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  Craving You (book 2 in the TBX Series) by Ashley Christin is #LIVE!!!!
Kelsey and Parker have a heated love/hate relationship and things are
about to get more complicated when Kelsey follows her best friend
Brealynn who moves in with her boyfriend Colt and his brother Parker.
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Being around Parker Taylor is like walking a tightrope; the feelings of
lust and hate come with the sway of my emotions. One foot in front of
the other keeps my life balanced until he causes my steps to falter. One
day, I hate his perfect self, and the next, I want to have his babies.
He’s a bad habit I can’t allow myself to become addicted to …


Being around Kelsey Whitten makes my blood rush and not only south. One
minute, I’m pushing her up on the bathroom counter, and the next, she’s
cussing at me from those sweet lips of hers. One taste from her smart
mouth and I’m sign-me-up-for-a-twelve-step-program addicted. She’s
habit-forming and that doesn’t work for me…



Ashley’s Release Day Party:


What a deeply emotional story!

I truly enjoyed this book from the very first to the very last page! With “Craving You” you get a story that makes you sit in front of this book while not being able to stop smiling, crying or being angry at the same time. 

The best thing about this book? THE CHARACTERS!  I am not just talking about them individually, but even more as a duo. They both create this special atmosphere that makes the sparks fly. 
The way they are attracted to each other is , in my opinion, one of the driving forces that make this story-line work.
A story-line that never leaves you bored while at the same time not putting too much information into the story.

Wrapped in this really good writing style I just can repeat myself again how much I enjoyed this story. 

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