Stolen: A Bad Boy Romance

(A Bad Boy Romance)




was a monster with one purpose. Kill. I couldn’t let anyone get too
close. Especially Kathryn. But one night with her and I was hooked. I
couldn’t let her go.

It was a sin. Her brother, her father, they
were the ruling crime lords of Baltimore. And I was their right-hand
man. Death. That’s what I was facing for touching her.

Nothing could keep me from her.


He was the only one that could save me.

was on the run from my family. Chasing life was the only way I could
have my freedom. But Janson took that all away when he kidnapped me and
brought me back to Baltimore and now I am going to have his baby.

Now I belong to him and I’m carrying his child.

He’s a cold-blooded killer, and he has me in his sights. 

Remember that freight train I talked about when I tried to find the
words to review the first book “Wed to the Bad Boy” in the “A Bad Boy Romance”series
by Kaylee Song?
Well lets put it this way … nothing about that feeling of being run over
by freight train has changed for me now that I read “Stolen” the second book in
that series. 
This author has an incredible talent to put so much plot in one book.
Other authors have created several books from less plot than she uses for just
a single book. 
The plot kept my attention in the same way that the first one did, it
maybe even have been a slight more intense and darker. If that is possible at
Ms. Song’s writing continues to be flawless and her characters have
become deeper developed than in the first book. Which might be due to the fact
that the reader already knows some about them. 
If you read the first book then the second one is a MUST
If you did NOT read the First book – then the second one is a MUST
I guess I made myself clear

Kaylee Song lives in Charm City, researching and reading about the
supernatural. She loves a steamy story, and cannot devour lore quickly

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