As soon as the word left my mouth, Rae’s face opened
up and she was smiling over at me and it was like I was falling in towards her.
When she was happy, I got vertigo. All those happy brain chemicals just took
over and I was lost in bliss.
“Get out of my rescue, Luke Cawley,” she said.
“Will do,” I replied, scooping up King’s leash and
opening the door again. But before we stepped out, Rae’s voice came after me.
“Hey Luke, you want to hook up sometime?”
she asked. I turned around, probably looked startled. Sometimes I’m smooth,
sometimes I’m not. “I mean, I could help you with King. At the dog park or
something. You get a dog tired enough, he won’t rip up the house.”
She smiled. Clearly this was a professional courtesy
she was extending, right? But I still couldn’t help feeling like it might do me
and King both some good to see Rae again.
“I uh, lost your number,” I said. Sounded a lot nicer
than ‘I threw it away while I was cleaning my house.’ I took out my phone.
“I’ll just put it into my phone this time. Rae, right? What’s your last
name?” I made a new contact.
“Goode,” she said.
I’d remember that. I didn’t have the best memory, but
I remember what’s important. I decided I couldn’t let it be a sign, though. It
was just a last name. Totally wasn’t a sign. I’m too grown up to believe in
things like that.
        I tapped in her number, texted her so she had
mine, then I reached down, pet King on the head once more, and left the shelter
with my dog in tow, feeling pretty good after all was said and done.
Meet Luke Crawley in Blake
Austin’s debut novel of loss, redemption, and ever-enduring love releasing on
February 24th!
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Luke Cawley is a broken man. After
his wife’s tragic death, he lost everything that mattered in the world. Now,
his life is filled with hard days, harder nights, and a steady stream of
alcohol and the wrong kind of women. Nothing helps.
Until the letters arrive on Luke’s
Nine envelopes. Nine messages.
Nine chances to find his way back.
Rae Goode is looking for the real
thing. After fighting her way out of a string of bad relationships, she’s ready
for something different–something true.
She meets Luke while piecing her
life together, and right away she can tell that he’s different. Drawn together
by fate and the desire to heal, Rae and Luke discover new ways to mend their
broken hearts–one letter at a time.
Discover Blake Austin’s debut
novel of loss, redemption, and ever-enduring love.
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