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Billionaire Romance #3
Jennifer St. George
Releasing Sept 15th, 2015
Penguin Books Australia
Lady Zara Ravensdale and Xavier Hunt, the gardener’s son, were once
inseparable. But before their romance had a chance to bloom, it was crushed by
scandal and betrayal.

Xavier is now an international celebrity and sexier than sin while Zara is deep
in debt, running Ravensdale Manor as an upmarket hotel to make ends meet.
Unable to forget the past, Xavier returns to the manor, determined to exact his
revenge on the Ravensdale family – once and for all.

Together again, passions reignite and the old chemistry becomes impossible to
ignore. But Xavier and Zara are both keeping secrets and neither can forget
their troubled history. Will they be able to uncover the truth of that night or
will Xavier’s need for revenge tear them apart forever?

The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge is the third book in the Billionaire
series by bestselling romance author, Jennifer St George. If you love
billionaire romance, don’t miss this passionate read!

Xavier fixed his face with the smile he knew annoyed her the most. ‘Jealous are we, Little Lady R?’She whirled about and expelled a breath. ‘Don’t be ridiculous. And don’t call me that.’

‘Don’t get me wrong. I like a bit of jealousy,’ he said, leaning back in his chair and enjoying the pink that imbued her cheeks. ‘It suits you. Brings out that passion you think you’ve buried.’
‘Passion is for fools.’
‘That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.’
She put her hands on the table and leaned toward him. The fire in her eyes was clear evidence of the emotions that boiled beneath the surface. He had to wrestle with control. He wanted to pull her in his arms, kiss her, take her, here on the kitchen table.
‘Passion leads to broken vows. Passion leads to forbidden love. Passion leads to ending up dead.’ She banged the table with the palm of her hand. ‘Passion leads to a daughter growing up without a
He breathed hard. Did she really think she was the only one affected? That night had destroyed them both.
‘Passion didn’t kill your mother or my father,’ he said in a low, steady voice. ‘That was a simple act of nature. The worst blizzard in fifty years. Black ice killed our parents. Not their affair.’
‘Passion was the reason they were there.’ The timbre of her words spoke of years of unresolved torment.
Xavier shook his head. Her logic was insane.
‘Are you telling me that because of some tragic freak accident you’re living your life between the lines? Safe. Solid. Secure. No risk. No passion. No life.’
‘I’m living an honest life.’ The emphasis on the word honest was clearer than a fresh running stream. The implication . . . still clearer. Nasty, red-hot anger flooded his body. He drew in a calming breath, and another. ‘You still believe I did it, don’t you?’
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The Billionaire’s Passionate Revenge

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Jennifer St George is a best-selling romance author whose sexy stories feature courageous, career-minded heroines and strong heroes in glamorous international settings. She has six books published with Penguin Book’s digital-first imprint, Destiny Romance. Jennifer spent the first 25 years of her career in the corporate world travelling the globe. Many of the exotic locations she’s visited feature in her stories. Jennifer now lives in gorgeous Byron Bay, Australia and writes to the sound of the waves with a view of the beach.

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