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Just be aware that due to a full schedule we can not fulfill all wishes.

Please read the “About” page to make sure that we are the right Blog for your needs.

To avoid any disappointment on your side here again a short summary of what we read or not read

If your book fits into one of the following genres, you came to the right place.

  • – Romance
  • – Paranormal
  • – Contemporary
  • – Y/A
  • – N/A
  • – Mystery
  • – BDSM / Erotica

Even books of genres like Historical, Science Fiction, Suspense, Horror and Thriller are fine on occasions.

No matter the Genre – it always depends on the story surrounding them, as for example some lately published BDSM themed books seem to have the tendancy of only consisting of sex and no real story behind them.

Please feel free to contact us through our contact form which you can find below.

Basically, we do not read books of the following genres

  • – M/M romances
  • – F/F romances
  • – Dystopian / Fantasy
  • – Christian Fction
  • – Children’s Book / Juvenile Fiction
  • – Gothic

We have read several of those novels and

we have absolutely nothing against these stories,

but based on our “interests”

we think that we are not the right group of people to review those books

in a way they actually deserve to get reviewed.


Please always mention the Title, Author and a short Blurb in your request – Thank you 🙂


Your questions and comments are always welcome.

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