, fuels her writer’s imagination. Indulge in her sensual contemporary stories and steamy paranormal tales to feed your own addiction for love, romance, and happily ever after.  
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I am again with the next book in the “The Song” series by Nina Crespo. I
know that the rating I gave the first book in the series was not THE
best – but still I knew directly when reading “Thane’s Redemption” that I
would be back to read the next one.

the plot of this series was just to unique to stay away. And my reasons
for the not stellar rating were not among the plot itself. So here I am
– after reading “Reid’s Deliverance” – again confronted with this
unique plot that seems to be getting better and better.
also again faced with the writing style in which Nina Crespo presents
this story that I cannot totally agree with. And I do not mean that in a
bad way – I just always feel that she is too fast. There is so much
more in that story that you could use and I feel like I want to hold up
my hands to stop her and tell her to go slower, add a few pages and give
the reader a little more time to enjoy the leading characters.
I already had a better feeling with this book – than with the first
one. I am not sure if it is due to the fact that I have gotten used to
her writing style or if she changed it a little. But still I fell kind
of in love with this unique plot and I whished that she would squeeze
more out of the characters to make them a little deeper.
know there is a 5 star plot in there – I feel it … As it is now – the
story itself is unique and I really love it and would like to recommend
it so please create your own opinion on the writing style … but the plot
itself makes the book already worth reading.
And this was my Review on Thane’s Redemtion which sadly I could only rate with 3 Stars :
are bad books and there are books that make me angry. And it’s days
like these when I am not sure which is the worst scenario. If a book is
bad than you can simply not finish it, forget it and be done. The angry
books stay with you I think are worse.
they with all there “what could have been” scenarios, keep your mind
occupied for a long time. This is one of those books. It has a great
plot idea. No scratch that – it has a UNIQUE plot idea. The writing is
good and flawless – BUT and now comes the angry part. The fact that this
story is a short story ruined everything.
was so much in there ready to be extracted. And it was all wasted to
the fact of writing it as a short story. The characters were missing
necessary depth and the fact that the end was sort of “cut off” does not
really help.
I noticed this is supposed to be a series so there might be coming
more, but that does not help to ease the more than strange feeling after
finishing the book.
feel deprived … I really liked this story idea and the writing but it
did not get what it deserved and that makes me angry ….really really

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