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Synithia Williams
Released Dec 15th, 2015 (Print)
Released Jan 1st, 2016 (Digital)
Harlequin Kimani

Bright lights, big passion…
Winning an all-expenses-paid weekend

in New York with Hollywood’s sexiest heartthrob makes Faith Logan the envy of

women everywhere. This small-town nurse has too many responsibilities,

including caring for her aging parents, to be interested in fame or status. But

as the sensual celebrity escorts her to exclusive Manhattan nightclubs and

glitzy movie premieres, Faith is falling fast for the genuine, charismatic man

behind the slick media image.

More used to fanatics and groupies,

Irvin Freeman is surprised and intrigued by Faith’s down-to-earth personality.

One impulsive kiss turns their private flirtation into public news. But

paparazzi and crazed admirers are making her doubt their potential as a couple.

Will the pressures of fame cause their love to fade before he can convince her

they’ve found their own real-life happy ending?

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“Is this your first vacation since going home?”
She nodded.
“It is. I still can’t believe that I won. I only signed up because my
friend insisted and because the proceeds benefitted alcohol awareness. I
saw so many patients come into the hospital who were suffering from
alcohol abuse. Still, I never expected to win the contest.”
“So the possibility of a date with me had nothing to do with you entering?”
sipped her champagne and gave him a shy look from the corner of her
eye. “I will admit the fantasy of it all did have some appeal.”
He raised his brows and chuckled. “Some appeal. Wow.”
“Oh, come on. What do you want me to say?” she asked with a laugh. “That I stayed up every night praying that I’d be chosen?”
“Not quite that, but surely you were somewhat excited.”
that’s the problem.” She pointed a finger at him, but her brown eyes
flashed with humor. “You’re used to women throwing themselves at you.
This weekend will be good for you.”
“How so?”
“You need a
few days with a woman who isn’t trying to get something out of you. I’m
more excited about seeing the city, going to a movie premiere and trying
on clothes I wouldn’t be caught dead in back home than in seducing the
movie star.”
He placed his arm on the back of her chair, making
sure to let his hand brush across her shoulders, and moved closer to
her. Her eyes widened and her full lips parted with a quick breath
before she looked away and finished the rest of the champagne in her
glass. She might talk a big game, but Faith was attracted to him as
“That’s the third time you’ve said that. Who are you trying to convince?”
“You. I know what you’re up to, sliding close to me and giving me the sexy voice and eyes routine.”
“You think my voice is sexy?” he asked, lowering his voice an octave.
She shook her head and laughed. “Don’t go all Barry White on me.”
like to go all Irvin Freeman on you,” he said in his regular voice.
Though he tried to keep the tone light, some of his seriousness came
Her smile faltered, and he saw by the warming of her eyes and the catch of her breath that she heard it.
“Is that what you do with your leading ladies?”
soft, sweet drawl slid in beneath his skin and heated his insides. It
had gotten thicker with her question. How thick would it get if he were
deep inside her?
“What I do with my leading ladies is acting. I’m not acting right now. What I’m thinking and feeling is all real.”
She shifted in her seat. “I don’t believe you.”
“Then believe this.”
lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers, with enough
firmness to let her know he was serious, but lightly enough for her to
pull away if she didn’t want the kiss. Her body shook, and her lips
parted with a gasp. He wasn’t a man to pass up an opportunity, and he
took the chance to deepen the kiss.
He’d never believed in
electricity or sparks igniting when a man kissed a woman, but something
he’d never felt before happened as he kissed her. His skin tingled, the
blood rushed through his veins, his senses heightened to everything
around them. The sweet scent of her perfume, the softness of her lips,
the way she tasted of champagne, all seemed amplified. And like a man
who’d gotten a taste of something he really liked, he dove in for more. 

You are looking for a story full of everything that you can dream about
when you are thinking of a Hollywood love story ? I think I just read your next
 A New York Kind of Love by
Synithia Williams will divide the readers into two categories there will be the
ones that dislike it due to its cliché load. Because there really is everything
inside that you can think about when you talk about a Movie star meeting small
town girl. 
But really I think there is a time for everything and maybe just now
the Christmas season was for me the right time to read this book. Because it is
written so sweet that it warmed my Heart and I overlooked all those clichés and
simply enjoyed the story. 
Reading this book you will meat a really likeable Movie star that remaind
down to earth enough to capture the heart of a small town nurse. 
Enjoy this well written novel as much as I did. 


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Synithia Williams has enjoyed romance novels since she was 13

years old, so it’s no surprise that she began writing her own. When she isn’t

reading or writing, she’s working on water quality in the Midlands of South

Carolina. She lives with her husband, Eric, and two boys.

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