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Barbara Monajem on the concept of “Believing in Fairies”

“Every time a child says, ‘I don’t believe
in fairies,’ another fairy dies.”
That’s a paraphrase of a quote from Peter
Pan, and as a child, I found it so upsetting that it has stuck with me all my
life. It’s a horrible thought and so unfair to the fairies. It is my personal
policy to never, ever say I don’t believe in this paranormal being or that:
fairies, vampires, shape shifters, whatever (although I have to say I would
prefer to know for sure that there are no zombies—shudder). As Lord Fen in Lady
of the Flames tells Andromeda, “Whether or not you see the fairies, they’re
still here.”
I don’t see the point in denying something
I can’t see. I mean, what’s the fun of visiting Ireland and not sensing the
Little People hovering just out of sight? Why not feel the presence of a
friendly brownie in an old English country house, or a buttery spirit (a
gluttonous fairy) who dwells in a pretentious mansion? To me, these creatures
just add to the magic of life, and there’s always the lingering hope that I
*will* see one, one of these days.
Sometimes I wonder if I have seen one. Several years ago while
visiting relatives in Germany, their elusive white cat told me he was the King
of the Fairies in disguise. OK, not in so many words, but I’ve never been able
to get him out of my mind, and it was after that encounter that I began to
seriously research folklore. 
Now, I bring these creatures to life in my
books whenever the spirit/muse/King of the Fairies moves me. Lady of the Flames
is one of my magical Regencies, and one of the secondary characters is a
hobgoblin named Cuff. I hope you enjoy reading about him as much as I did
writing him.
I won’t ask if you believe in fairies,
because if you don’t, I’d rather not know. But I will ask: which kind of
paranormal being would you like to meet?
By the way, I asked the same question in
another blog post. Guess what was the most popular answer!


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