Being Lily Parnell’s best friend was effortless for Jack. Growing up together, Jack
loved Lily and was fiercely protective of her and for most of his life all he
wanted was to make her happy. When she was happy he was happy, except Lily
lived a world away from him now and Jack missed her dreadfully. As far as Jack
was concerned there had never been a time in their lives where they hadn’t shared everything.
In recent years Lily’s
ambitions took her overseas and even with an ocean between them, Jack still
managed to support his best friend. One day things changed everything between
them and their relationship began to shift. Lily was carving her own life and
after observing a scene involving her, it made Jack take a close look at his
own. Feeling confused, Jack decided to take a difficult decision never
realising the potential fallout from doing something he felt was the right
thing at the time. With his life laid bare Jack and as a simple, uncomplicated
guy he thought he had things finally figured out. Women loved Jack and they
came and went in his life apart from Lily. She was always there, until one day
she wasn’t.
Jack felt betrayed and abandoned by the one person who he thought he could rely
on no matter what. During his journey from that moment on Jack faced more
separation and loss than he could ever have imagined how would it shape him
both as a man and can he forgive her?

Rick cracked the door open and padded through it
hacking a cough and reaching for the mini-bar. “Mornin’ Lothario.” He croaked in my
direction without making eye contact, reading the labels.

Chuckling loudly, there was just no way I was
going to live down that after party Mark was talking about, but when I took in
the sight of him I couldn’t help but throw a come-back at him.
Did your mother send you that get up, or are the
pyjamas supposed to turn the women in your room off enough to leave?”
Rick looked down and smirked at the wine
coloured paisley patterned silk pyjama bottoms he was wearing.
Waving his hand at the chair for me to sit down
he pulled a glass and poured himself a miniature of gin and a small bottle of
tonic water into it. “Long story.”
“Can’t wait.” My hurried comment
was followed up with a wide grin as I settled back in the chair with one leg
crossed over the other, my ankle resting on my knee.
“Allergy. I’ve got a rash from the
starch on the hotel sheets the other night.”
As soon as he said that I knew he was going to
regret it and I could see from the startled look on his face he’d been caught off
guard and didn’t
mean to be so open about it. He knew he’d walked right into something that I’d use against him, even if I was
managing to keep my face straight.
“A rash?” I couldn’t keep the humour out
of my voice, and there was even the hint of a breakthrough giggle in those two
Rick stared pointedly at me as if to say, “Laugh and tear you a new one,” but my sense of
humour just overrode any potential fall-out consequences he may have been
“That’s a bit like saying I
got pregnant from the sheets, Rick. Don’t you think you’re more likely to have caught something from one of the women in
your bed than the sheets? Or don’t you want to believe that just in case you get pussy-fright?
Rick threw the lid of the gin bottle at me and
it bounced off my forehead but by that time I was chuckling loudly. “Laugh all you want, I’m allergic to starch. So they
got me these from the hotel store because I needed something to make sure I was
protected in bed. It was fucking murder trying to play with the itch in my
pants the night before last.”
“Most guys wear
condoms for protection, Rick not theatrical pyjamas.”
Rick was being deadly serious but the more he
spoke the more uncontrollable my laughing became until he stood up and pulled
them down to show me the red welts on his legs, his dick at eye level with me.
Just as he did this, the door opened and the two girls he had in his bed came
through the door.
Turning my head to look at them, I was still
stifling a grin. Rick was true to form and had two classic groupies for his
sleepover, skinny girls with big tits, no bras, dyed blonde hair with black
roots dressed in the usual rock-chick attire of leather mini-skirts, fishnet
stockings and tight dark brown and cream t-shirts with the ‘Cobham Street’ motif
on them.
“Sorry ladies, I was
just about to part-take would either of you like to join me?”
My quip was out before I’d even thought about it. Hell, I
was probably going to be sacked after this, but I grinned widely and Rick
smacked me around the head, making me cry out— partly in surprise, partly out of
“You’re such a smart ass
Jack Cunningham.” Pivoting the top half if his body in their direction he gestured at
me with his hand, his pyjamas still at his ankles. “I was just showing him my rash.”
Laughing raucously I stared helplessly at Rick
taking in his pathetic form with the patterned material draped around his feet
and his dick dangling in front of him. As soon as I knew he felt the need to
explain what was happening all of my professionalism suddenly deserted me and I
was struggling to catch my breath, let alone stop laughing. The skinnier one of
the girls gave a loud snort, then her resolve was gone and she joined in
laughing, but I think she was laughing because mine was so infectious more than
anything else.
Rick continued protesting his innocence when
suddenly the second girl who had been standing staring deadpan erupted in the
oddest hee-haw laugh I’ve
ever heard in my life. The look on Rick’s face was a picture as he gawped in disbelief with his jaw open
taking in all of us laughing hysterically at his expense. I was sure he was
going react badly, but even at that I just couldn’t get it together at all.
Rick bent down and pulled his pyjamas up, which
I found even funnier for no particular reason and this set off a fresh bout of
laughter. Striding over to open the door, Rick waved a finger in the direction
of the two women and Jed made short work of evacuating them from the scene. All
I could do was watch helplessly because I couldn’t get my laughing fit under
control, and I was sure I was going to be next to be thrown out, but probably
via the roof terrace.
Closing the door again, Rick bent forward, his
hands on his knees and he suddenly cracked up with laughter. “Jack fucking Cunningham, I should bury my
size eleven up your ass for what just happened there, and I don’t understand why I can’t…I fucking love you, dude. You have no idea
what a breath of fresh air you are in a world full of ‘yes men’.
How the fuck have you been?”
KLShandwick just Jack 2015©

K. L. Shandwick lives on the outskirts of
London. She started writing after a challenge by a friend when she commented on
a book she read. The result of this was “The Everything Trilogy.” Her
background has been mainly in the health and social care sector in the U.K. She
is still currently a freelance or self- employed professional in this field.
Her books tend to focus on the relationships of the main characters. Writing is
a form of escapism for her and she is just as excited to find out where her
characters take her as she is when she reads another author’s work.

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