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Summary from Goodreads:
The best place to hide is
in a lie…

I could
never fit in to the life my parents demanded. By the time I was thirteen, it
was too much. I ran away to New York City…and found a nightmare that lasted
three years. A nightmare that began and ended with a pimp named Luis. Now I am
Dirty Anna. Broken, like everything inside me has gone
Except that for the first time, I
have a chance to start over. Not just with my parents but at school. Still, the
rumors follow me everywhere. Down the hall. In classes. And the only hope I can
see is in the wide, brightly lit smile of Jackson, the boy next door. So I lie
to him. I lie to protect him from my past. I lie so that I don’t have to be The
Girl Who Went Bad.

only problem is that someone in my school knows about New York.

knows who I really am.
And it’s just a matter of time
before the real Anna is exposed…

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There’s a strange tapping on my window. My heart
pounds in my chest as I remember the last time. Nothing happened then, but I do
sort of wish I had Zara with me now. 
 I take a deep breath and tiptoe to the window
and peer out. A happy face peers back at me. I blink and then slide open the
“What the hell are you doing here, Jackson?” His
eyes are bright and alive, and I realize I’m very happy to see him.  
“I want to show you something,” he says.  
“Normal people come to the door, you know?” 
 He shrugs. “You told me your parents were
strict—figured this was the safe way.”  
I shake my head. He’s crazy. And sneaking around my
parents with a boy, even a boy as innocent as Jackson, probably isn’t the best
idea in the world. Especially after what happened at dinner. I narrow my eyes.
“Is it important?” 
 He nods eagerly, and I sigh. Good thing I
didn’t change out of my school clothes yet. Besides, the chances of my parents
coming to my room are nonexistent. After that big speech, my dad will want to
bask in his own glory while he gives me time to think over his “lesson.” I grab
a pair of tennis shoes from my closet, flick off the light so my parents think
I’m sleeping, and climb out the window.  
“Okay, what’s so important?”  
He grabs my hand and laces his fingers through mine,
which makes my heart patter in a completely idiotic way. And then he runs,
pulling me with him. I notice he’s wearing a backpack. We run down the street
and behind one of the houses, back to the field with the honeysuckles and my
mini Central Park. 
Then we stop. The sky is a dark blue, but there’s
still a little bit of light peeking out over the horizon. The field is
right in front of us, with the little specks of lights flickering in the
darkness. “Fireflies,” I say. 
 Jackson turns to me, his eyes bright. “You are
human!” he says with a sly smile that makes my stomach tumble. 
 At least my cheeks don’t get hot. I do have
some composure. “But they’re actually called lightning bugs.” 
“What? You made that up.” 
“Did not!”  
I laugh, and we both grow quiet and watch the little
specks of light in the dark field.  
“My family used to go camping in the summer when I
was little,” I say. “My mom and I caught fireflies together. But we haven’t
done it since I was eight or so.”  
“What happened after that?” 
“I don’t know. My dad started working more, we
stopped talking to our cousins and even my grandparents for some reason, and my
parents got stricter and stricter.” I shrug, wondering if that was actually the
beginning of the end of my parents’ relationship, and I just hadn’t seen it.
The same way they didn’t see the way those changes affected me. “That’s around
the time that everything changed for me because they wouldn’t let me out to
play with kids my age, and they stopped playing with me, too.” I’m telling him
more than I’m supposed to.  
“Loneliness sucks.”  
I nod.  
He takes off his backpack and pulls out a jar.
“Maybe we can make her a present.”  
“My mom? You don’t think she’ll say they’re too…you
 He takes my hand. “Maybe. But maybe she needs
to remember what it was like when things were good.” 
“What do you mean?”  
“Just some things you’ve said… It sounds like you
guys haven’t been happy in a long time.” He’s right. It’s been a long time
since we were happy. Not just me. My mom. My dad.  
Then he tugs on my hand and brings me into the
field, thankfully saving me from having to confirm or deny anything. I wonder
why they’re even still here, the fireflies. It’s September; aren’t they usually
gone by now? There aren’t as many as there are in the spring and summer, but
there’s enough for me to catch about ten in Jackson’s jar. When we’re finished,
he pokes tiny holes in the lid of the jar and hands it to me. We walk back to
where he left his backpack, and I set my jar down.  
“Is the night over?” he asks, his eyes alight with
something else. Something very unchildish, and it kind of scares me. My whole
body feels alive. At his look, heat rises into my cheeks. Thankfully, it’s too
dark for him to see. I don’t know what Jackson and I are, but I do know that I
don’t want to go home. Not yet. 

The day Taylor Swift pulled her songs from
Spotify was the day my book playlist went to die. Good thing I was already
finished writing and almost all the edits were done at that point. I remember
having one edit left and I had to make a youtube playlist
because without Taylor Swift, the playlist is seriously lacking. 
I had four major songs that set the tone for
this book (only one of them isn’t a Taylor Swift song). Songs that fit
different aspects so perfectly they felt like they were made for it, made to
help me along (one of which, I swear, could be the theme song). Here is a list
of my most important playlist songs and some of the lyrics that struck me the
most (because, let’s face it, it’s the lyrics that makes these songs so great
for Anna’s story) 
Dear John by Taylor Swift
Dear John, I see it all now that you’re gone. 
Don’t you think I was too young 
To be messed with? 
The girl in the dress 
Cried the whole way home 
I should’ve known. 
Begin Again by Taylor Swift
I’ve been spending the last eight months 
Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and
But on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin
Whore by In This Moment 
You probably thought I wouldn’t get this far 
You thought I’d end up in the back of a car 
You probably thought that I’d never escape 
I’d be a rat in a cage, I’d be a slave to this place 
You don’t know how hard I fought to survive, 
Waking up alone when I was left to die 
You don’t know about this life I’ve lived, 
All these roads I’ve walked 
All these tears I’ve bled 
Innocent by Taylor Swift
 (I could quote this whole song but I’ll stick
to just a tid bit;) ) 
Did some things you can’t speak of 
But at night you live it all again 
You wouldn’t be shattered on the floor now 
If only you had seen what you know now then 
It’s alright, just wait and see 
Your string of lights is still bright to me 
Oh, who you are is not what you’ve been 
You’re still an innocent 
Some other songs on the play list: 
by Shawn Mcdonald
by Linkin Park
to Pieces by Pop Evil
Somewhere Inbetween by Lifehouse 
On Me by DC Talk
Glass by Stone Sour
and Sound by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars
Too Late by Three Days Grace
by Puddle Of Mud
by DC Talk


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Stacey Trombley lives in Ohio with
her husband and the sweetest Rottweiler you’ll ever meet. She thinks people are
fascinating and any chance she has, she’s off doing or learning something new.
She went on her first mission trip to Haiti at age twelve and is still dying to
go back. Her “places to travel” list is almost as long as her “books to read”

She wants to bring something new to
the world through her writing, but just giving a little piece of herself is
more than enough.
Keep a look out for her debut novel
NAKED, coming from Entangled Teen in 2015


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