Davis served in the Marine Corp and has the scars inside and out as a
constant reminder. They say he’s a hero, but he wishes he’d died along
with those he lost from his platoon. It’ll take a special kind of woman
to heal this wounded warrior. 

Danielle McKesson understands survivor’s guilt. She’s raising her nephew after he witnessed the death of his parents. 

Beckett says he doesn’t want her love. All he can offer is a week together. 
What started as a passionate indulgence that neither wanted to deny, becomes something that changes them both. 

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Brice Henderson traded everything for power and success. His company was
closing a deal that would cement his spot at the top. The last thing he
needed was a distraction from the past.

Lena Razzi had spent years trying to forget Brice Henderson. When
offered the opportunity of a lifetime, would she take the risk even if
the price would be another broken heart?

Do you love reading from this world? Continue with Always Mine from
my sister, Ruth Cardello, Her series will mirror my time line. It isn’t
necessary to read hers to enjoy mine, but it sure will enhance the fun!

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About The Author

Jeannette was born into a big family in northern Rhode Island, where
she still makes her home.  Deciding against following her mother’s
footsteps, she raised a single – and wonderful! – son. By day she
works in marketing, and by night she writes steamy romances.

She loves visiting historical monuments with good friends and family,
and comes home to the best dogs in the world.

Website: http://www.jeannettewinters.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/jeannette.winters.3

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