Who we are …

Behind the pen name Jeri Talia Ryan (Jeri’s Book Attic) is a group of very active people.


Located all around the world, we have chosen to use English as our main language and we mostly also read only English books.

We love books!

For us reading is like breathing – if we are not able to read …

it feels like we aren’t really alive.

Thats fact No. 1

We are all females who want to fall in love with our bookboyfriends over and over again.

We crave emotions when reading a book.

We want to feel – no scratch that – we NEED to feel the book we are reading.

Thats fact No. 2

Even if smelling a book and being able to feel the paper between your fingers while turning the pages will always feel better as reading an e-book.

-forgetting your ebook reader

-loosing all your data

-breaking the screen

-running on a low battery

ARE still sufficient reasons for a “small” breakdown.

Thats fact No. 3

With every book we begin to read, we hope to find a new book or series which is even more unique than the other one we have just finished.

A unique story, unique characters, a unique writing style – something that will stand out between all these books we have read, something that can surprise us.
When we again have finished a mind-blowing book it always feels like we will never again be able to find one which still represents what we described in this fact.

Thats fact No. 4

Oh, did we mention that we all own cats?

Reading and cats go hand in hand.

But yes we love dogs too 🙂

Thats fact No. 5

The one thing we do NOT have in common is our age as it is spread from 18 to over 40 which means we cover quite a large group when it comes to the interests of our visitors.

Except for the age-thing, we have many things in common. So we decided that it would be easier to combine our forces rather than fighting the evergrowing piles of “to read” books alone.

Therefore we choose to use the Pen Name “Jeri T. Ryan” to simplify all outside communication. As there will be only one Face and Person to communicate with.

Opening our own Blog “Jeri’s Book Attic” was a logical consequence to share our opinions with others.

You are looking for someone to review your book ?

If your book fits into one of the following genres, you came to the right place.

  • – Contemporary Romance in general
  • – Y/A Romance
  • – N/A Romance
  • – Paranormal / Urban (only in combination with contemporary & romance)
  • – Mystery (in combination with contemporary & romance)
  • – BDSM / Erotica (in combination with contemporary & romance)
  • – Suspense (in combination with contemporary & romance)
  • – Science Fiction (in combination with contemporary & romance)

No matter the Genre – it always depends on the story surrounding them

Example :

  • Standalone Books in a Series are fine, Series books that have an intermediate ending (also called HFN) are fine. Cliffhangers and “The 5 book TRIlogy” series are NOT for us – review-wise – unless all books are released. We always wait until all books are released before starting to read those as we read to many books to follow up on these series otherwise
  • BDSM themed books seem to have the tendancy of only consisting of sex and no real story lately – so that would be a NO for us.
  • Paranormal / Science Fiction – is great when an Alien Guy meets a human Girl – but something like 2001: A Space Odyssey (Space Odyssey, #1) by Arthur C. Clarke would be a NO for us…
  • Cheating is a hard limit – but there are stories that work around it and are great like The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas 
  • WE crave a HEA and try to avoid books without it at all cost but somtimes even there a book creeps up on us and will not ever leave us again like Me Before You (Me Before You, #1) by Jojo Moyes

Please feel free to contact us through our contact form which you can find below.

Basically, we do not read books of the following genres with the exeption of above mentioned very specific subgenres

  • – M/M romances
  • – F/F romances
  • – Dystopian / Urban / Fantasy
  • – Christian Fction
  • – Children’s Book / Juvenile Fiction
  • – Gothic
  • – Thriller
  • – Horror
  • – Historical
  • – plotsettings before 1990

We have read several of those novels and

we have absolutely nothing against these stories,

but based on our “interests”

we think that we are not the right group of people to review those books

in a way they actually deserve to get reviewed.

  • Our reviews are honest: They will always reflect our thoughts and feelings about a book in a respectful way. We do not receive or expect any payment for our reviews and our opinions can not be influenced by offering money for them. If you wish to support us you can do that by following the amazon links on our webside when you decide to purchase a book that we recommended.

  • We try to give away as little spoilers as possible but sometimes little hints and quotes are necessary to explain our review.

  • We are a book recommendation blog, but we are honest and therefore you will also find reviews here with less than 3 stars. If we read a book we always try to review it.

  • If we are not able to review or (under really special circumstance) finish your book – please do not be too disappointed. Even if we don’t “like” it, someone else may love it. We will inform you personally to explain why we were not able to finish your story or post a review.

  • We will do our best to follow your wishes / deadlines for the reviews.

  • Our reviews will be automatically posted here and on Goodreads. If you would like us to publish it on Amazon or on other platforms, please ask us and we will try to make it happen.

  • We also participate in Blog Tours ! If you would like us to be a stop on your tour – just contact us!

  • We prefer to accept ebooks in *.mobi or *.epub format.

  • Sending *.pdf files is also possible but reading those on an ebook reader tends to be unpleasant and strenuous as you can not adjust anything to your reading needs

  • Transfering them through Amazon – directly to our Kindle email – is also possible after confirmation – as we have to add the sending email adress to the allowed senders.

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