Dangerous Games by D’Ann Burrow
(Secrets and Lies, #2)
date: September 28th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

Kennedy Thatcher is leaving Piney
Bluff, Texas. In September, she wanted nothing more than to go back home to
California, but things have changed.
Two weeks ago
Kennedy broke Rule #1. She used her gift to save a life. Her secret is no
longer secret. Her mother once tried to warn her – using her ability was
dangerous. No one could know what she could do. Now Kennedy is paying the
Two days ago

Tanner Shields helped Kennedy rescue a friend by skipping school and driving
to New Orleans. His entire future is at risk when he’s benched during the most
important football game of his life. He’s lost the chance for a scholarship and
a way out of town.
Two hours ago
Kennedy made a bargain to save Tanner’s future. When she agrees to return
home with her father, she’s forced to ask herself the most important question of
all – who can she trust?

I’m a fan of things that go bump in the night—at least I like to read and
write about them. I write both Young Adult and New Adult
romances, frequently with a paranormal twist. (No vampires or werewolves
allowed…I see enough of them when I watch The Vampire Diaries, and can any other
vampire really compare with Damon Salvatore?)

My preschool teachers began
to worry a bit when I said that I wanted to be a witch when I grew up and my
favorite color was black. Thankfully, my imagination still gets a good workout
when I write about the secrets people keep. And don’t we all have a few

When I grow up, my dream is to work at the Haunted Mansion.
Until then, watching Ghost Hunters will have to count as research.

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