Celebrating the Release of the Novel “Reft” Libby Austin offered to answer a few Questions for us
What is the first book you read that comes to mind? Why is it so important to

Faye Dyer’s Sunday Kind of Love. It was the very first book I read and
enjoyed. It opened up the world of reading to me.

What made you start writing books?

have a lot of anxiety. through infinity came from me rewriting the fear of what
would happen if I forgot my family to have a happy ending. Reft was written
about something I wish I did more of, forgiveness.


How much of you and/or your surroundings is a part of your stories? 
Is the
influence based on a conscious decision, or do you periodically recognize
yourself in one of your characters and it wasn’t

lot. My books are based around my hometown. Quite a few of the scenarios have
happened to people I know, so I took a little creative liberty to embellish
events a little. 

What author/actor or musician do you ‘fangirl’ over? 

Flowers! Brandon Flowers! Brandon Flowers! 

don’t really like identifying myself as a fan. It makes me feel like I’m
discrediting the work an author puts into their work. Nora Roberts, Larissa
Ione, Colleen Hoover, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter. It depends on my mood at the

What does your perfect writing day look like? Do you plan when and how long you
write, or does it happen without planning?

perfect day is overcast and rainy with a few thunderstorms thrown in. Other than
the rain and the thunder it’s silent. 

try to plan to write, but like most plans, it usually goes out the

What genre is the most intimidating when you think about writing in it? Explain

pretty much stick within romance. I couldn’t imagine writing paranormal or
creating a world because the details are so important.

What do you like to do when you are not writing? What do you think your
profession would be if you were not an author?

book reader. Not a blogger or anything, just get paid to read books all day
while someone cleans my house and does my laundry. (You didn’t say it had to be

What is the most touching reaction you have ever received from a

the two people I don’t know who wrote to tell their reactions to Reft and they
really got the point of the story.

In your opinion, what is the most important feature a book needs to

don’t know that there is any one element I look for other than a good story.

What is the most difficult part of writing a book, (including the preparations
and after-publication-process)?

finding time to write. Second, finding time to do everything that comes after
writing a book. Trying to sell a reader on why your book is the one to read over
this other book is hard, especially if you don’t want to sound like a
jerk. Third, having people make judgments about you as a person based on a story
you wrote.

If you had the chance to influence the questions people ask you in interviews,
what question is the most annoying and you would love to never hear again? What
question would you really like to answer that you have not been asked yet, and
what is your answer to that question?

haven’t really done many interviews, so I’m not annoyed yet.

what is the theme of your stories? True love is unending and life isn’t about
the things that happen, but the choice you make in how to react to the

Name three characteristics of your writing style that are important yet
different from other authors. 

readers who didn’t like the story liked the writing, so I guess that’s a good
thing. I don’t really know that I’m that different from any other writer. I
write the story I want to read. If somebody else likes it, great. If not, not
much I can say to that except thanks for giving it a chance and better luck next

Which of your characters seems to be the most independent, and has taken on a
life of their own?

Love him or find him the most irritating character you’ve ever read, he’s left
an impression.

What do you want tell your readers at the end of this

for reading my stories!



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