Review – Forever Dublin by Brittney Sahin

Goodreads Review

I once lived in two different worlds—billionaire businessman by day, fighter by night. When the suit came off, the gloves came on.

It’s been five years since I last stepped into the Octagon, since my life spun out of control. I haven’t even so much as gone near a fighting ring. I promised my family I’d never raise my fists again.

But when my best mate, Les, lands himself in trouble with a notorious Dublin crime lord, I must break my promises. I have to do the one thing I vowed never to do: fight. I have to fight to save him and everyone in his life . . . including Anna Drake, the innocent and gorgeous woman Les tricked into rooming with him.

Anna Drake is off limits. She’s innocent and sweet—everything that I’m not. She’s also interning at my company—a lawsuit waiting to happen.

I have to save her, to pull her and Les out of the mess that he’s made. But the more time we spend together, the more I’m falling for her. And the more I fight, the more I crave it. I don’t deserve Anna . . . and yet, without her, I’m not sure if I can save myself.

When a book takes place in Ireland with a hot Irishman? Count me in.

Adam former underground fighter now turned business man has to go back to the cage to save his best mate and the girl he is falling for. He barely survived the first time to get out of Donovan’s clutches but now there is a lot more at stake. Money won’t make this go away. He is partly doing it for the right reasons but he is also being selfish he misses it. The adrenaline, the fighting he is a man on the edge who walks a fine line.

Anna has gotten an internship in Ireland she is escaping an abusive relationship. Dublin is her fresh start for the next 3 months. Her roommate Leslie, sorry to say this love but Leslie is a male name in Ireland so he was screwing with you there. I admire her courage to live her life, we see her confidence coming back.

Adam and Anna meet in Leslie’s flat and it is awkward. But it can’t get any more awkward right? Wrong. She is interning at the company he owns. Coincidence? I think not.  With their daily interaction and Anna now being in Donovan’s sights to get what he wants. Adam.

They start off as friends although they soon realise that it won’t work and they quickly go to become lovers. They are good together, I loved Adam. He has everything in a Hero. His one flaw he is a martyr. I’m not good enough for you, yaddy-yaddy-ya. Oh please she’s not a Miss Goody-Two-Shoes.

Nice add with the youth group that is actually my favourite part all the interaction with the kids and seeing what they are doing for them. With all the positive aspects in the book I got to say I just wasn’t connecting with the characters.

There is everything I like in a book, the writing style is solid. There is humour, chemistry and a great balance between the romance, suspense and the getting to know you part of the book. But I just couldn’t connect. This is me.

This is on me and not the author but I really do not like it when the Hero/heroine work in an office environment. Now this is just my personal opinion but Adam said Anna’s name in nearly every single sentence and at some point it just got to be too much.



Review – How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days (The Embraced #1) by Kerrelyn Sparks

Goodreads Review


Luciana grew up on the Isle of Moon, hidden away because of her magical powers. But when her father arrives, he offers her a choice: remain on the island or return with him and marry the Beast of Benwick in order to save their legacy—and her father’s life.

Lord Leofric, the Beast of Benwick, has not been touched since he was a child. Born with the power to harness lightning, he is a danger to everyone he touches. When he meets his betrothed, he expects a loveless, lonely marriage…until he discovers she’s vastly more powerful than he realized. But is she strong enough to withstand his touch?

If they can survive, their love will alter the future of the kingdom. But will their extraordinary powers cost them everything?



Ever had the problem of what to write when it comes to a book you don’t really know how to rate? Yep this is one of THOSE books.


The author has created a great fantasy world full of unique creatures and The Embraced born on a night with twin moons rife with power and supernatural powers. The girls are left at the steps of the Isle of the Moon. Here we meet Luciana left on the steps at birth now 19 it turns out that she isn’t an orphan to save her father she goes to the mainland to pose as her twin sister. Twins are forbidden in the kingdoms.


Luciana & Leo are perfect for one another especially when it comes to their supernatural abilities. To tales some time for them to get together as there is some mistrust and not everything makes sense when it comes to Luciana. The beginning was good and I enjoyed it all although the lack of interaction between the main characters was missing. Everything was good until that one twist was just too much and ruined it for me.


My verdict?


I liked it there were times where I wanted to give it five stars and then it went down to two stars. In the end I’ve decided to go with three stars instead. I can also see the appeal why the book is liked by so many but it didn’t work for me. I wish it did. I don’t pick up fantasy books very often or at least not anymore but I saw this and just couldn’t help myself.


Although I have added the second book to my TBR shelf I still need to think about it.



Review – Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley

Goodreads Review



From the author of Before I Go comes an unconventional love story perfect for fans of the emotional novels of Jodi Picoult and Jojo Moyes.One time a boy kissed me and I almost died…

And so begins the story of Jubilee Jenkins, a young woman with a rare and debilitating medical condition: she’s allergic to other humans. After a humiliating near-death experience in high school, Jubilee has become a recluse, living the past nine years in the confines of the small town New Jersey house her unaffectionate mother left to her when she ran off with a Long Island businessman. But now, her mother is dead, and without her financial support, Jubilee is forced to leave home and face the world—and the people in it—that she’s been hiding from.

One of those people is Eric Keegan, a man who just moved into town for work. With a daughter from his failed marriage who is no longer speaking to him, and a brilliant, if psychologically troubled, adopted son, Eric’s struggling to figure out how his life got so off-course, and how to be the dad—and man—he wants so desperately to be. Then, one day, he meets a mysterious woman named Jubilee, with a unique condition…Close Enough to Touch is an evocative, poignant, and heartrending exploration of the power and possibilities of the human heart. 


Close Enough to Touch was a Netgalley recommendation. It was a time where I seemed to have nothing to read and it was compared to Colleen Hoover. I’ve never read any books by Colleen Hoover although one of my GR friend tries very hard to get me to read one of her books but alas I just don’t seem to be interested.

But getting back to my review.

Close Enough to Touch is a slow-paced book with moments that do make you smile that there are also times that the book never seemed to end. It was at these times that I felt like throwing in the towel.

The beginning of this book is fantastic. There is the right amount of humor, sarcasm and empathy towards the characters. They don’t come across as fake and they are real people, down to earth with day to day feelings.

Jubilee has a severe condition that has had a great impact on her life. She has been a recluse for the past nine years after a near fatal kiss. All because of a bet. The time has come where she has had to come out of hiding as she has been leeching off her mother and she has now passed.

Jubilee is an odd sort and as a female lead somewhat unusual after being a hermit she has still managed to keep her humor and I do find her really quite endearing. You can’t fault her for her fear of the world but you can for the fact that she is so unwilling to change anything however daunting it might be.

Eric is having his own difficulties he has moved to Jersey for his job. His fourteen-year-old daughter isn’t talking to him. His ex-wife is behaving like an ex-wife. He can’t find the coffee mugs and he goes after unobtainable women.

Several incidents lead to Eric & Jubilee to meeting in the library they have a kinship with one another and an attraction. They have a rocky start to their relationship although it is all quite trying between the two. They don’t really work it out and here comes a spoiler

Don’t get me started on the ending of the book. It is rushed and well suddenly she is there with Michael who loves her she “cares” about him and then after years Eric turns up and they have a passionate kiss and everything is cut off abruptly. Ah excuse me? But what kind of ending is that? Naff I tell you. Naff.

All in all, if you are looking for something unique, out of the norm with an emotional setting and great realistic characters then this is the book for you. It is a book that I normally wouldn’t have read. Oh and btw this book cannot get any sager than it already is.


Review -Cross Checked by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Goodreads Review


One accident – a freaking car crash. That’s all it took to send my life into a tailspin.

Little did I know that out of the wreckage, everything would fall into place. I would get everything I had ever worked for.

Little did I know that I would find the woman who would cross check my life, flipping everything upside down.

Even though she’s melting the ice that surrounds my heart, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Will I ever be able to find my footing or am I destined to stay pinned against the boards?  



2.5 Stars

First of all I’m going to be a bit bitchy. But I never said that I’m a nice person. I just keep it in check most of the time.

At the end of the book the author wrote:
It is better to leave a negative review than no review at all. For all you trolls out there this is what the author wants.

Told in dual POV. Which is one of my favorites. It apparently is on the same time line as Hat Trick and can be read as a standalone.

Karla & Braydon first meet when his sister Myla is in ICU. There is very little interaction between the two. The first part shows how each lead their lives. Karla is in a relationship that turns abusive. I mean that came out of bloody nowhere. Braydon hockey player for the Otters has had it quite tough. We each deal with stuff differently but this is a tough scene to read. What I didn’t like is the detailed sex scene with a other woman. That is the most off putting thing I have read in a really, long time.

At 39 % there was still was no interaction between the two main characters. Which got me very close to..



and a DNF this majorly. I thought I’d continue for a little while more. A reviewer wrote that gets better.
Then FINALLY we fast forward and its two years later. The main characters meet. They remember one another straightaway. I can’t remember people from last month let alone who I met two years ago. We then have a whirlwind of a romance. Which quite frankly is hardly believable. This was the next point where



The time frame for me was also an issue. As I said that met one another again after two years. Their relationship was written in brief intervals of how they met, their first date, meet the friends, specific important dates. Every couple of months I didn’t feel as if it flowed.

Another thing Braydon doesn’t come across as cold but as a dipshit.

I don’t know quite the author was aiming for here. Was it meant to be dramatic and emotional? If yes, then the banter was out of place and that I didn’t believe that it affected Karla as the author tries to make us believe. Maybe because this is a short read and rushed it just didn’t work.

This is just me so please read the book and decide for yourself. 




Review – Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football (Game On in Seattle #7) by Jami Davenport

Goodreads Review



When horse racing and football collide, Hunter McCoy, star tight end of the Seattle Steelheads and neophyte horse owner, finds himself in a battle of wills with a sexy horsewoman and a stubborn, opinionated race horse.

Kate Vanderhof-Carrigan’s family has raised champion Thoroughbreds on their Kentucky bluegrass farm for over a century. Lately the farm has fallen on hard times, but Kate is determined to return Oak Brook to its former glory. First, she must satisfy an odd clause in her grandfather’s will. She’s been given five years to produce a winner of horse racing’s biggest prize of all, the Derby, or lose the farm to her siblings and their development plans. Time has run out, and Hunter’s talented horse stands between Kate and her last shot at the Derby. Only Kate never counted on her heart entering the race.

Hunter is juggling his responsibilities to his two-dozen investors, his blind sister, his football career, and his commitment to his tribe. The last thing he needs is an unwanted attraction to a spoiled rich girl who doesn’t fit into his carefully crafted plans. Not only are they rivals on the race track, but she doesn’t understand or appreciate his dedication to his Native American heritage. Yet despite the odds, all bets are off when Hunter and Kate find themselves in a relationship they can’t resist.



Game Changer is an American Football sports romance.


Let’s discuss the first part of the book.


Two love stories in one. My own personal hell while I was reading. At least the author managed to get strong emotions out of me


Lilli & Hunter are brother and sister. Hunter meets Kate and is instantly attracted to her. Kate is also instantly attracted to Hunter. Surprise, surprise.


It is tough going at the beginning. Kate is a spoilt rich brat. Who has a lot to prove but goes about it the wrong way. Her motto? Everyone has a price. Kate needs a winning horse. She wants Hunter’s horse Sid. For all of Hunter’s serenity and being one with nature and his tribe and doing good in the world he is a judgmental git. There is just too much push and pull. IMO.


They are rivals. Both stubborn and competitive strong willed. To begin they don’t like one another but they have electric chemistry.


Our second couple are Cam & Lilli


Cam wants to get it on with Kate and ignores Lilli somewhat to begin with. Lilli doesn’t seem to be too upset about it although there was a point where Cam was callous because he was a coward to admit to his feelings.


Throughout the book, it becomes clear who will be with whom. Two completely different character couples in the book and it works well.


Cam & Lilli were a different story though although Cam is a bit of an idiot. He slowly starts to develop feelings for Lilli. It is implied that he is a player but there are no scenes of this. Lilli has a disability but it has never gotten in her way but a lot of people consider it to be a burden more than anything else and in past relationships she has been burnt.


Cam & Lilli are more of a sweet couple than Kate and Hunter as they are quite volatile together.


I don’t want to count how many times I wanted to stop reading or throw my kindle across the room. Let alone wanting to deck Hunter & Kate nearly every single time they were together.


I always find it difficult to have two couples in a book. But the author wrote four very individual characters all from different backgrounds. See glimpses of Native American tribes gave the book more depth. Hunter has preconceived notions. He is blocking himself for being happy.


A major pet peeve of mine. I don’t like reading book X of a series if I have started the series. Yeah, I should have done my research. Although this can be read as a standalone. So, fear not for all of you that don’t consider it to be a pet peeve of yours. However, with all the things that annoyed me I did thoroughly enjoy the author’s writing style and the direction she took with each individual character.


The second half of the book made up for the first part of the book. The first part was a definite 2 * read and the second half is a 4*. The scenes between Hunter and Kate are really hot and gave me some good old tingles.


The story flows well the characters undergo a development to the beginning of the book and they grew on me. I’m happy to say that all in all I enjoyed this book. But generally, this series isn’t for me. Each to their own.


Review – A Quarter to Twelve (The Time Series Book 1) by Josephine Traynor

Goodreads Review


Happy, single, divorcee.
Successful business woman.
Content on perving on the cute guy at the gym. At least until my best friend sets me up on an online dating site. Now, all I’m doing is blocking dick pictures.

Burned by bad breakup.
Envied chef.
Going to kill my brother for not only setting up a profile on this online dating site but giving me this username.

Humiliating online profiles bring them together, while the universe tries try to keep them apart. Reluctant daters become determined lovers who will need to decide if they’re willing to fight for something they never wanted in the first place.




WARNING: Honest Opinion Ahead


A quarter to twelve reminded me a lot of the film Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale & John Cusack. Got to say fantastic film. As with the couple in the film here as well I was rooting for Ava and Patrick to meet and to get their happy end.


The author hits the nail on the head with a sweet, hilarious, endearing read about the new world of dating via the internet. Its ups and downs and finding THE ONE. Or True Shoe. Or looking really hard for a prince among the frogs.


I really enjoyed this book until I didn’t.


After Murphy’s Law getting in the way one too many times. The universe trying to conspire against them after the fourth incident it became tiresome. I mean really? This is just me though. Different strokes for different folks.


What I liked about the book there are strong characters who are dealing with every day obstacles, insecurities and life. How they deal with it all. The laugh out loud moments which were slightly embarrassing on the tram. Oh well. Nothing new. The world of internet dating never tried it so I can’t say what it’s like. The author’s writing style and the Oz euphuisms. 

What I didn’t like is whereas I am a big Murphy’s Law fan and yes he is a bit of a bastard sometimes but even so he isn’t that cruel you know? When the couple finally got to me it was kind of anticlimactic. Again. Just me. 

The repetitive ramblings of both main characters. Fighting their self-image done in a really great way by the author as I felt for them and the changes they wanted to make not for anyone else but for themselves. 

Even though I have given 3 * I would recommend reading Ava & Patrick’s story. Watch out for this author. There is low angst and no real other woman/man drama.


Review – Dirty Deeds (Likely Story #1) by A.J. Nuest

Goodreads Review



An Eye for an Eye
As owner of Dirty Deeds, a tech-savvy company specializing in the age-old art of revenge, Eden Smith knows first-hand that secrecy is critical. But when a dead body washes up on the shores of Lake Michigan clutching her business card, Eden’s well-constructed world begins to fall apart. Apparently, she’s not the only one with a passion for payback, and staying alive to outsmart a killer has become her most important job of all.

A Game for a Game
Hardened homicide detective Kelly Riordan is convinced Eden Smith is hiding more than she’s willing to admit. Years on the force have taught him that nothing is what it seems, and that couldn’t be truer than when it comes to investigating the alluring owner of a revenge-for-hire business. But revealing her past could put everything Eden has worked for in jeopardy. And trusting a man like Riordan goes against the very instincts that have kept her alive this long.  



First impressions:

Dirty Deeds is unique, original and different to what I usually encounter in romantic suspense.  

An absence of sound filled his ears. A vacuum of silence as if the entire city collectively held its breath.  

With an unusual start to the book is you don’t really know what’s going on. Now I like to know what is going on so at the beginning it was tough going for me but the more I read the more the story unfolded and the more you got sucked into Eden and Kelly’s story.  

Kelly Riordan is a hard ass Chicago homicide detective. He has a soft and gooey centre and a body you want to lick from head to toe. He is the somewhat tarnished knight in shining armour.  

His next case is going to give him a rollercoaster of a ride. All romantic suspense books need a dead body to get things going Kelly is called to a Lake Michigan for that exact reason. A white business card is a lead but isn’t getting him any closer to solving the case. He tries to put pressure on a witness to finding the body but doesn’t get anywhere with it.  

Who is Eden Smith? Eden isn’t too sure about who she is. For 11 years she has been running Dirty Deeds with Tanner and Mocha. I would love to see more of Mocha. For Dirty Deeds to get involved to help you with some revenge you need a password INR will get you the help you need.  

Eden has been informed that the Detective is looking for her. She decides on a meet and greet. Her past comes back to haunt her. Her mentor dead she has only one person she can turn to Detective Kelly Riordan.  

Eden is devious, bloodthirsty and I love her sense of justice and intelligence. She tries to come off as a complete hard asss but it just doesn’t work. She can read people like no other and her disguises? She reminded me a bit of Sydney Bristow from Alias. 

At the question of who could be out to get her? Well that gives Kelly 800 suspects to look into. 

Eden and Kelly butt heads to begin with but that soon changes. The lines begin to blur for Kelly and for Eden. No one has really ever been there for her until Kelly and that is what gets to her the most. He sees her.  

I enjoyed the author’s writing style and she delivered a suspenseful read there were times throughout the book where it dragged. But I am a picky lass. You should go into this book blind to enjoy everything that it has to offer.




Review – Dare to Dream (Carolina Beach Series #1) by C.A. Harms




After the sudden death of his wife two years ago, Darren Griffin has finally found peace. He has a good life, good job, two daughters he’d do anything for, and a beautiful home on the beach.
Greer Monroe is grieving the loss of her father. It’s the final rung on the broken ladder that’s become her life—crappy job, no friends, and a cheating ex-boyfriend. At the insistence of her aunt, Greer decides to spend some time at her family’s beach house.
When the glee-filled sound of children’s laughter dances through the breeze, Greer finds herself smiling again. The neighbor girls are carefree, depicting a life Greer has only dreamed about. Husband, children, happiness—a family. And their father, Darren, he’s everything a woman could ever want.
But it is, of course, only a dream.
She can’t stay at Carolina Beach, no matter how much she adores Darren and his daughters. She has responsibilities at home, a mother who needs her. Where there’s love, there’s heartbreak, and she can’t go through that again. And she sure as hell won’t do that to those little girls.
But Darren isn’t letting her go that easily. It’s been so long since he’s felt this way for anyone. Greer is his missing piece, a piece he never thought he’d find.
Saying goodbye is hard, but sometimes starting over is even harder.
Only when they dare to dream again, will they ever dare to love.


This is an incredibly sweet, adorable and enjoyable read. I prefer the books I read to not be so sweet or precious. I need more grit and action but despite that fact I still found it touching in ways and it hit the spot. I was craving for some things while reading the book that I didn’t know that I was looking for.

Now I might be contradicting myself here it has been known to happen. I liked it and I didn’t. I’m an absolute sucker for a hot daddy with rugrats. And Darren in this book is no different. He has two little girls Violet and Vivian that he dotes on. He lets them paint his toenails hot pink. Freaking adorable.

Greer takes a break and moves out to the beach house in Carolina Beach. After the loss of a family member and the bloke she loves cheating on her. She realizes that she doesn’t love him. By spying on the hot neighbor next door and his two adorable girls takes her mind off other things.  

I liked the build-up between the two main characters and I felt as if it all did progress naturally. Darren realized that enough time has passed and that it is time to move on. Greer gives him that extra nudge. To me Greer never felt second best. They have chemistry and it all instantly clicked between them. The cynic in me finds it hard to believe but I guess these things do happen.

The dead spouse trope is also always quite hard to do because thinking about it means that if the spouse was still there then the MCs wouldn’t get a story. It worked here and I didn’t mind so much. Also giving the Hero a second chance at love isn’t always my thing. But once again it worked here.

I like the authors writing style and she has a great eye for creating extremely likeable characters as well as bringing out a lot of emotions while reading the book. I enjoy the authors work and I think that if you are looking for something sweet and low angst then this is the book for you.




Review – Every Night Without You: Book 2, Caine & Addison (Unfinished Love #2) by Violet Duke

Goodreads Review


EVERY NIGHT WITHOUT YOU (Bk 2 of 2), Caine & Addison’s story of love, sacrifice, and the lengths one will run–and chase–when their past threatens their future.

Note: The Unfinished Love series follows four brothers, each fighting for their second first chance at love. Each of the couples have two books (duets) that take place years apart. This is Caine & Addison’s Book 1; Book 2 reunites them seven years later, and concludes their story.  

You have to read Before that Night before you can read this book.

Short and sweet, this is going to be…

Addison cross paths after 7 years. They were miserable both of them the past 7 years that their love isn’t finished yet. They’ve both changed. Caine has become harder but deep down he is still the sweet alpha that he has always been towards Addison.

Addison has really done something great. I admire her strength and tenaciousness. Out of all the things that she has been through she deserved happiness. She got it in the end with Caine no doubt about it. But sometimes it was just so long winded.

What I didn’t like is that when I wanted to see more of Caine and Addison getting closer with one another again, Alec who is like the brother she never had keep on turning up. Okay, okay Caine was there when it counted the most but still. Alec constantly butting in annoyed me. A. Lot.

I started off strong with this book but throughout the book either I was slacking off or the book was slacking. I was exhausted by the time I’d finished it feeling at the same time happy that I had finished and a wee bit guilty because of it dragging in parts to my liking.

Several of you will probably say “That’s not true” Ah got to admit it is for me. I did not see that ending coming! Great twist there Ms. Duke!

What I loved – The HERO is celibate for 7 years, yes you read correctly he is celibate for 7 years. So refreshing when that happens in a book. Makes it sweeter.

All four Spencer brothers will be getting a book, Drew is up next. We have Gabe and then Max. A series to continue as Ms. Duke can write a captivating story it just didn’t captivate me all the time.




Review – Fixing Fate: A Pleasant Valley Novel by Anna Brooks

Goodreads Review


Mellie Jamison is afraid of the world after her security and innocence were stolen as a teen. Now in her early twenties, she’s content with her secluded lifestyle and her cat… at least, that’s what she tells herself. When a grandfather she never met leaves her an abandoned house, she has no choice but to set out on a journey she never wanted to take.

Smith Porter was living his dream until he was forced to give up his job as a police officer and return home to take over the family business. He’s now alone in the world, merely surviving on memories and emotionless attachments. So when his old partner calls in a favor, Smith agrees to flip the neglected house and keep an eye on Jay’s baby sister.

He’s a master at restoration and rebuilding, but Smith never expected that tearing the walls down around Mellie’s heart to be his most difficult project yet. And when her life is threatened, keeping her safe is the most important job he’ll ever have.

*Contains sensitive and mature content.


Have you ever read a book you don’t know how to rate?

Well for me this is one of those books. There were times were I thought, okay this is a 2 star read and then it went up to a 4 star read something happened which I personally wasn’t happy about and it then went back to a 2 star read. I’ve decided to go with 3.5 stars here.

Mellie suffers from agoraphobia and PTSD after being violated in the most horrible way. She has some fears that she wants to overcome. A step in the right direction is to take a closer look at the house that she inherited.

Smith’s whole family died in a freak accident during a storm since then he hasn’t let anyone close as a favor to his old partner Jay he agrees to keep an eye on Mellie. HE is the contractor to help with the house. But the favor turns into more.

They meet they get off to a rocky start and this is where things got difficult for me. The connection that they have at the beginning ebbs and flows. It is an internal battle for Smith as Mellie is eleven years younger and his friend’s sister. Mellie is attracted to Smith and wants to act on it and although Smith tries not to, he caves.

Smith is a likeable Hero and he does everything and anything he can for the heroine. The heroine in the book is somewhat lost and has no self-preservation at all. This is just my opinion. It did make me cringe a couple of times. And scream at her internally of course what the hell she is thinking?

There are twists and turns to the story that made it unpredictable which I liked. The story flows well and the author can suck you in and keep you entertained throughout the book. There are some uncomfortable scenes in the book so if you get squirmy about some things then don’t read the book. PM if you want the details.

Ask me also what the cynic in me says.

 I also look forward to reading more by the author.


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