Title: Blue Wide Sky
Inglath Cooper
Contemporary Romance

First love. . . forever love. 

Sixteen-year old Gabby Hayden wasn’t the kind of
girl who gave a hoot about boys. She had a few real loves. Water-skiing, going
out on Smith Mountain Lake with her dad and her dog. Anything else ranked a
distant second. Until the summer smart, caring, gorgeous Sam Tatum gave her his
heart. It had been the most wonderful time of her life, lazy days hanging out
at the dock, skinny-dipping at midnight, staring up at the stars from the back
of Sam’s truck. 

They are planning their future together when
Sam’s father is transferred to South Africa. Devastated, Gabby and Sam promise
to wait for each other during the two years before he returns for college. But
lonely and angry, Sam makes a mistake that will change the course of both their

Years later, an unexpected diagnosis brings Sam
home to his parents’ house on Smith Mountain Lake where he believes he can find
peace and acceptance. What he finds, however, is the girl he once loved, now a
woman unwilling to lose him again, a woman who will make him realize that both
love and life are worth fighting for.

What we thought about this story?

If you are searching for a book with a lot feelings and a lot of romance combined with a very deep background-story-this is the book for you!
When I read the blurb, I already had an image in my head including some ideas about what could happen and how the author could have developed the story….
I never expected a story full of “action” – and this is not what you can expect(which I don’t mean in a negative way).
I love Inglath Cooper’s writing style! The way she has chosen her words is beautiful! It’s not over the top, not too cheesy, but also not to objective. In combination with the awesome characters, it was fun to travel through the story of Sam and Gabby.
There are not many authors who are able to write a book of such length without adding at the same time not too much and not too less “information” to the story while giving just some tiny hints about something that will happen later.
I often  have read books with huge plot twists or  an “overseized” story which gets squeezed into a book half as long as this one. This was not the case with this one! 

Author Bio

AUTHOR INGLATH COOPER writes books that aim to give her readers a
mini-vacation. A stretch of time during which they can visit other places and
other people’s lives. Her books have reached the top 100 Amazon Kindle
Bestseller list, with Truths and Roses hitting #11.

Inglath Cooper’s Nashville series became a
reality after she spent time in Music City, writing lyrics with other
songwriters. She fell in love with the community and gets to revisit regularly
through her characters.


Readers on the Nashville series:

“The characters are great, and so is the
story line.” – Catherine Emmons, Amazon.com Reader

“The way the story started and the way it
has ended makes me want more.” – Robin Ostrowski, Amazon.com Reader

“I was hooked from the first chapter and
can’t wait to read Part Two!” – MomLovestoRead – Amazon.com Reader

Visit her website at: www.inglathcooper.com

Follow her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/inglathcooperbooks.
She loves to engage with readers there!

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Book Excerpt

I can’t sleep, but it’s not as
if I expected to.
My head is filled with a collage
of images that cut back and forth between this new Sam and the boy I remember.
The new one is a man — with
all the subtle nuances that go along with life experience and the hard knocks
required to obtain it. It has changed the way his eyes see the world, and
there’s a wariness to him that I never knew before.
Before we made plans to spend
our life together. Before he left here when we were teenagers. Before he
married another girl. Before my heart got shattered into too many pieces to
ever fit together exactly right again.
I’m aware that at my age this
sounds melodramatic and overstated.
But when you’re seventeen and
the boy you love moves out of the country with his family, there really aren’t
any words to describe that kind of pain.
The night he told me that his
family was moving out of the country, I truly thought I would die. We were on a
date, what I’d thought to be a normal one, except for the fact that he was
quieter than usual. No joking. No smiles. It was July, and we’d gone out on his
parents’ boat, found a cove to skinny dip in, and then lay on the
bow staring up at the stars.

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