Banish the Darkness by Holly Blackstone


September 25, 2013

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Title : Banish the Darkness

Author : Holly Blackstone

Series : Liliana Batchelor, #4

Rating : 5 Stars


Blurb : Despite early setbacks, things are now progressing between Lily and Stuart. Not only is their relationship made official when she attends a public fundraiser on Stuart’s arm but he finally introduces her to the exclusive and mysterious club ‘The Powerhouse’. Things initially seem idyllic until events take a violent turn and their future seems under siege. Progress is made when an arrest puts one dangerous character behind bars and they face one of the ghosts of Lily’s past and the cause of much of her self doubt – her mother.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This book contains explicit depictions of BDSM related activities and strong language. (100,000+ words)


Review :  There are those books that tend to get boring the longer the story progresses and then there are books like this.
I could not wait to get my Hands on it and I was proven right.

To make a long story short …These books are really good ! They may contain many of the known elements of other storys –

the strong dominating male/ceo
the submissive female
the fact that at least one of them has binding issures
the running away / breakup thing
the strange/crazy boss/ ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-wife factors

But it became different in the moment when the relationship between Stuart and Lily hit the bottom of what Stuart actually wants and what he is willing to do to get it.

At the beginning I thought this is too much how could he actually expect that from her ??

But reading further and further – the story made it really believable . I could relate to what he was thinking and how Lily was feeling about it. And believe me if you would just state here now the plain cold facts of what Stuart wants you would consider it/him crazy and the whole story totally nuts ….

But the miracle itself is how Holly Blackstone made it possible that you actually move on with the persons and start to relate to their thinking and somehow it suddenly makes sense (at least to me)

PLEASE hurry up … I need to read more …







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