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June 9th by Emha Goliesh 
Publication date: June 9th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


June 9th: a night to love or a night to hate? A night to embrace or a night to erase? College freshman, Lacey Shyver, has no clue. Growing up with a neuromuscular disease.

Lacey knows people only pretend to be nice—pity her, really, for looking different. That is, until graduating senior, Blake Nivey, enters her life. Breaking down her walls and lifting her spirits with just one touch, he’s not like the others. He cares about her well-being and makes her laugh. He unlocks something within Lacey that captures her soul, yet Lacey’s internal struggles surface. Is she just a charity case for him? Blake can’t possibly like someone with limited mobility when there are prettier girls wrapping their arms around him. Or can he? But when Lacey finally sees where Blake’s heart truly lies with her, everything changes. Because once June 9th begins, it never ends.



Shy and introverted, I never felt like I fit in, even though everyone saw me as a “social butterfly.” I moved around a lot in California, left people and met new ones, but nothing felt like home. Ever. Expect for writing. I grew up loving to write in small journals, under a desk, in a secret place. A place known to me and only me. I built a relationship with words in order to escape the reality that wrote about me—documents filled with all of my flaws and weaknesses. The reality that I didn’t understand at a young age and wanted to hide away from because my writing was something I could control. I could live in a secret place where every dream, fear, joy, and risk could be mine and only mine. My home. My safety. My love.

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“So listen, I’m gonna be in New York this
weekend for an audition.” He took his sunglasses off and his brown eyes met my
hazel. “And we’re practically friends, you know. I help you out. You help me
I squinted. “That logic is an unfair statement
because I’d helped you out a lot and I can’t remember you doing anything for
“What’s the problem? Girls would pay to get
this close to me,” he said with a chuckle. But his joke didn’t make me laugh. I
was insulted, offended, really.
“Have a safe trip,” I said and made my way to
the arched glass doors of Zenchieze.
“What’s the matter? You don’t like me?” he
asked from behind. When I didn’t response, he came up to me and stood between
me and the door. “Come on, Nancy tells me you saved my ass like three times
already, I promise this is the last. All you have to do is write my
presentation paper for next week.”
“I’m here to work and learn,” I said.
“Yeah, me too,” he said sarcastically.
“Education is not a joke. Why don’t you care?
If you really needed help, I would tutor you, but you’re cocky and selfish.”
He swung his arm. “Tutoring is for losers.”
I tightened my lips and shrugged. “See, cocky
and selfish.”
He slid down to his knees, pleading. “Please?
Come on, I was teasing. I can be smart.”
My breathing intensified and I gazed at his
brown eyes without a flinch. We were so close to each other that I felt his
breath scatter to a million directions at the side of my cheek. He raised his
eyebrows, shooting me a funny look that captured me in a way I didn’t want to
be captured in. We gazed at one another like we wanted to share our deepest,
darkest secrets.

This review is  is based on an old version of an ARC that had not yet been fully edited .

June 9th- a book by Emha Goliesh about the struggle of life, but based on a totally different basis.
Lacey, the female protagonist, is having a neuromuscular disease which seems to control her whole life. Whatever she does, the disease always finds a way to influence her life . Even then she still tries to take part in life as much as she can, especially when it comes to her studies. Besides, she also has to deal with other problems which are typical for people at her age- just with the tiny difference that for her it´s all new and unexplored territory. 
If there is one thing I especially liked about this book, then it´s the way the author described the female protagonist´s struggle with life. Something she described very authentical as she is confronting the reader with a lot of typical daily situations. Nothing that seems unrealistic. Definetly my highlight. I like the way she intertwined the “dealing with a disease part” with a story that deals with all the topics we were confronted with at one point in life. It´s nothing totally unknown, nothing totally unexpected. But definetly the basis for a good story. 
On the other hand I have to say that I had quite a lot problems with the way the story-line developed. In the beginning everything seemed fine, but with more and more pages I turned, I felt like I was missing out on a part of the story. I thought it might was the case because of all the things I had in mind because of this quite stressful holiday season, but even after I put this book away for some time I still felt like I just couldn´t connect with the story-line at all.I felt bad for it as the plot sounded really good, but something was definetly off: I am not sure if it was the pace or just the fact that the author lost, that´s my opinion, her track which is why there suddenly were so many ends which didn’t make any sense.While I enjoyed getting to know more about the protagonist, it was difficult to concentrate on the story itself.Suddenly too many storylines added to a in general really nice story that definetly has got more potential. 
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