Movie Review – Jurassic World

I don’t nearly enough watch enough films, as an avid reader books always seem to get in the way but Jurassic World I have been wanting to watch for a while. But to get the full experience we have to go to the beginning. 

The first film was released in 1993. Yes you read right. 1993 featuring Richard Attenborough, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum just to mention a few and it was a huge hit. 

In 1997 Jurassic Park: The Lost World was released not as good as the first one but alright, it was a great addition to the first one. 

Now we will come to the one that no one ever really mentions Jurassic Park III they didn’t even try with the name. Sigh Which was released 2001 and let’s just face it dinosaurs just weren’t in any longer.

Film wise the boy with the scar, pirates, the girl with her bow and arrow as well as nearly all of Marvel have come and well are still here. A lot of films are built on franchises now. Why? Well it earns the film companies millions and billions and that is a topic for another time.

Then suddenly 2015 there was a release to a revamp and continuation of the Jurassic Park films. Dinosaurs were coming back. Now this could have epically failed. Thankfully it didn’t, oh to true die hard fans find this plot was too far off the original idea but you know what that is brilliant, who wants to watch something similar to what they have already seen but only twenty something years later. I know I don’t.


In 2018 I can say that I have finally managed to watch Jurassic World. I frigging loved it.

I think what made it different was that the story is built on hybrid and spliced DNA for dinosaurs. That it always had to be a bigger and better product to keep the visitors of the park entertained. That we as human beings who are curious have the tendency to mess with mother nature, genetics and DNA. There is a reason that the dinosaurs are extinct and for the moment we are at the top of the food chain.

What also made the film was that it was fast paced and action packed exactly what I love in a movie. The characters were in-depth and well Chris Pratt. I’m new to the wonders of Chris Pratt, the first time I saw him was in The Guardians of the Galaxy as Star Lord and ladies well just look at that face.



Another great addition was the female character of the film is  Bryce Dallas Howard, I saw her in The Village which I hated but that could have something to do with M. Night Shyamalan. He is an odd one, his best film? The Sixth Sense, I see dead people. Bryce then starred in Pete’s Dragon which I loved but here? She was good I mean she saved so many people in a white skirt, admittedly it didn’t stay white for long and was running from dinosaurs in kitten heels. Kitten heals. I mean she faced down a T-rex nuff said really peeps!

My rating

Off to watch more films. 









A film review – Wonder Woman


My thoughts on Wonder Woman.

Ever since I watched Lynda Carter I was fascinated by Wonder Woman and till this day I still am. Not that I could ever dress as Wonder Woman but when I grow up I want to be her. She is totally kick arse and well the film was pretty cool although there were times that my believability muscle kicked in and was screaming that’s not possible.

My friend reminded me that she is an Amazons so it is possible. Okay so I’m too realistic and pragmatic need to switch off that part of my brain.

The film is quite long it ran for 2 hrs 21 min but that there was a lot to build the story otherwise it wouldn’t have worked.

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was the Princess of the Amazons until she went out to save the world.

I am a Gal Gadot fan ever since I saw her in the Fast and the Furious I’ve liked her. Here she rocked the part of Diana Prince. Seriously to be planned by Megan Fox? The film would have flopped big time.

Our Hero of the film played by Chris Pine, hmmm Chris Pine, I’ve always liked him so another good fit. As well as the secondary characters and the villains in the film. There are funny moments in the film where Diana tries to adapt to her new life with humans. There are sad moments where sacrifices are always made in the name of love or just doing the right thing.  There are moments that make you take a step back and really think about things.

The special effects are amazing which enhanced the film. The action, the fight scenes, the sword scenes all amazing.

Patty Jenkins although she has worked on a couple of projects it’s not a lot that stands out apart from Monster with Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. It takes a strong female to lead such a strong heroine and Patty hit the nail on the head and I hope to see more of her work. Her execution in bringing strong women to the big screen should be continued.

I never really liked DC I was always a Marvel kind of gal. But Wonder Woman is the exception. Well, and Jason Mamoa playing Aquaman is also an exception.

Gets two thumbs up from yours truly.











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