Raven: Sabine
Genre:  Paranormal romance/suspense
Asselin Group Online Publisher
Date of
Publication: April 24, 2015
Number of pages:
Word Count: 20,000
Raven LeClaire
is still reeling from the murder of a young woman that turned out to be a
reading client when there is another disappearance. On top of her connection to
the victims, she is grappling with some newly discovered psychic abilities that
have appeared, seemingly, from nowhere.
Then there is
the very handsome and sexy Viktor Thorssen. She knows that he wants her as much
as she wants him but he keeps turning away from her at the last minute. As
frustrating as it is for her, she has no idea of the turmoil that he is
suffering at having to keep her at arm’s length.
There are
secrets that Raven needs to know before Viktor will feel comfortable entering a
physical relationship with her. He feels that there is too much going on in her
life at the moment and he does not want to overwhelm her by confessing his
secrets to her. And he has many of them.
Things are
quickly escalating as another beautiful young woman becomes a victim of
horrible torture and murder. When she appears to Raven, she and Viktor are,
once again, drawn into a deadly game where someone quite dangerous is
controlling the players. While the police have no real leads, Viktor thinks he
may have an idea of who is behind it all.
He has an enemy
that dates back centuries. This is an enemy that he thought he was rid of
forever. Now, as it turns out, that may not be quite true. All he knows is that
he must stop this monster before both he and Raven become victims again.
Is Raven ready
to hear the whole truth? Viktor knows that the only way he has a chance of
winning is to tell her everything. But can he risk it?
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remember to contact me if you need me,” Raven LeClaire said to her latest
reading client.
“I so
appreciate that, Ms. Raven,” Aimee said effusively as they hugged. “It just
makes me feel so much better knowing that you’re here for me!”
want to be here for you, Aimee,” Raven replied. “Now you go get busy with what
you need to do. Don’t be afraid. You will be able to pull this off with no
walked Aimee to the front door of the shop and gave her a final encouraging
smile. Then she watched the young woman as she walked with a determined gait
down the busy sidewalk through the throng of people.
Aimee can do this as long she keeps up her determination.
turning away from the window, she walked back to join her friend and business
partner Allegra Canelle at the front counter.
were you able to help her?” Allegra asked.
I think so,” Raven nodded. “As long as she keeps her determined spirit, she
will prove to her boss that she is more than ready for this promotion over that
newer guy working at the firm. Aimee’s doing all the right things so far. She
just needs to push it a little harder. That guy she’s up against for promotion
really isn’t ready to take on all of this responsibility. Sometimes that good
old boys network still raises its ugly head. But she can beat it.”
good to hear,” Allegra smiled. “Anytime you are right in a reading, our
business skyrockets.”
you know what they say about word of mouth advertising,” Raven laughed. “I
suppose you are heading out with your mystery man tonight?”
course,” Allegra said as she tossed her mane of auburn hair coyly. “I can’t
explain it, Raven. But I have such a connection with this guy! He makes me feel
everything that all of those bodice ripper romances talk about.”
Raven stated dubiously. “You have said that in the past, you know.”
yes,” Allegra said dismissively. “I’m well aware of how I have behaved with men
in the past. But I’m telling you, Raven, this guy is truly different.”
then, I can’t wait to meet the man that has turned my friend around when it
comes to serious romances.”
will meet him, I promise,” Allegra said as she raised her hand as if swearing
what she said to be the truth.
you at least tell me his name?” Raven inquired.
suppose that telling you his first name wouldn’t hurt anything,” Allegra said
hesitantly. “Ok, his name is Philippe.”
Raven said as she raised an eyebrow. “That’s quite a fancy name he has!”
you start!” Allegra exclaimed. “You were the one that wanted to know his name!”
know, I know,” Raven laughed. “I was just teasing you. It really is a very nice
that’s all the information you’re getting on him for now.”
tell me,” Raven leaned into to Allegra. “Does he dress French?”
it!” Allegra exclaimed as she swatted a hand at Raven.
was no way to know how long this discussion would have lasted if the little
bell above the shop door had not tinkled just then to announce the arrival of a
customer. They both turned to greet the new arrival and saw that it was Sabine
LaPointe, the lovely new client that had come to see Raven only a few short
weeks ago.
looked just as lovely as she had the first time Raven had done a reading for
her. Her dark hair was once more in long braid that hung provocatively over one
shoulder and her gorgeous golden brown eyes were still just as compelling.
There was something different about her that Raven sensed immediately.
she exclaimed. “How wonderful to see you!”
you, Raven,” Sabine replied smiling. “I was wondering if you would have time to
read for me today.”
course! In fact, I’ve got some free time right now if you would like!”
wasn’t sure if she imagined the look of relief that crossed Sabine’s face but
she chose to pretend she had not noticed.
please,” Sabine said. “Now would be perfect!”
this way, then,” Raven said as she led her to reading alcove.
there, she invited Sabine to sit as she lowered the drape to afford them some
privacy. Then she joined her and started to shuffle the Tarot cards.
look as if you’re doing quite well,” Raven said as she shuffled. “Are there any
particular questions or concerns that you would like to address today?”
seemed to think about her answer before delivering it.
took your advice, Raven,” she finally said. “I accepted the modeling job and it
has been going very well so far. They’re really keeping me busy and the money
is amazing! I’ve never had so much fun working. I almost feel guilty calling it
smiled broadly.
so happy to hear that, Sabine! See? The cards were right! Now, let’s see what
they have to say about things for you today.”
over the first card, Raven smiled.
of Cups,” she announced. “You’ve had plenty of celebrating to do since you were
here last!”
Sabine eagerly agreed. “I definitely have! As I said, the modeling job is
perfect and, well, there have been other developments, too.”
“Oh really?”
Raven teased slightly. “Well, let’s just have a look!”
over another card, she smiled even brighter.
Sun says that you are happy in all areas of your life currently,” Raven said.
“This must mean that you dealt with the new man situation. He’s going along
with you on the new job, then.”
nodded somewhat shyly.
I was worried at first that he wouldn’t support me in it, but now he seems to
be fine about it all.”
I am relieved for you, Sabine,” Raven said even though she was starting to feel
a little shiver of apprehension.
over another card, she frowned slightly.
Devil,” she said. “This is your card of obstacles or potentials. In this case,
it might be either or both. You see, the Devil shows temptation that is bad for
you. It also shows you breaking free of some type of negative bonds that have
been holding you back. The advice to keep the bad from happening to you is in
the next card which is the High Priestess. This card shows that you have
excellent intuition and that you are aware that someone important to you has
many secrets that he is keeping from you.”
said ‘he’. Does that mean Henri is the one keeping secrets from me?” Sabine
asked worriedly.
very well could be, Sabine,” Raven replied. “But we knew all along that he
might not be the best man for you.”
else do you see, Raven?” she asked.
turned over another card. It was the Eight of Swords.
Eight of Swords tells us that you have the ability still to escape the trap that
might be approaching you. But you must pay attention to your intuition. It will
never steer you wrong,” Raven said.
reached across the table and laid her hand on Sabine’s.
already know in your heart that something is not right,” she said intently.
“You don’t have to admit to me. But you must admit it to yourself.”
no,” Sabine said somewhat frantically. “I do want to tell you. I just don’t
want it to be true.”
if you feel that you want to share something with me, please do.”
you know I told you that Henri has been very supportive of me in my modeling,”
she began.
nodded, encouraging her to continue.
took a deep breath.
just had this feeling that he only became so cooperative when he saw how much
money that I was making. I’m afraid that…that he’s been…. stealing from me.”
briefly closed her eyes.
she said softly. “Sabine, you already know the truth and what you need to do.
There is no reason to put it off now. You have this amazing career in front of
you! Don’t let this piece of garbage tear you down! Stealing from you? No. You
must end things, but you must not do it alone.”
do you mean?” Sabine inquired with a slight tremble in her voice.
mean have some people very nearby when you end things with Henri. I fear that
he may be dangerous. Actually, when is your next out of town modeling
to leave on Friday,” Sabine replied. “It’s for a shoot in Holland.”
that’s perfect!” Raven exclaimed. “If he already knows that you’re going, then
you will have the ideal opportunity to end things with him. Make sure you are
not alone with him. How long will you be gone?”
not exactly sure,” she said. “At least a couple of weeks, maybe a little
longer. It is a shoot for several projects. The photographer is the same one
for all of them and just felt that it would save on time to do them all at
Henri know where you are going?”
precisely,” Sabine said. “Just that I am going to Holland.”
that’s good then. Still, I would feel a lot better if you were to keep someone
with you at all times. Do you understand?”
I do,” Sabine sighed. “I just hate feeling like I have to be afraid of someone
that I have begun to have feelings for, you know?”
“I do
understand, sweetheart,” Raven said as she tried to comfort Sabine. “But the
right man will come along for you and it will not be that far in the future.”
rest of the reading was rather ordinary and, except for that niggling little
feeling of apprehension, it went well. Raven hugged Sabine and walked her to
the door of the shop. She continued to watch her as she walked away. When she
returned to straighten up the reading table, she drew one more card on impulse
regarding Sabine.
was the Ten of Swords.
the Author:
Lacey Edward was
born and raised in Canada. She writes mainly paranormal romance fiction but
enjoys throwing in a little mystery and suspense for good measure and to keep
things interesting. Her first experience with vampires was the Barnabas Collins
book she read in grade eight. She devoured it and never looked back – well,
maybe over her shoulder once or twice.

Lacey lives in
the country with her husband and two daughters. They enjoy skiing and sliding
in the winter, swimming, golfing, and boating in the summer, and music all year
long. Lacey also tries to keep up her mixed martial arts skills, just in case
one of her unsavoury characters comes to life…
For up to date
promotions and release dates of upcoming books, sign up for the latest news on
her website: www.laceyedward.com
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