BLOG REVIEW : Hunger by Jacquelyn Frank




 Jacquelyn Frank


The Energy Vampires #2


July 11th 2017





Two strangers—one warm and human, the other deadly and craving—become pawns in an all-out vampire war as this series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightwalkers saga heats up. As an energy vampire, Halo enjoys the chase for human blood—if it’s pure and consensual.


But Halo goes from hunter to hunted when he is knocked unconscious and taken hostage by vicious sycophants. As he comes to, he realizes that he’s naked, starving, and trapped in a sealed room. With him is a deliciously human female, tempting him to feed—except her blood is heady with the scent of poisonous drugs. Never has nourishment been so near, yet so far . . . and it’s all part of the sycophants’ sick game.


The last thing Felice Mendoza remembers is everything going black. She awakens stripped, drugged, exposed, and alone—with a vampire. Halo is at once savage and tender, terrifying and alluring. Felice senses that her only chance to escape depends upon his survival. Given the choice between Halo and his enemies, Felice surrenders to his ravenous hunger. It’s a calculated risk—and a delirious pleasure. As Felice is ushered into a world as dangerous as it is desirable, their fight for deliverance is only the beginning.


It has been a while since I read the last book by Jacquelyn Frank, but still she is one of those authors where after the first few pages you feel like coming home. I was really happy to receive “Hunger” the latest book in the Energy Vampire series for review. It only took me a day and half the night #snicker and I was already done with it. As the Blurb is not yet public it seems my review will be not to deep into the plot.


Mrs. Frank created an interesting setting from page one by throwing the reader into a scene where not only the leading characters but also the reader were at a loss of what had happened and that made the whole thing a lot more interesting. It was easy to get into the story when you are used to the extremely developed worlds this author creates.


I did not read the first book in the series but I read other books from her so I knew what to expect and she did not disappoint. If you want you can read this book as a standalone like I did but I think reading the first book before this would bring def. a little more light into some things in the background of some secondary characters of this novel.


Well I really liked the dynamics of the characters but still I am not able to give the full star rating because I could not involve myself emotionally in the way I would need to give 5 stars. Especially towards the end I had some issues with the female lead. I would have liked it a little better if the male lead would have had more issues with the decisions he made.


The way it was told the whole load of the relationship ended on the shoulders of the female lead and that did not suit the set up of this strong lead. Anyway I am sure lovers of this author will devour this book and love it – so enjoy.



SAVAGE by L.A. Fiore

Title – Savage: The Awakening of Lizzie Danton
Author – L.A. Fiore
Genre – Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date – November 17, 2017

They call him a monster.
Pale blue eyes as cold as ice that see right through you.
He’s hard.
He’s damaged.
He’s dangerous.
He lives in a castle fit for a fairy tale, but he’s no prince.
He’s savage.
He’s brutal.
He’s a killer.
By an act of fate, our worlds collide.
They call him a monster, but he is my salvation.

Savage is a story of fighting your own demons and chasing hope through love. A contemporary romance with a dark fairytale vibe set in the majestic Scotland. I fell in love with the characters and the vividly described scenery. – Elena’s Book Blog

Savage was an absolutely breathtaking read. From start to finish, L.A. paints incredibly vivid pictures that make you feel like you’re actually in the old castles on the rolling hills of Scotland. It was a masterpiece from beginning to end. –Sophie, Bookalicious Babes

LA Fiore weaved together the perfect romance with Savage. I fell in love with Brochan and Lizzie so completely I never wanted the book to end. – Author Jessica Prince

The author did a brilliant job bringing Scotland alive, everything was told in such graphic detail that if I closed my eyes I was taken on a mystical journey. Definitely a highly recommended one click come release day, this is a journey you will want to go on. –Kitty Kat’s Crazy About Books

Both the main characters were amazing. I ADORED Lizzie. She was smart. She was a fighter. She was feisty. She had a huge heart and accepted everything that was Brochan without censor or hesitation. Brochan was a bit more complicated. He had that sexy, brooding thing down to a science. –Eve, Between the Bookends

L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including Beautifully Damaged, Collecting the Pieces and His Light in the Dark. Her favorite movie is Star Wars, a love her son shares. They hope to build their own Millennium Falcon one day. She would like to meet the Winchester Boys to thank them for enlightening her on the versatility of salt as not just a food enhancer, but as protection from supernatural threats. And she thinks it would be interesting to be a zombie, to get an idea of what life is like as a brain-addicted fiend so she can be their voice to tell their side of the story. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and kids, their two spoiled cats and their awesome dog.


There actually was a tingling in my fingers when I saw that I had Savage by LA Fiore on my kindle. I was itching to get home and to have time to start devouring it.


Some authors just do that to you …Sure there might be plots of them that I do not like and will not read even if they write them. But IF I like the plot then I can be pretty sure that the book will be everything I imagine and sometimes even more.


I might make a top 10 list of books I loved within a year but I will never make a Top10 list of authors … I can’t and I won’t but IF I did I am pretty PRETTY sure this author would be on it.


Sometimes I think I need to carry a recording device with me at all times when I read because I usually have the most vivid thoughts for my reviews the moments I read the book. In case of this book I had several approaches ready and later when I sat down to write they have all disappeared usually leaving me (in cases of a great book like this) with a bad case of book hangover and no idea what kind of book to read after a journey like this.


The most intense feeling I am left with is that not everything in life is black and white. There really is a lot of grey and not all is wrong or right. Sometimes there is a something in-between. I was surprised about the way those darker areas wove their way through the story. Maybe it was because of the deep introduction I got to the characters but those dark areas sort of felt like not dark at all.


There were moments when I understood the thoughts of the female lead all too well . Even I as a reader should SO NOT be OK what was going on. I mean there were people (NO spoilers from me – sorry) but I was just feeling kind of “That is the way it is and we will go from here”. Should I be worried about my line of thinking?


Usually I would be worried but I know in this specific case it’s the Fiore Magic hidden in the wafts of mist behind some Kilts in the Highlands. I know many people have tried their Hand in Versions of Beauty and the Beast. Some are good and some failed. And honestly I am not even sure if it was the authors intention to go in that direction but still I am pretty sure that lovers of that specific tale will love this book.


The characters often talk about a very different fairytale (and it fits the story while they do it) but to use that tale here as a comparison would not work as nobody would get the deeper meanings behind it without knowing the details.


There is a lot of magic in that story without even a touch of paranormal. I actually saw myself there with the leads in that beautiful setting. My mind conjured a complete movie style setting and it might be because of the place but somehow even Sean Connery got a role in my play.


Random thoughts :


While I do not agree with how a certain situation was handled because it did not fit my view of the female lead I got why it was done because the characters explained themselves well.


Someone said this is a Dark Romance … it might be compared to other books of this author but I personally think a Dark Romance in this kind of genre is something like Sick Fux by Tillie Cole – this book here is more a grey romance with damaged leads that are good in their core.


Let’s get rid of the ugly  – people … it’s Christmas …(soon-ish)






Nanny Wanted (A Bad Boy Romance) by Mia Carson

JERIS BOOK ATTIC RECOMMENDS : Nanny Wanted (A Bad Boy Romance) by Mia Carson


November 20, 2017

reviewed for

Jeri’s Book Attic




 Nanny Wanted

 Mia Carson


A Bad Boy Romance


May 15th 2017




I need nanny…I mean, a nanny for my new son.


Stanford: I just found out I have a son. Just like that. I’m not in a good place right now to do the dad thing – physically, mentally, or emotionally. Don’t think I’ll ever be. That’s where she come in. My new nanny…I mean, a nanny for my new son. Remy – sexy and tempting. She’s not your typical nanny. Not the type I had growing up. Try as much as I can, her stubborn ass attitude turns me on. Right now, all I want is someone to take care of my child, and perhaps a warm body in bed occasionally, but nothing more. I’m not cut out to be a family man. The last time I loved, I fathered a child.


Remy: I’ve always taken care of everyone but me, it’s just the way life’s been. Being a nanny for some rich guy is just another day in my life. Except this one wants nothing to do with his son, or me. Not that it’s my job to make things right. But I try. The harder I try though, the more he pushes everyone away. I’ve dealt with some broody men before, but Stanford tops my list. If only he didn’t kiss so good. If only he wasn’t so good in bed. NANNY WANTED is a standalone, happily ever after romance novel with loads of steam and no fluff! Contains another full-length hot romance story



It was good but it could have been REALLY good. But in the end the story was not developed enough to engage me as a reader emotionally. I was missing depth in the relationship development because I could not feel the characters.

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Prelude: Book One In The Interlude Duet by Auden Dar



Prelude: Book One In The Interlude Duet
Auden Dar
 November 9th 2017 



I thought I had it all until he came back.
Julian Caine, my childhood friend, was a short, scrawny thirteen-year-old boy with thick glasses and a mouthful of braces the last time I saw him.
Fourteen years later, he’s no longer an awkward teen.
He’s all man.
A. Beautiful. Staggering. Drop-dead. Gorgeous. Man.
What I feel is definitely more than a fleeting attraction. I’ve spent too many sleepless nights obsessing over him while my fiancé sleeps next to me.
Then Julian makes a proposal I can’t ignore.
One night.
That’s all he’s offering.
But that one proposal can change everything.
Suddenly, having it all might mean losing it all.

Prelude is Book One in The Interlude Duet. There is no cheating and due to graphic sexual content, it is intended for mature audiences only.
Interlude (Book Two) releases January 25, 2018. ARCs will be available early November 2017.





What it the most exciting thing for a blogger ?

Yes I know what you are going to say  – getting a review copy of your favorite author and you are right!

But I mean the OTHER exciting thing .. Yes NOW you are on the right track… I am indeed talking about finding new authors and their debut novels.


Debut novel, especially by indie authors can be a scary business. As sometimes the authors due to their lack of knowledge mistake a blogger for a beta reader and present them with an unedited / less than finished version. And I am not talking about typos or other tiny issues.


So now I am especially happy to tell you about Auden Dar. A while ago she contacted me and requested me to read her debut novel “Prelude”. This book is the first one in a duet and to get one thing out of the way directly. YES it ends on a cliffhanger – and NO Auden I really DO not like that #ME LAUGHING …  – because hey lets face it it’s a good sign that I am bothered by that right ?


But no worries – she promised me that the second book will be released shortly behind – so NO SYLIVA DAY effect – I will hold her to that promise. #IDareYou


So about the story itself … When you decide to read this book you will find a well written, deeply developed. I doubt you will notice that this is a debut as the plot is solid.

Solid also means that the story is predictable at times. That is not a bad thing so do not misunderstand me as it is a kind of second chance romance there has to be a certain predictability I think and there are tons of Readers that love that way of writing.


Its just that I noticed about myself that I am more the “Colleen-Hoover-whiplash” reader than the “Melissa-Foster-romance”. But again NO Misunderstandings I really enjoyed this story its just that I pay attention to these things.


Many reviewers retell the plot in their reviews but I shy away from spoilers wherever possible. So I will only tell you that the blurb gives a good indication on what you can expect of this story. I am pretty sure that if you like the plot you will like the book in total.


I know the Blurb says there is no cheating – and there really isn’t ( at least in my world) But just in case that you are trigger sensitive I believe I should tell you that the story comes close to a love triangle. I mean lets face it the blurb tells you there are two guys involved  and it really depends on what you personally feel where cheating starts to make up your mind if there is some kind of cheating here.


For me the fiancé was not really an involved character therefore I guess I would say there is non but a person that is very sensitive might see it differently.

I really liked that the inner fight our female lead had felt real. People are sometimes stuck in their life and it takes quite a lot to get them to change things.

About Julian I haven’t made up my mind yet and THAT is def. the authors “mistake … #cliffhanger HELLO? #hahaha – yeah WE REALLY NEED TO TALK


I am not really sure what I could tell you about the plot that is not already told in the blurb or would give away to much on the story. Something makes me feel that this story so far is really the prelude and that there will be something coming.


So we just have to sit and wait where the author takes us.


































BLOG REVIEW : A Girl Like Me (Like Us #2) by Ginger Scott

BLOG REVIEW : A Girl Like Me (Like Us #2) by Ginger Scott

November 19, 2017

reviewed for

Jeri’s Book Attic





 A Girl Like Me


 Ginger Scott


Like Us #2


 May 26th 2017







I’m not supposed to be here.Death has come for me more than once, and each time it’s been a boy who’s stood between me and my final breath.I called him Christopher when he saved me as a child. When he came into my life again, only months ago, I knew him as Wes. Just as he did the time before, he disappeared the moment he made sure I was out of harm’s way; as if I didn’t need any more saving.This time, though, death left me with a reminder of how powerful it is. I know it meant to strip me of my spirit again, but it failed.Even so, I know I need Wes to survive. Our souls are woven together somehow, our every breath in sync. I feel it, even though everyone says I shouldn’t.The world thinks he’s missing.His loved ones don’t want to believe he’s dead.Only I know just how special he is.I’m going to find him and bring him home, where he belongs. Together, we’ll face impossible—we’ll rewrite our ending.And when the bad guys come calling, we will always win.






I have been waiting on this book … Yeah even for me as a kind of “professional” reader there are still those moments to say that line about a book A Girl Like Me by Ginger Scott is one of books. Reading the first book in that series I can only say yes you need to do that otherwise this book will not make any sense.


When I read the first book I was really unsure in what genre I should place it – it is def. YA but it has touches of romance, contemporary, paranormal and a hint suspense.


And actually that does not change until the end of the second book. I am not sure what the author was aiming at when she twisted the story like she did but I have to admit she did it well.


There was a moment when it reminded me a little of another book that I love very much which is Prom Night in Purgatory (Purgatory #2) by Amy Harmon. Not because it has the same story – far from it – but because of the twists the author used.


This book really deserves the highest rating that is allowed where ever it is place – I assume it would be five stars. But I have to say that there was a moment when I thought the story would have deserved something more shocking or unique because at one point the story.


The whole story is so unique and refreshing that this plot string … let me call it “the bad guys” to avoid spoilers … felt too simple to plumb to fit the story. Also I stumbled at one time during the peak of the showdown because I felt that the situation was not well developed somehow.


Usually there was this unique connection between the leads that was really out of this world and then there were these pages with let me call it “nothing” for spoiler reasons. It was like SHE did not care anymore – I could not feel the relationship.


He was not with her and it was like it did not matter, with this unique leads this nothing felt bad even given the storyline at that point I would have needed to feel her devastation. And she should have been devastated … def.


Sorry about me being so cryptic – if you follow my reviews you know I am not much a fan of spoilers but some stories need a little deeper talk and this is one of them.


This whole story is so unique that I can only recommend it if you are open for stories that are not walking a straight destined line …. Still I feel the first book was a little deeper than the second – and therefore it set the bars pretty high. So as I said in total this story is a 5 star read – but this book alone maybe only 4.5 because of this (for me) not sufficient showdown plot with following “nothing” situation … So lets blame it on the bad guys for being so “simple” ?! and the rest is just me whishing for a tiny bit more …




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BLOG REVIEW : Ruckus (Sinners of Saint #2) by L.J. Shen

BLOG REVIEW : Ruckus (Sinners of Saint #2) by L.J. Shen


November 18, 2017

reviewed for

Jeri’s Book Attic






L.J. Shen


Sinners of Saint #2


May 26th 2017






RosieThey say that life is a beautiful lie and death a painful truth. They’re right. No one has ever made me feel more alive than the guy who serves as a constant reminder that my clock is ticking. He is my forbidden, shiny apple. The striking fallacy to my blunt, raw, truth. He is also my sister’s ex-boyfriend. One thing you should know before you judge me; I saw him first. I craved him first. I loved him first. Eleven years later, he waltzes into my life, demanding a second chance. Dean Cole wants to be my bronze horseman.But my clock is ticking. See, I’m not like the rest. I have an illness.Sometimes I conquer it.Sometimes it conquers me. My white knight has finally arrived. Hopefully, he isn’t too late.




I can easily see L.J Shen turning into one of my favorite authors.


I haven’t read that many books from this author yet. But sometimes a writing style has certain vibes. You get a specific feeling when reading the words the author brought to the pages. And from the first book I read I had this felling with this author.


The words touch something in me.


It took me a second to remember the plot of the previous book, #my bad but I hope excusable when considering the amount of books I read.


On the other hand – It took me a second to remember it – there have been books by bestselling authors I had to reread completely because I could not get back into a story.


With Ruckus (Sinners of Saints #2) it actually would not have mattered as it is a standalone novel and it can be read like this. Just for the understanding of the dynamics between the characters it would be best to have read the previous books. AND I am pretty sure once you read Ruckus you would get mad for spoilering yourself the ending.


The characters in this series have so many layers that you feel like a cook in a kitchen peeling away layer after layer but never seeming to get close to the most hidden parts that you desire so much. I always felt as if I was there with the characters experiencing everything with them.


When they jumped into a pool I wanted to go swimming.


I loved the story from beginning to end and I can not wait to get the next book of this series in my hands. I admit there were decisions that I could not completely comprehend and I was irritated with the parents of the female lead.

My memory had a different view on them in the first book, but that might be my mistake.


It did not matter that much for the story, it was more a growing anger on my side that actually engaged me even more in the story. Also strangely I felt the need to revisit the previous book to get a repeated look on the characters as they were featured there as secondary characters.


It felt like one of those movies where once you learned who the bad guy is you go back to see if you can find any clues hidden in the previous story.


In the end I found myself crying ugly tears (this is me staring at the author with a “How dare you do this to me” look)


So this book def. fulfils every demand to get the full range of stars that is available …



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BLOG REVIEW : Disgraced by Natasha Knight

BLOG REVIEW : Disgraced by Natasha Knight


November 17, 2017

reviewed for

Jeri’s Book Attic






Natasha Knight



May 26th 2017




Disgrace: the condition of one fallen from grace.She is my forbidden fruit. The one temptation I cannot resist.


The first night…I rescued her from an attack in the seedy underground of New York City.


The second night…She told me the first of many lies.She thinks she can keep me out of her world, but she’s in over her head. Watching her, being near her, it gives breath to something dark inside me. Something primal and forbidden. Forbidden to me.


Because in six months, I’ll be an ordained priest.And she complicates things.She thinks she’ll become my disgrace. Truth is, my fall had begun the moment I’d laid eyes on her.





Disgraced by Natasha Knight was so not what I expected. So I am not really sure how to voice my review on it. First of all, it was my first book by this author so I have to say I really liked her writing style and the story development.


And my no following slightly negative sounding review is only due to the fact that the plot developed in a way that I was NOT expecting and that is NOT due to something mentioned in the Blurb so I was unaware of that fact when choosing to read the book.


Every reviewer has genres they’d rather avoid and one of that genre’s for me is crossing into the plot of this story. Which means very honestly that I might not have chosen that book had I known that fact. As I am trying not to give away any spoilers that is all I can say about it.


Maybe adding that it is related to the past of the female lead. So for me when I choose the book I was expecting a plot that was focusing on the fact (and no spoiler here as it is mentioned in the blurb) that the male lead is about to become a priest.


And that sure is part of the story but for me it was not the story focus. That was more on the past of the female lead (which as a said crossed hard on a genre I do not like to read so much – I admit there are expectations to that rule but the basic is like that)


The development of the actual relationship – where I was expecting the lager struggle for the plot – was not the problem. At least it did not feel to me like that, because their decisions were made fast (at least from his side) and the struggle did not feel real.


And for me that left a romance novel with a male lead that had a road bump before finding the women he loved. Where the female lead was having major issues that were rather life altering and took most of the plotline for them.


So in the best possible situation I would say this book has two plot strings and the one chosen for the blurb and the title were not the ones that held up the story as it developed. But in any way this is not me saying this book is bad or anything and I am pretty sure the writing style and story development of this author will draw readers in.


It is simply that the mayor issue in the book was woven around a string that was not for me. I loved the parts about the fact that he was a priest and his (rather short) struggle and the relating development of their relationship. But as for the rest I assume others will be better judges to that – so enjoy.



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Release – Dax (Bad Boys of Willow Valley #1) by Shannyn Leah

Dax Book Cover Dax
(Bad Boys of Willow Valley #1)
Shannyn Leah
Contemporary Romance
21st November 2017

Dax Colyn is one of the bad boys of Willow Valley. A fearless volunteer firefighter and hard ass mechanic, he makes all the woman swoon and he likes it that way. He keeps people at a distance since his mother died. He doesn’t want to let anyone in, much less a woman he knows he could fall in love with.

Ava Anderson keeps people away, too. Haunted by her tortured past and constantly fearful of the future, it’s only her daughter Olivia and Dax’s dad Rowdy that she’s let in.

But when Rowdy dies, it pushes Dax and Ava together, forcing them both to let go of their fears. They soon learn how hard it is to keep pretending and how easy it is to let others in. Especially when those people are family.

“Dax” is the first in the “Bad Boys of Willow Valley” series from author Shannyn Leah.


The old adage of don’t judge a book by a cover couldn’t be truer than it is here.

I’m a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to Dax. Overall, I can say that I it is a very enjoyable read which can be gathered by my 4-star rating.

But there were some things that made me question now why, why would you do that?

The Bad Boys of Willow Valley now get their turn to find love. It is now Dax & Ava’s turn to fall in love.

Ava was taken in after a truly awful childhood by Rowdy being pregnant at the age of 19 didn’t help. Dax is Rowdy’s son so there never was a way to avoid the unavoidable. Dax and Ava have known one another for years. They have always had feelings for each other but each year it is getting harder and harder not to act on those feelings. But a tragedy brings them together.

Dax’s way of dealing with those unwanted feelings and a certain fear that could make him weak he is a playboy. He is a grouch and acts like he is a tough guy but deep down he is a good guy. He cultivated his image and now he must prove that he isn’t really that person.

I had my issues with Dax to begin with but the more I got to know him and see him for who he is I really liked him a lot.

Ava has found a home with Rowdy for her and her daughter Olivia. A town she feels comfortable in and dating men that are sensible. No one wants to date boring and sensible men. She is strong and independent but she pulled that card out at the wrong moments. She should have leant on Dax and not be a pain about it. Then the end where she is being dumb, yeah, no words for that. So, I like her barely.

What I didn’t like was that Dax’s manwhore ways were constantly brought to the front of the plot. The heroine needed it to protect herself which I get but it was mentioned at least one too many times. When it came to this she had major insecurities and asked if he’s slept with one woman. Why would you do that woman?

There is a lot of push and pull in the relationship that they have. There were so many obstacles for them to overcome and currently I can’t decide if they were necessary or not.

I enjoy the author’s writing style very much and she knows how to suck you in and keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. There is angst, there is romance and there is honesty with characters that are real and flawed and not perfect. There are sweet moments, heartbreaking moments and laugh out loud moments all tightly wrapped up into a wonderful package.
The secondary characters of Stone, Olivia, Wanda, Rowdy and yes even Hawk added to the book and I hope to see Stone get a book. Hmmm, not too sure about Hawk but I’m sure that Ms. Leah will rock it.

Until the next book in the series Ms. Leah




Orion (A Constellation Novel) by Allie Juliette Mousseau writing as Raeah Wilding

Title: Orion
Series: A Constellations Novel Book 1
Author: Allie Juliette Mousseau writing as Raeah Wilding
Genre: Military Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2017 

When U.S. Marine Corp Sgt. Orion MacKinnon loses both his legs in the bloody sands of Afghanistan, he forsakes his soul along with them. After retiring to a remote location in the snowy mountains of Alaska with his Special Forces canine companion—a German Shepherd named Zeus—he becomes a recluse and vows never to wear the prosthetic legs he keeps buried out of sight…
until a lone hiker becomes trapped beneath an avalanche on his mountain.

The woman Orion calls Hope can’t recall a shred of her former life. As he tends to her wounds she slowly begins to unravel the tight seclusion he has wrapped around himself.

She can’t remember her past. He only wants to forget his.

However, the two have more in common with the forces that brought them together than they realize, including the sinister presence that will threaten their very lives.

When their pasts collide, will they survive the future?


I sleep on the floor in the bedroom now. I need to be there if she wakes up choking or gasping for air or for any number of other dangerous complications that could arise through the night.As I drift off tonight, something happens. Something new. Almost immediately, I’m dreaming.Dreaming of Hope.Some part of me remembers and knows she’s injured and in a coma—but here in my dream, she is very much awake.Very much alive.Reality and the dream morph together until I can’t quite tell them apart. Soon, the dream is as lifelike as anything.

Raeah Wilding (also writes as Allie Juliette) writes sexy, emotionally charged New Adult and Adult Romance.

She can usually be found daydreaming and writing about sexy, heroic, alpha males and strong-willed, intelligent women and plotting ways to make them
fall in love.

Allie is the USA Today Bestselling author of the
Brothers of Ink and Steel series and
the Amazon Bestselling True North series.





When I read the plot of Orion: A Constellations Novel #1 (Constellations #1)

by Raeah Wilding I was absolutely sure that I was going to love the story. It was so up my alley so it felt like a love at first sight with the Blurb.


But this being the first book of this author what I did not expect was that I had a really hard time to get into the writing style of the author. At times it felt like so opulent as if it came from the feather of an author that could write the next “gone with the wind” novel, which was weird in my world of contemporary romances.


I read a lot of books on the subjects that are in the focus of this book and while many are used in a away I would have expected them some are even better then I thought and more to the point. But on the other hand several things feel off to me. From those subjects that feel wrong there is a certain percentage that rubs me the wrong way and I can not even say way with some of them.


Its hard to express my thoughts without spoilering half of the story which is a no go. But they are tiny things sometimes like …. Melting snow for drinking water OK but then having a water supply for showering ? where is that coming from and don’t tell me it’s a rainwater tank on the roof. And this is just one tiny innocent for the story thing.


You see this is ME it’s the way that I am wired I can not turn of my mind and not think about the back information that is dropped on me while I am reading a story. When information is dropped my mind processes it, it gets evaluated and if I read a contemporary romance I expect, that everything around the characters is acting real or at least possible. Even in a paranormal novel I expect all subject that relate to a real world also to act and feel real.


And besides writing opulent this author is also generous on surrounding information. The reader gets tons of it. Where a short novel is missing on background the reader here almost drowns in it – do not get me wrong it is a good thing – basically. BUT … the more of this information you get the more you analyze it in relation to the complete story and here I felt like would be getting a massive hangover drinking all that info. Especially when some of these details feel odd.


There is a lot of good stuff in this story and much more than meets the eye on the first view. But for me it was the writing style that was not compatible with my reading expectations so I can not with good conscience give more than 3 stars. But another reader might feel totally different about it as it is not a bad story or anything.



JERIS BOOK ATTIC RECOMMENDS : When a Gargoyle Awakens (Gargoyles #1) by E.A. Price

JERIS BOOK ATTIC RECOMMENDS : When a Gargoyle Awakens (Gargoyles #1) by E.A. Price


November 16, 2017

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Jeri’s Book Attic





When a Gargoyle Awakens

E.A. Price


Gargoyles #1


  September 11th 2015


Basically I liked the plot but the whole setting was a little to “Harry Potter” for grownups” for me

 Kylie Summers was an ordinary woman. Cheating ex-fiancé, job she hated, no love life to speak of… But after a drunken encounter with a stone statue, she suddenly finds herself with a gargoyle houseguest called Luc and a mission to free all gargoyles from a fate worse than death. But, just finding and waking Luc’s lost brothers and sisters is hard enough, there are those in the world who also know about the gargoyles, and wish to wake them for their own reasons. As Kylie and the gargoyle, Luc try to work together, they find that helping an entire race really won’t be that easy, but falling in love will be. But caution is advised as this is intended for mature readers 18+ only – it contains scenes of a sexual nature between an alpha male gargoyle and an accident-prone human.

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