met me once again the minute Roan left. The thing about silence is it has the
power to make you think. The energy from complete muteness can slow down the
mind. In this case, it has mine reeling. I mean, what in the hell was tonight
all about? The way he sunk into his chair, one leg crossed over the other,
tapping his fingers nervously on his leg. The minute I looked away from him, he
was looking at me. I felt like he was studying my profile, searching for
known him for a long time. He’s never been one to keep secrets, unless he’s
asked to. If he has something to say, he says it. Roan was off tonight.
Something big is going down, and for the life of me, I have no idea what the
hell it could be. I’m a member of this family. Been through the ritual of the
ceremony, swore to put it first. Keep my mouth shut by pledging an oath of
silence. I’ve stuck my neck out many times over the course of this past year.
Running errands. Beating the shit out of men who try to pull one over on us. I’m
a bodyguard to his woman. Even though their families have made peace with one
another, not to mention the red scum of the earth, Royal, is fucking rotting in
his hole of death somewhere, the families still have enemies. Especially
Alina’s, with her dad and his dealing with drugs.
push away from the locked door, the only light on in my apartment coming from
the half bath in the hallway giving me enough to make my way to my bedroom,
still not understanding why the hell the Solokov family still deals those fucked
up drugs. After everything these two families have dealt with over the past few
years, you would think people would say ‘Fuck this shit, we don’t need it
anymore,’ especially the goddamn money. I’ve seen first-hand what money can
turn a person into. That shit is not for me. I’m not complaining by any means.
I have one hell of a roof over my head. Food in my belly. But fuck me, there’s
some crazy ass shit out there. I really don’t have room to talk or to judge,
though. Hell, I help steal guns when I’m not watching out for Alina.

The Absolution of Aidan is Book
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Aidan Hughes
I was cruel to Deidre La Russo. Said things I should
never say to a woman.

Seen things happen to her.
Things darker than the bottle of liquor I consume.
I felt helpless.
The memories are more tortuous than the act of her
Then she walks back into my life, only she’s not
Deidre La Russo
I have my reasons for leaving.
I lived through hell.
I was beaten, tortured. Drugged.
I have secrets.
I have to tell them.
Danger brought us all together.
Danger may rip us apart.

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Kathy Coopmans

Best Selling Author Kathy Coopmans, lives in Michigan with her husband Tony
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raising her children she decided to publish her first book and retiring from
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