Review – Bronx’s Wounded Wolf (Mystic Wolves #4) by Elle Boon

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A WOUNDED WOLF…A FIERCE PROTECTOR…AN UNSHAKABLE BOND…Will Bronx and Taya be able to create that mystical bond without her inner wolf, or will their love be enough?

A WOUNDED WOLF… Having suffered at the hands of a rogue pack, Taya’s wolf retreat’s deep inside her. She learns to rely on her humanity as she seeks sanctuary from the pack she’d been taken from as a child.

A FIERCE PROTECTOR…Bronx feels an instant connection to Taya the moment he set eyes on her, even though he couldn’t sense her wolf. Her pain and wariness stop him from claiming her right then and there, keeping him and his wolf on edge.

AN UNSHAKEABLE BOND…Neither Taya nor Bronx can deny their feelings for one another, and as the weeks go by, they both give into their desires. Bronx’s wolf is ready to claim Taya, wolf or not. Taya misses her wolf, but when her past catches up to them, she’ll need more than her humanity and Bronx to save her. They’ll need the strength of the pack and help from the Fey if they hope to come out of the battle alive and whole.

2 Blue& Wolfman Stars.

Well, aren’t I the odd duck out here?

Taya Blade kidnapped and tortured has lost her wolf. She is rescued and meets her mate she isn’t broken but she mourns the loss of her wolf. 

Bronx Ducane is a fantastic Hero. He fought for Taya every step of the way. He never let her down. He is strong, sweet and one hell of a wolf.

I felt that the connection between the two could be have been deeper. I did find it amusing in places.

I am an avid paranormal reader. An avid reader in general and what I really wanted to do here is love this book. The beginning was solid for me but then it just started going downhill. But I felt as if the plot of her losing her wolf was hashed to death it cropped up one to many times. IMO.

Ms. Boon knows how to write paranormal and a world filled with unique shifters and an interesting plot. Whereas I was interested in the plot it didn’t suck me in. Whereas I enjoyed the characters I was also a bit disappointed.

My mistake is that this is book 4 and that there are so many characters from other books that I got confused at times. This can be read as a standalone although I struggled so maybe go and read the other books beforehand. I felt that I was missing out on a lot of stuff and I found the characters from previous books interesting but still confused.

The ending was somewhat rushed for me. This is a quick and easy read with a fun side yet with characters who have to overcome great obstacles.

The author has created a world of possibilities for the future. Talented yet an author not for me.







Review – Burn by by Dawn Altieri

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Chloe Addison is on the verge of a promising career in real estate development until an explosion destroys her first major project and casts suspicion on her in an arson investigation. Her career is suddenly at risk—and possibly her life.

Firefighter Ryan Monroe wants a spot on the arson team, and getting close to Chloe might be the best way to solve his first investigation. Despite a painful past of his own, Ryan has dedicated himself to saving people, and when he realizes Chloe is in danger, she’s no exception. He just might be the perfect guy to rescue her, but their attraction could bring them both down in flames.

2.5 Stars

This book had the potential to be more. So much more. There is a good amount of angst and trying to figure out who could have been behind it keeps you on your toes. The author writes well and she keeps the story going without any hitch or anything. Add in a sexy firefighter and you are in heaven. Ryan is a fantastic Hero. There are twists and turns to the story.

Yet. The damsel in distress trope doesn’t always work. Here it did and it didn’t. There was so much push and pull between the main characters and well I guess there has to be to a certain extent but our heroine Chloe is a person of interest and Ryan’s boss is working the case and Ryan is also hoping to become a fire investigator. He puts his job on the line for a woman that he has known for a week he is an all-in kind of guy. He’s falling in love yet it still niggles him because she could be the arsonist. I felt like screaming get Reed from the BAU he’ll sort this shite right out.

Chloe also has her demons to fight and I stopped counting the amount of times she said that is a bad idea to date another man and that Ryan isn’t for her. It got tiresome after a while. Chloe as a heroine could have been depicted as stronger with more backbone. There were times where she was meek and then times where she came across as the heroine I wanted her to be.

I can see why this book worked for some and not for others unfortunately it didn’t quite work for me. There is also a lack of connection between the main characters and a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding between the two.

I won’t give up on this author as in my opinion she is an author to watch out for even if I’m not totally convinced of this book 


Review – By Her Touch (Blank Canvas #2) by Adriana Anders

Goodreads Review

He Will Always Bear the Scars

Undercover cop Clay Navarro left the Sultans biker gang a changed man. Its ringleaders may be awaiting trial, but he wears the memory of every brutal act he was forced to commit tattooed across his skin. He doesn’t have space in his messed-up life for anything gentle–not now, maybe not ever.

Dr. Georgette Hadley is drawn to the damaged stranger’s pain, intimidated but intrigued by the warmth that lies beneath Clay’s frightening exterior. But when the Sultans return looking for revenge, she finds herself drawn into the dirty underbelly of a life forged in violence…that not even her touch may be able to heal.

Clay Navarro is waiting for the trial to begin he is the star witness after being undercover with the Sultan MC as an agent for the ATF it is touch and go. He is now a wanted man, scarred with tats that are another death sentence. He falls off the grid completely. Picks Blackwood Virginia to get rid of his tats and bumps into one Dr. Georgette Hadley.  George Hadley has been widowed for ten years. Time is running out for her to use the sperm of her deceased husband to get pregnant.  She still has strong ties with her in-laws so she’s torn on that one.

There were also times where the time frame just seemed skewered. Our heroine states that she has none the Hero for a week. But by my calculation it was much, much longer. Then there was an appointment which was taking place on the Wednesday no date mentioned so technically it would imply the coming week but it was mentioned that it is weeks later. I like the MC in the book they have everything good strong characters need but the lack of interaction ruined it for me.

Her libido was in hibernation until Clay Navarro came in to town to get his tattoos removed. They have mutual attraction but it takes them ages to act on it. And of course George gets Jessie to stick her nose into things that shouldn’t.

This like the other is a slow cooker romance but here I liked the characters more than in the first book but still there was a lot of repetitiveness and slightly predictable in places. Now I don’t necessarily need sex to make a book stand out but I was literally begging for it to happen here. When they finally did get to doing the nasty I skimmed for whatever reason my limit was hit.

Ms. Anders and I are not a match made in heaven. It is no fault but my own.  This book heck this series has received a ton of positive reviews so in the grand scheme of well everything take mine with a pinch of salt. For those of you who follow my reviews you know I try to finish a book but lately?  Well it’s been hard to scrape the energy together to finish a book and to be honest I am quite embarrassed by it. I do not want to be one of those reviewers you know?







Review – Defiant Temptation (Harden #3) by Lynn Stookes

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Harper Andrews hasn’t had it easy; abandoned by her mother, dated a scheming boyfriend, and fought for her father’s life against cancer. But she’s always prevailed, until now when her world seems to be falling apart.

Tristan Page never loses control; not at the death and reemergence of his sister’s cheating husband, the attack on her life, or even when his company seems to be failing. He’s always in command of his actions until one woman threatens to make his world spiral.

Tristan plays on Harper’s last nerve.

Harper tries Tristan’s patience and self-control.

Forced together, in a search for her mother, they battle their attraction for one another. Harper wants him. Tristan wants what he can’t have.

Can they defy temptation or will their explosive chemistry set them on a path for self-destruction?


This could have been a fantastic read if the following had been taken into account. The main characters ruined it there was too much push and pull from the Hero, he is an absolute pr§ck and IMO he didn’t improve throughout the book.

The shenanigans of the main characters deflected from the overall plot of the book. As when Harper and Tristan were following leads it got interesting. Secrets and lies were revealed.

But then an abundance of drama was inserted which wasn’t necessary. There were just too many eyerolling moments. Harper is dating Duncan although they aren’t exclusively she was being a right cow to him by getting down and dirty with Tristan.

The moment where I had enough? When Tristan went on a date and without knowing it. It turned into a double date. Most awkward date ever.

But the star of the book? Is Harry. Bless you made this book bearable.

So, what did I do in the end? I skimmed. This is a case of it being ME and not the BOOK. Please take my review with a pinch of salt.


Review – Seat 2A by Dela

Goodreads Review



When Jessie Evans, a Georgia Southern University cheerleader, leaves for her best friend’s wedding the last thing she expects is for the seat next to her to be taken. After all, she’d only canceled Seat 2A hours prior after catching her boyfriend cheating.

Kendal Vargas, son of a Spanish emigrant fashion guru, is on his way to Whistler for a “mancation”. Running to buy a neck pillow before his flight, Kendal bumps into Jessie Evans. Kendal is in a hurry. Kendal does not stop to help her. Kendal forgot his neck pillow and the plane is about to leave and hey—who could travel without a neck pillow?

Charmed by Jessie’s beauty, and watching her board his very plane, Kendal takes a whim and changes his seat to one he hopes would be next to her. Jessie ignores Kendal’s attempt to be chatty but when their connecting flight gets canceled overnight, the pair has a chance to make a real connection.

Seven years later, Jessie bumps into Kendal in the produce aisle of a Portland grocery store. No neck pillow is involved, except there is a beautiful little girl who looks just like him. Fate has given them another shot but will Kendal’s whims keep them apart?


Major Spoilers & a Major Rant.

The book takes place over a seven-year time span which is okay no problems there on my part. The blurb though in my opinion is misleading it implies and this is what I understood that they spent the night together I thought I must have missed their one night of passion but I kept reading and still nothing happened.

Maybe she is the Mary and the Holy Spirit visited her but alas that also was not the case. The result was a little girl that looked exactly like the hero turns out though that the little girl is his niece. WTF? I was expecting a surprise pregnancy. I was not a happy bunny.

Strike One!

I liked how they first met at the airport and how they got to know one another. They both travel to Whistler, Jessie for a wedding and Kendal for a mancation. Before they swap numbers, Kendal has to leave as his father was in accident. She finds out that he is famous on national TV and is to chicken shit to go after him.
He tries to find her but she gave him a fake name and the wedding was also booked under a false name. Huh what are the odds right?
 But at least he tried. So, his years of taking over the emporium and having to be in a committed relationship otherwise he loses his inheritance. But he was up for call girls and booze each night that is until fate intervenes and they meet again. Jessie is in a relationship. Kendal pursues her they kiss so she’s cheated physical and emotionally on her boyfriend. Kendal pulls the brakes and says it isn’t right.

Strike Two!

On top of that for added drama they all run in the same circles. Kendal’s sisters husband is friends with Colby, Colby is Jessie’s boyfriend/ex-boyfriend. So, Gizelle decides that it would be a great idea to go away for the weekend. She invites the triangle situation and two random girls. Well not really that random they met at yoga. But really?

Bianca one of the randoms hits on Kendal he says no but she wouldn’t mind if Jessie joined them. To entice him more to get him into bed. He also puts a stop to that. Where the hell did that come from and is it necessary? How does it add to the story? Quite simple really it doesn’t.

Strike Three! 

You’d think I’d tap out, right? Nope I don’t care how naff this book is I was determined to finish it. I couldn’t handle another DNF or another disappointing read. Okay so I still got the disappointing read but hey.

But the drama continues Colby the ex and Kendal fight over Jessie. Well actually over a jar of pickles and they die but the fight morphs into Jessie being the toy that they both want. which is like being in Kindergarten. This is where I realized that I fall in the four moods above and that I am too old for this shite.

You think I’ve finished, ah NO Kendal has commitment issues so obviously, he fucks up but realizes that he has fucked up and makes amends. The fuck up is that Jessie proposes and he goes apeshit. I have somewhat memory loss when it comes to that part of the book. They do get a HEA/HFN.


Review -Crossing Hearts (Cross Creek #1) by Kimberly Kincaid

Goodreads Review



Hunter Cross has no regrets. Having left his football prospects behind the day he graduated high school, he’s happy to carry out his legacy on his family’s farm in the foothills of the Shenandoah. But when a shoulder injury puts him face-to-face with the high school sweetheart who abandoned town—and him—twelve years ago, Hunter’s simple life gets a lot more complicated.


Emerson Montgomery has secrets. Refusing to divulge why she left her job as a hotshot physical therapist for a pro football team, she struggles to readjust to life in the hometown she left behind. The more time she spends with Hunter, the more Emerson finds herself wanting to trust him with the diagnosis of MS that has turned her world upside down.

But revealing secrets comes with a price. Can Hunter and Emerson rekindle their past love? Or will the realities of the present—and the trust that goes with them—burn that bridge for good?

Thank God, I finished it. I read Skin Deep by Kimberly Kincaid and loved every single moment. So, I was wandering along my merry way on Netgalley and saw this book and that well why not. The first book you read by her was pretty awesome but in all honesty? This not so much.


Crossing Hearts is long winded. I am a fan of small town romances but this just didn’t hit the usual spot like a small town romance does. Second chance romances are a hit and miss with me anyway.


The writing was good but not a lot happened it did pick up at the end though so there is that or maybe it was because I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and finished it. But fifty pages less maybe would have been better.


I was up for reading about a heroine with a disability and although this plays a vital part in the story her emotions in trying to except the illness that she has drove me up the bloody wall. There is a difference between being stubborn and putting your own health on the line so that no one realizes that you are sick.


Hunter Cross is one of the most patient Heroes ever. If I was him I would have cut my losses but love can make you blind. The one thing that is vital that would have had a great impact on the book is that if Emerson hadn’t become sick then she wouldn’t have moved back home which also means that Emerson and Hunter wouldn’t have crossed paths and never would have gotten back together. So on top of everything else this is tricky.


The reasons for Emerson leaving where not understandable. But I guess it adds some depth to the plot.


I don’t think that I will continue with the series.



Review – Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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They say nothing compares to your first kiss,
But our first kiss was orchestrated for an audience.
Our second kiss…that one was
He cradled my face like he was terrified he’d f*ck it up.
He stared into my eyes until the air buzzed.
Soft and slow, full of sighs and little laughs,
He inhaled me like I was the finest Belgian chocolate,
And he’d never get another piece.
A nip of his teeth, his hand at my waist…
And I was lost.
I forgot he was paying me to be his fake fiancée.
I forgot we weren’t
kiss was pure magic, and before you laugh and say those kinds of kisses don’t exist…
Then you’ve never touched lips with Max Kent, the hottest quarterback in college history.
Get ready for breathtaking kisses, dreamy football players, a heroine who yearns for the guy she can’t have, and a hero who will do anything for the girl he loves…


Guess which one I am? And no I’m not at the back of the picture I am smack bang in the middle of it all.

Sunny needs to get out of Snowden, North Carolina asap, she nearly makes it but trying to avoid an animal on the road she swerves and lands in the lake. A mysterious man saves her but she can’t stick around otherwise the police will take her back to Snowden.

3 years later…

The mysterious saviour of that night Max Kent star quarterback and Sunny are now neighbours. She knows who he is but doesn’t say anything, Max recognises her he just doesn’t know where from. It is the start of the new semester and Max just wants to concentrate on his career as a quarterback. He doesn’t want any drama to what happened last year with his ex Bianca and his teammate Felix.

Sunny is also trying to get through the end of university but also had a bad split from Bart when she caught him with his hands down another girls pants. Nice.

They make an arrangement for the day that they will be fake date for the day but somehow it turns into more and also starts to get out of hand. Lies accumulate and someone is bound to slip up at some point.

It’s an easy quick and fun read but it just didn’t work for me. I am tickled pink that everyone loves the book although I did love the beginning of the book the more I read the less interested I became in it. I can’t even say why really and I’ve been thinking why this is the case since I finished reading it yesterday. What is completely on me is that I thought a Fake Fiancée sounded cool and was intrigued and it is by the talented Ilsa Madden-Mills. But the fake fiancée is a well-used plot sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

I truly wish that I could have liked this book more. I loved the English books. This is just me so please read the book and find out for yourselves if you like it or not.



Review – Saving Drew (Silver Bay #3) by Lara Van Hulzen

Goodreads Review


Recovering from a shoulder injury that could end his career as starting pitcher of the New York Empires, Drew MacIntire comes to Silver Bay for solitude and privacy from the media frenzy his surgery has created. After he dances with the beautiful baker, Baylee, at his sister’s wedding, his heart not only wants baseball back, but a future with her as well.

Baylee Nelson is settled into her simple, small town life in Silver Bay with her young son, Casey. When Drew saunters into her bakery intent on asking her out, she can’t help but be thrilled. He’s handsome, sexy, kind, and also takes interest in Casey. Baylee knows she needs to keep things casual. She and Drew live in separate worlds, and she needs to keep her focus on her business and son, but Drew didn’t get to the top by giving up easily.




Sweet read with a feel good vibe and very low angst.


This romance is very squeaky clean. Too squeaky clean for my liking.


Baylee has a son with Asperger’s it’s been tough but she does what is best for her son. His father wasn’t interested and boy is he a piece of work. She envies the love she sees that her friends have.


Drew, baseball pitcher is having a tough time. With a busted shoulder he doesn’t know what is happening now let alone in the future.


That is until he meets Baylee at his sister’s wedding and can’t get her out of his head.


Baylee and Drew are sweet together and they make their feelings clear from the beginning there is an instalove feel to the book. They have the press to deal with and what it will be like for a small town girl garnering the attention of such a high profile athlete.


Kate, Drew’s sister stuck her nose where it was none of her business to stick it. I didn’t like that woman at all.


Although well written I got to say this book didn’t move me. I reckon this is me and not the book so don’t let it deter you from reading the book.



Review – Reborn (Princess of the Blood #1) by Jane Ederlyn

Goodreads Review


Marie Josette d’Orgemont, cousin to Louis XVI, watched in horror as a rogue creature took her husband’s life before turning on her. A powerful vampire swept in and spared her life, but she never suspected surviving meant immortality or the price she’d have to pay to protect her surviving son.

Centuries later, in Miami, with her family on the verge of extinction, Marie is preoccupied with the continuation of her human bloodline. When she meets sexy and persistent Odin Ulfsson, his icy-blue gaze and burning touch are hard to resist. Will a forbidden romance with the Nordic werewolf be the key to her happiness, or will it set in motion a wrath that endangers not only her last human heir but her entire existence? 



Not a fan of this fang.  

This seems to be a good book it just didn’t work for me. I liked the premise of the book that Marie one of French royalty was turned into a vampire and since then has been obsessed with the continuation of her line.  Especially in urging her great, great, great granddaughter Abby to get pregnant.  

In Florida and out one night, Marie recognises a werewolf and goes to see what is going on when she runs into some rogue wolves but are rescued by the pack that lives in Florida.  

Odin is instantly attracted to Marie and so the vampire/wolf games begin. I found it hard to believe the chemistry that they had and everything is slow. Not that slow isn’t necessarily bad that this time it didn’t help. It led me to skimming.  

There are back flashes between France, England and the present being Florida which added a certain depth to the story but it didn’t bring the pace of the book to keep me interested.  

The plot is unique and I can see the appeal to why a lot of people like the book. It has the right amount of banter but that kick of suspense is missing.  

Do not be swayed by my review to not read the book as this is just my personal opinion.


Review – Make It Hurt (Texas Bounty #2) by Jackie Ashenden

Goodreads Review



The Texas Bounty series heats up as a female bounty hunter goes toe-to-toe with the tantalizing biker who never stopped loving her.

Nora Sutcliffe enjoys having tough guys at her mercy—preferably in handcuffs. The best fugitive recovery agent in the business, Nora always gets her man. But when her latest pursuit leads her to a notorious biker hangout, she’s reunited with “Smith”: the one man who was too hot for Nora to handle. Once upon a time, she was a rich girl and he was a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Now she needs his help, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Eight years ago, Smith let a pretty little Texas debutante break his heart. He picked up the pieces, went to hell and back with the army, then rode out of the darkness with a gang of outlaws at his back. The last thing he needs is a blast from the past like Nora, who has reinvented herself as a gun-toting badass with the stones to challenge him in front of the whole club. But if she thinks Smith will give up one of his brothers for a single night of pleasure, she’s in for a rude awakening.




I loved the first book in the series. After reading it I went straight to netgalley and well this is a huge let down for me. It actually started out strong but where I thought this could work and be of epic proportions. How wrong I am.

Nora Sutcliffe maybe a dumb mistake at the age of 18 that cost a man his reputation. Around 8 years later, Nora is now a bounty hunter and she is out to pick up a skip that leads her back to her biggest mistake at the age of 18.

Smith is the president of the MC and they are trying to go clean the last thing he needs is a bounty hunter on his doorstep even if it is Nora. He wants revenge but he also won’t give up a brother. He stills an ace up his sleeve with having some dirt on the duchess herself.

I liked the idea between a bounty hunter crossover MC book but I got a whole lot of nothing. And my interest in the end just fizzled out. There was a whole lot of going around in circles in why Nora didn’t speak up against her father. Add in the fact that she was a debutante and well it is kind of hard to believe. There is holding a grudge and then there is Smith. Blackmail and extortion to get what he wants and that is when I tapped out.

On top of that I didn’t really connect with the characters oh sure I liked them well enough I just don’t see the point to the whole setup of the plot. Flimsy at best.

I’ll give the next book in the series a try that is for sure.

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