Book & Author Details:

Punished by Krys Fenner
(Dark Road Series, #2)
Publication date:
Late June, 2015
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Young Adult


Hope springs eternal for everyone except Bella Kynaston. She survived the
rape, but making it through the trial is another deal all together. As lies come
forward, more questions arise leaving Bella to suffer more punishment than she
believed she deserved. Sometimes ending it all seems like the only answer. Will
she find the peace she so desperately seeks if the pain permanently

Jeremiah believed he’d done the right thing, even if the timing
hadn’t been ideal. The only way to protect Bella was if he stayed out of her
life. Or so he thought. When Bella starts dating David, Jeremiah thinks David
could save her. As it turns out, things progressively get worse. Could Jeremiah
be the solution? If so, can he get to her in time? Or will he suffer the worst
punishment of his life and lose her forever?

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At the age of 16, Krys Fenner fell in love with Psychology and Creative
Writing. At that time she wrote her first short story dealing with sexual abuse
and forgiveness. Psychological issues in her family filled her with the desire
to help others using her own experiences. So in 2004, she earned an Associate of
Arts in Psychology. And while her sister is the one with dreams of becoming a
Psychologist, Krys Fenner returned to Creative Writing. She is currently working
on a Bachelor of Arts and plans to continue on to a Masters degree, where she
can major in her first love (Creative Writing)  and minor in her second

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1) What
made you start writing books? 

I want to change the world through one story at a time. If I get
someone to see things they hadn’t thought about before or let one person know
they are not alone, then I will consider my work a success. I write books that
I believe make a difference.
2) How
much of you and/or your surroundings is a part of your stories? Is the
influence based on a conscious decision, or do you periodically recognize
yourself in one of your characters and it wasn’t planned? 
Some parts of my stories include pieces of my past, things I
have done or lived through. As for the characters, I do on occasion see bits of
myself in them and most of the time it isn’t planned for. Bella’s scholastic
capabilities are based on my own in high school, as well as the bullying, all
of which I intended. However, I see some of myself sometimes in Amanda and that
was completely accidental. 
3) What
author/actor or musician do you ‘fangirl/fanboy’ over?
Colleen Hoover. I absolutely love her work!! I read Hopeless and
got hooked instantly. I’ve picked up several of her novels and I look forward
to when she gets her Savannah signing rescheduled!
4) What
does your perfect writing day look like? Do you plan when and how long you
write, or does it happen without planning? 
One, the house would be empty except for me and the animals.
Two, I’d be able to sit at my computer without any distractions. Three, I’d get
in a good three hours or more of writing and accomplish at least one full
chapter, if not more. I’d love to say it happens with planning, but most of the
time it’s usually pure coincidence.
5) What
genre is the most intimidating when you think about writing in it? Explain
Science-fiction. I’m a little nerdy, but not enough that I
believe I could tweak a science-fiction story into something believable with
words that would convince my readers I know what I’m talking about. My
imagination could easily take me to the sky. Once I got beyond the atmosphere,
I wouldn’t be able to do enough research to describe various buttons for a
flying spaceship.
6) What
do you like to do when you are not writing? What do you think your profession
would be if you were not an author? 
I like reading, not just for personal enjoyment, but it also
lets me see what other authors are doing. I’ll even post reviews to help show
my support. If I weren’t writing, I’d be teaching. It was a profession I
considered doing when I was in high school.
7) In
your opinion, what is the most important feature a book needs to have? 
Believability. Even a fantasy novel needs to convince a reader
that fairies and trolls could exist. If the story fails to show how a model
could fall in love with plain old Jane by letting you see what is truly amazing
about her, then the book is a flop and the reader probably won’t finish it.
8) What
is the most difficult part of writing a book, (including the preparations and
There really is no easy part to writing a book. Like other
artists, we pour our heart and souls into the words we put on paper. We fall in
love with the characters we create and hate hurting or killing them. Removing a
scene during a revision is awful. For me, the most difficult part is
post-publication. As someone who is not only trying to get their name out
there, but trying to get people to give my work a chance is the hardest part.
Sometimes, it’s simply a waiting game.
9) Name
three characteristics of your writing style that are important yet different
from other authors.  
One, I try to stay as realistic as possible. This means taking
into account the rights of a teenager. A lot of which I don’t think other writers
either want to deal with or glimpse over when writing their novels. Two, I
include a multitude of body shapes, sizes and nationalities. Most of the time I
think we really only see this kind of variety of television. Three, I get into
the nitty-gritty of psychological issues. There are other authors who have
written about these same types, but they dealt with them in the aftermath,
where as I chose to show you the beginning, middle, and end.

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Review : 
All in all I have to say that I am very happy to have read this book.
The blurb already sounds pretty dark so I was exited to see what is
going to happen.
The story itself is thrilling. In
general it´s difficult to “identify” with a book dealing with such dark
topics.But with Bella as a connection it´s easier as the way her
personality is laid out actually helps to connect not only with her as
the female protagonists, but also with the story itself. Wrapped into
Krys Fenner´s writing style, the story feels even more raw, more
It doesn’t happen that often that you have to
deal with such a broken character. So meeting  someone like  Bella was
something I have never experienced yet throughout a book. It was
great to just observe her development.
I am very
thankful about being able to review this book as an ARC. A book which
deserves at least 4 Stars. The reason why I didn’t rate this book with 5
Stars is that in  my opinion, there are still some loose ends at the
end which need to be answered.


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