Title: True Deceptions
Author: Veronica Forand
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 19th, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Select Suspense
Print Length: 85K
Format: Paperback and Digital
Trade ISBN: 978-1-63375-426-3
his partner was murdered, Simon Dunn was finished with MI6. But the cold,
violent world of British intelligence never lets anyone go free. Now Simon has
been blackmailed into a new job…with a beautiful new partner who’s going to
get them both killed. 
expert Cassie Watson is a newbie field agent with as much sophistication
as…well, a pacifist, vegan computer nerd. Now she’s abruptly thrust into the
cutthroat world of espionage with a partner who is as cold as he is
brutally—and brutishly—handsome.
when their mission is betrayed from the inside, Cassie will be forced to place
her life in the hands of the one man who’s anything but trustworthy…
didn’t want to know what the future held, and he didn’t want to acknowledge the
past. At this exact moment, however, he wanted Anna Marie from Wisconsin, an
all-American blue-eyed, blonde pharmaceutical sales representative looking to
experience everything life offered. During dinner, he’d given her his usual
warning that people weren’t always what they seemed, but she’d ignored his
words and stroked the length of his leg with her foot, requesting some private
time with him.
love, I think we should call it a night. I’m leaving Bermuda soon and so are
you, and, at this point, I don’t have room in my life for a relationship.”
laughed and reached across the table for his hand. “I’m looking for company for
one night only. I have to return home tomorrow, and so far, I have nothing to
take home with me but memories of business meetings and a tour of the local
caressed the top of his hand and weaved her fingers between his. How could he
turn down such an offer?
lifted her fingers to his lips and kissed them. His gaze rested on full lips
painted blood red to entice and seduce. “I’m sure I can provide you with some
far more interesting memories to take home.”
She stood up and encouraged him to the door of the restaurant. “I bet I can
leave you with a few as well.”
they were alone in his hotel suite, Anna Marie poured them each some champagne,
bending over enough to reveal an amazing pair of breasts about to cascade out
of her floral sundress. Biting her bottom lip, she lifted her gaze to peek at
him through golden hair. Seductive energy swirled around her. Simon read her
intentions like the cover of a tabloid.
stood on his balcony. The view overlooked Castle Harbor at night, but he faced
his dinner companion who continued to pour them each a drink. Dinner had
dragged for two hours, and he was ready for his dessert. Her eyes lifted from
her task. Her smile reminded him of the carefree and happy life he’d enjoyed
before Nicola had died in a blaze of heroism.
is the most luxurious hotel I’ve ever seen. It’s four stars up from the hotel
I’m staying in.” Looking like a child in a candy store, she’d probably sacrifice
everything to live in Simon’s world. She had no idea how costly it could be.
And he’d never allow her to find out.
glad you like it.” He sat on the couch and stretched his legs under the
bleached wood and glass coffee table.
is beautiful in April, but there’s no ocean breezes like here. Even the smell
of the water is nice. Bermuda must be totally different from England, too.”
you ever met anyone with a title?”
his father and half brother? “No. The British aristocracy doesn’t lower itself
into my social circles.”
laughed and whipped her hair over her shoulder. “I love the royal family. The
dresses. The hats. It’s all so glamorous.”
here.” He had the perfect cure for her tiresome prattle.
carried the crystal flutes to the couch and handed him one. He placed it on the
table and focused his attention on her. Her blue eyes could swallow a man whole
and keep him hypnotized. He had difficulty looking away.
sipped the champagne too fast, without seeming to enjoy the taste, only the
exclusivity of the beverage. “I haven’t had champagne since my sister’s
wedding. I usually drink cosmos. What do you usually drink?”
of the guys I know drink beer.” She took a few more sips. Her eyelashes
fluttered, and her tongue peeked out of those perfect lips to lick a leftover
drop of her beverage.
reached his conversational limit. He took her glass and placed it next to his.
Her smile became demure, but seductive. She placed her hand on his leg, both an
offer and an acceptance. That was all he needed. Tonight, nothing mattered but
the beautiful woman in his arms. He pulled her toward him, his hand caressing
her back. Straight blonde hair fell across her shoulders. He brushed it aside
in order to taste the salty air flavoring her neck. A sigh escaped her lips. He
wanted all of her, all night.
he pulled the straps of her dress down and claimed an exposed breast, she
sighed again and spurred him on by brushing her fingers though his hair. His
thumb played with her nipple until her sighs turned into moans. Soon he had her
sprawled across the couch, topless and begging for attention. He complied with
her wishes and provided her with pleasures small town farm boys had probably
never shown her.
kisses moved up her neck, stopping to nibble her earlobe. She turned toward
him, demanding his attention on her soft, full lips. His mouth feathered over
hers until she parted her lips, and their tongues met. She tasted like
champagne mixed with nuts. Almonds. Bitter almonds. Shit.
eyes widened, and she gasped for breath. He pulled away just before her body
began to convulse. Five to ten minutes since the last sip—someone must have
spiked the hell out of the champagne for the poison to hit her so quickly. It didn’t
help that she’d spent dinner flirting instead of eating. She had nothing in her
system to stop the cyanide from killing her.
turned away from Anna Marie and spit out her saliva. He wiped his tongue on his
shirt and then spit again. He’d be fine, but she wouldn’t be. He knelt next to
the couch and brushed her hair back. Her body rocked, and he held her steady by
her shoulders, whispering stupid nothings, but the horror reflected in her eyes
didn’t subside. Her convulsions had slowed, and tears fell fast down her
cheeks. She would die in the arms of a stranger who didn’t know her, love her,
or have the capacity to mourn for her.
rushed through him. Another woman dies because of me. “I’m
so sorry. I didn’t know.”
to breathe, she stared at him as though he was a monster, until her eyes shut,
and she faded away from Bermuda and the glamorous life she’d never have.
one was supposed to know his location. He’d stayed hidden for the past eight
months. It was time to relocate and hide somewhere new.
next few hours involved moving her body to a vacant room in his hotel. The task
was easily handled with the help of a laundry cart and knowledge of the
security cameras. He cleaned off the champagne bottle and left it by her side
for the local authorities to play with.
he returned to his suite, he had a visitor. An unexpected and unwanted visitor.
Dunn. On a stakeout, are you?” Dressed in white trousers and a pink polo
shirt, Tucker Magee looked like a pretty boy on a modeling assignment instead
of a spineless intelligence officer.
on vacation.”
eight months?”
the hell did you find me, Tucker?”
problem with shagging every sexy woman on the island is their love of social
media. The boys at headquarters have had the facial recognition program
scanning for you for months.”
to know the vast resources of the Secret Intelligence Service are used for
employee retention instead of actually protecting the commonwealth. You could
simply offer more vacation time and a better benefits package.”
glanced at the back of his hand. No doubt he’d just had a manicure and was
admiring the handiwork. His image had always taken priority over his actual job
requirements. “Her name was Sarah, here on break from university.”
don’t remember her.”
picture of her in a bar with her friends showed your ugly face in the
background. They tagged you ‘hot guy.'” He smiled, the snotty prat.
the hell do you want?”
assignment is to bring you back to London.”
not ready.”
eyebrows rose. “Word on the street is you killed Luc Perrault after he
stole away your latest piece of ass. They even say you snuffed Nicola in a rage
of passion.”
accusation fueled Simon’s anger. “I didn’t kill her.”
matter. The rumor will increase your influence brokering arms deals.
going to mind you now that you’re a known murderer, and that makes it even more
important that you return to your post.”
don’t think you understand your options. Come back immediately or stay here and
face a murder conviction.” Tucker tapped his fingers together beneath his
chin and grinned. “Choose wisely.”
heart accelerated to full speed, drugged by adrenaline and fury. The bastard
had framed him, killing a beautiful someone in order to punish him for leaving
a job that slowly burned away his soul. He stormed over to Tucker’s chair,
intent on ripping his heart out. Before he reached him, Tucker pulled out his
revolver and pointed it directly at Simon’s crotch. His eyes narrowed, and he
waved Simon back with the barrel of the gun.
makes you so sure I won’t disappear again?” Simon asked.
always hated collateral damage. It’s your biggest weakness. We don’t have time
to insert anyone else into the game right now. Return to work or we’ll create a
bloody trail behind you so deep you’ll drown in it.” Tucker rose from his
seat and strode to the door. “I expect to see you back in your flat by
tomorrow.” He left the room without looking back.
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Forand is an attorney and an award-winning writer of romantic suspense. She’s
lived in Boston, London, Paris, Geneva, and Washington, DC and currently
resides near Philadelphia. An avid traveler, she loves to roam across
continents with her husband and kids in pursuit of skiing, scuba diving, and
finding the perfect piece of chocolate.

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