REVIEW : European Tour (Rocking The Pop Star, #1) by L.V. Lewis

Title : European Tour Author : L.V. Lewis Series : Rocking The Pop Star, #1 Release date : May 16th 2016 Rating : 4 Stars Blurb : Broken. Guilt-ridden. Ready to start over. Brody Kent walked away from the pinnacle of rock superstardom and never looked back. Financially, he never has to work again, but takes jobs as a personal assistant to keep his mind—and other things—busy. The women he works for always want something, and he's more than willing to help. But when he's sent to work for a pop

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REVIEW : Fated for the Dragon (Lost Dragons #2) by Zoe Chant

       Fated for the Dragon Lost Dragons #2 Zoe Chant February 18th 2018   A curvy scientist on...
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Release Package: To Have and To Hold by Heidi Renee Mason

    Title: To Have and To Hold Series: The Vows Trilogy Book 1 Author: Heidi Renee Mason Genre: Romantic...
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REVIEW : Play Your Heart Out (Sinful Serenade #4) by Crystal Kaswell

Title: Play Your Heart Out Author : Crystal Kaswell Series: Sinful Serenade #4 Release date: May 30th 2016Rating : 4 Stars Blurb : Four Months Playing a Rock Star’s Girlfriend? Easy peasy. Doing it without falling in love with him… Not as easy. Jess James is starting a new life in Los Angeles, three thousand miles away from everyone expects her to cover up their bad behavior with white lies. She’s devoted to two things: law school and honesty. Only she hasn’t got the money to pay her tuition.

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( COVER REVEAL KIT ) Just Breathe Again by CA Harms

Just Breathe Again by bestselling author CA Harms is set to release August 13th! ADD TO GOODREADS: Cover Photographer:...
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Release Package: Reese by Cory Cyr

    Title: Reese Series: War & Piece Chronicles #3 Author: Cory Cyr Genre: Older Woman/Younger Man Romance 18+ Release...
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Release Blitz For Stephanie Brother Triple Sext

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New Cover Reveal Package: All I Want Series by Lea Coll

    Series: All I Want Series Titles: Choose Me, Be With Me, & Burn For Me Author: Lea Coll...
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REVIEW : The Christmas Dragon’s Mate (Christmas Valley Shifters #1) by Zoe Chant

       The Christmas Dragon's Mate  Christmas Valley Shifters #1 Zoe Chant November 26th 2016   A lonely bookkeeper...
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REVIEW : Recovery Road by Danielle Donaldson

Title : Recovery Road Author : Danielle Donaldson Series : n/aRelease date : April 29th 2016 Rating : 4 Stars Blurb : Catalina Montgomery has survived an explosion. She is burned, battered and, suddenly, a widow. Now Catalina is left to wrestle with her grief and depression while raising her young daughter on her own. Only with the help of her friends, including her late husband's best friend, can she walk back into the sun. Evan Bowers has shamefully been in love with his best friend's girl for

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Cover Reveal for May Gordon Perfectly Suited

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REVIEW : A Mate for the Dragon (Lost Dragons #1) by Zoe Chant

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Cover Package: Out to Find Freedom by Lila Rose

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REVIEW : A Bride for the Dragon (Lost Dragons Book 4) by Zoe Chant

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REVIEW : Stare Him Down (Stare Down #3) by Riley Murphy

Title: Stare Him Down Author : Riley Murphy Series: Stare Down #3Release date: May 31st 2016 Rating : 5 Stars Blurb : When he agreed to walk away from the lifestyle for her, he never expected she’d subversively push him back into it. Until she did… After tragedy stole the only man James Barrington looked up to, his perfect and orderly life hit a brick wall. One minute he was the right-hand man to the owner of the company, and in the next he was the boss fighting to stop a hostile takeover the

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway – Brash by J.C. Valentine


by J.C. Valentine
Spartan Riders, #4
Cover Designed by: Sara Eirew
Publication Date: October 19, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, MC Romance, Bikers, Standalone



USA Today and International bestselling author J.C. Valentine is back with the latest in her captivating, enigmatic, and rousing world of the Spartan Riders MC…

She has a secret she’s desperate to keep…

With danger looming on the horizon, former FBI agent turned bunny, Bambi Lane, isn’t taking any chances. Taking refuge in a nearby town, she builds a new and comfortable life under the radar, but when trouble comes knocking on her door, she finds that the one thing she’s worked so hard to protect is about to be exposed.

He has a desire that won’t be denied.

Curtis “Taco” Nash, the Spartan’s road captain, has always marched to the beat of his own drum, his only loyalty to that of his brothers and the club. Only one person has ever successfully clawed their way under Curtis Nash’s skin, and when she disappeared from his life without so much as a goodbye, he wrote her off—at least, he tried to. One mention of the one who got away, and he’s consumed with desire—and anger. He wants answers. He wants her. He’s about to get a lot more than he bargained for.

As the war between the cartel and the Spartans heats up, Taco has to decide if he’s going to protect his brothers or the new life that’s waiting for him. When everything hangs in the balance, one thing is clear: No one is safe. Will Bambi and Taco be able to come together and find the strength to take a leap of faith before time runs out?



She’d witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of club life, and she’d gotten close enough to the flame to get burned. She should know better by now not to put her heart on the line, but it was already too late for that.

Hips flexing involuntarily—or maybe completely on purpose—Curtis didn’t even try to hold back his pained moan. “I want to fuck you so goddamn hard.”

“Then do it,” Bambi urged, surprised at herself for encouraging him when there was no way this could end well. They had so much water under the bridge, broken trust being among the biggest of their problems. But she wanted him. God help her, she wanted him so bad. It was as if all of those nights she’d tossed and turned, dreaming of this moment had finally come true. How could she turn him away now, when it was within her grasp?

“I don’t think you understand,” he said darkly. “I want to ram my cock in you so hard, you see stars. I want you to scream in pleasure and in pain. I want to hurt you, dollface, just like you hurt me.” He squeezed her breast again, releasing a warm rush of milk that soaked his hand and her shirt. “I want to see your pretty face stained with tears while you beg for more.”

Yes! God yes, she wanted it. She wanted his rough hands on her body, his harsh words in her ears. She wanted this man and all his brutality. She welcomed the punishment, needed it.

“Is that what you want? Because if it’s not, say so now, and I’ll walk back out that door.”

Her eyes widened in panic, remembering when he’d left early and how much that had hurt. She didn’t want that to happen ever again.


J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Trilogy. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn’t sorry.

Living in the Northwest, she has three amazing children and far too many pets. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor’s in English and when she isn’t writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.

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DIRTY BOXING (The Blood and Glory series Volume 1) Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt


The Blood and Glory series

Volume 1

Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt

Pocket Star EBook

September 18, 2017

ISBN 9781501170195



“St. George (A Marriage Deal with the Outlaw) and Wyatt (Necessary Work) have written a fast-paced romance filled with sizzling chemistry, which will have readers rooting for Jules and Nick to find their way back to each other. Verdict: This novel will have broad appeal for readers of sexy contemporary romance, not just those who have an interest in MMA.”

—Library Journal


“A heartfelt story of second chances set in the high stakes world of MMA fighting…a satisfying blend of emotional drama and sizzling love scenes…Dirty Boxing embraces the swirl of confusing emotions that inundate its leads, using the turmoil to deepen their characters and complicate their relationship…Wyatt and St. George also devote considerable space to Nick’s close-knit family and Jules’ strained relationship with her father, ensuring that the leads’ families are complex figures with their own biases and flaws. The result is a romance with a happy ending that, in allowing for the work still to be done, feels all the more rewarding.”



After an unstable childhood, Jules Darcy is very familiar with the risks of falling in love. And as an adult, she’s never let herself forget just how high those stakes can be. That’s why she ran away a year ago after her fling with MMA fighter Nick Giannakis quickly got serious. But when she jumps at the opportunity to reconnect with her dad by accepting a job with his growing fight league, she’s stunned to learn the abs, the chiseled arms, and the rock-solid punches she has to market belong to none other than her former fling. Unable to run away from the sexy middleweight this time, Jules vows to keep things strictly professional. But one look at Nick, and her resolve starts to crumble….

The last thing Nick expects when he signs with the prestigious World Fighting Championship is that he’ll have to work with the only woman who ever broke his heart. Desperate to hide the pain she caused him, Nick vows to keep his distance from his gorgeous ex. But when he realizes their intense chemistry hasn’t faded after a year apart, he wonders if they could have a future together, even if dating the boss’s daughter could complicate his bid for the championship belt.

Under the bright lights of Las Vegas, in the world of high-stakes prize fighting, they’ll have to take a risk and decide if their love is worth fighting for.



Jules tugged Nick into a dark, semisecluded corner, as far away from Mia and Lana as possible. A large palm mostly sheltered them from view, but they were far from alone. “You’re already on thin ice here, Giannakis. My father has it out for you. He signed you because of your fan base and your marketability, but he doesn’t like you. You need to behave.” She leaned toward him, practically hissing out the last few words. Damn, that closeness felt good.

He crossed his arms, snorting out a chuckle. “You dragged me away from those women because you’re worried about what your father thinks?” Before she could respond, he backed her up against the wall, caging her body with his. “I think you didn’t like watching me flirt.”

Her jaw clenched and her eyes flashed—lust and anger and need all shining out at him. “I went over there to save you from yourself, but it’s clear you don’t want my help.”

“You’re right. Help isn’t even close to what I want from you.”

Her body flared—her eyes, her nostrils, her chest—and her lips parted. “I refuse to do this with you right now, Nick. I’m working.”

“That’s pretty goddamn ridiculous, seeing as you’re the one who hauled me into this corner because you couldn’t stand watching me have a good time with someone else.”

“You have an ego the size of Texas,” she ground out, and he inched closer.

His eyes closed for a second as he inhaled. Lavender. “But I’m right. Go ahead. Tell me I’m wrong.”

She planted her hands on his chest, and he could tell she’d meant to push him away, but at the contact she’d stilled, leaving her palms flat against his pecs. His skin warmed at her touch. “Move.”


“You’re a man-child.”

He dipped his head and nipped at her earlobe. She let out a surprised gasp and shuddered. “And you’re the most frustrating, infuriating, gorgeously sexy woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Someone stumbled into Nick as they passed, and he pressed into Jules, taking the impact and sheltering her, but erasing all distance between them. Their eyes locked, and he knew she could feel how hard he was, his cock straining against his zipper as it pressed against her hip.

He eased back just a little, and her brow furrowed, as though she didn’t want him to move away. Electricity charged through him, and before he could talk himself out of it, he covered her hand with his, slowly dragging it down his chest. Her breath caught, the black of her pupils almost completely eclipsing the blue of her eyes. His heart galloped in his chest as he waited for her to tug her hand away, but she didn’t. He slid her hand over his stomach, lower, lower, and stopped when it rested over the bulge in his pants.

“I may have been talking to other women, but none of them do this to me.” He moved her hand over him, a tiny stroke. “That’s all because of you.”

He braced his hands on the wall on either side of her, not to cage her in, but to keep himself upright. She didn’t take her hand away, and he smiled, a victorious thrill rushing through him. Dropping his head, he kissed her neck. For a year he’d thought he’d never feel her skin under his mouth again, and he closed his eyes against the sudden onslaught of emotion churning through him. She moved her hand over him in another little stroke, and he flexed his hips into her touch.

He managed to pull his head up, away from her. “Admit it, Jules. You want this.”

She rubbed her palm over him. “I think you’re the one who wants this.”

Their gazes locked again and the party swirled around them, music throbbing, voices shouting. Her fingers went to his zipper, and as she pulled it down with agonizing slowness, his balls tightened in anticipation.

About the authors:

Harper St. George was raised in rural Alabama and along the tranquil coast of northwest Florida. It was a setting filled with stories of the old days and it instilled in her a love of history, romance, and adventure. By high school, she had discovered the romance novel, which combined all of those elements into one perfect package. She has been hooked ever since. She currently lives on Florida’s Emerald Coast with her family and loves to connect with readers. She would love to hear from you. Please visit her website at or connect with her on Facebook at

Tara Wyatt is a contemporary romance and romantic suspense author who has won several awards, including the Unpublished Winter Rose, the Linda Howard Award of Excellence, and the Heart of the West. A librarian by day and romance writer by night, Tara lives in Hamilton, Ontario with the world’s cutest dog and a husband who makes all of her heroes look like chumps. Find her at


Blood and Glory Giveaway:

To celebrate the first in the Blood and Glory Series, we’re giving away one promo code for a download of DIRTY BOXING!







Blade of Darkness (Immortal Guardians Book #7) by Dianne Duvall


From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Dianne Duvall, comes the next heart-pounding romance in the Immortal Guardians series – BLADE OF DARKNESS! Order your copy today!

28700596Blade of Darkness by Dianne Duvall
Immortal Guardians Book #7
Releasing September 19th, 2017

Return to the “utterly addictive” (RT Book Reviews) world of New York Times bestselling author Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guardians.

Dana Pembroke has been able to glimpse the future of those she touches for as long as she can remember.  But she never saw Aidan coming.  When the tall, dark Celt with the charming grin yet world-weary eyes walks through her door, the future she sees for him is one full of violence, danger, deception… and passion.  Because amidst the terrifying battles that unfold in her visions, she also sees herself in Aidan’s arms and in his bed.  Dana knows she should keep her distance, but the tender moments and laughter they share entice her even as she finds herself thrust into a world of vampires, immortals, and other preternatural beings.

Immortal Guardian Aidan O’Byrne has been hunting and slaying psychotic vampires for nearly three thousand years, so visions of bloody battles don’t trouble him.  The battles Dana foresees, however, show Aidan’s brethren turning against him, so he can’t help but feel alarmed.  While he spends as much time as he can with Dana, struggling to decipher her dire predictions, Aidan finds himself utterly smitten. Hope rises that he has finally found a woman who can banish the darkness and loneliness that plague him. But when vampires begin targeting Dana and a powerful enemy spawns chaos, will fate grant them time to find happiness together?

Blade of Darkness Character Interview


Thank you for joining me!  I’m happy to be here at Jeri’s Book Attic, celebrating the release of BLADE OF DARKNESS, the seventh book in my Immortal Guardians series. If you like powerful preternatural heroes, strong heroines, action scenes that will keep you flipping pages well past your bedtime, and romance that is alternately steamy and sweet and laced with humor, then I hope you’ll pick up a copy, because you’ll find all of this in Aidan and Dana’s story. And don’t worry if you’re new to the series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel. You’ll just know more about the secondary characters if you read the books in order.


Today Sheldon, one of the mortals in my series (and a favorite of many readers, thanks to the comic relief he provides) will be interviewing Seth, the eldest and most powerful immortal in the series and the self-proclaimed leader of the Immortal Guardians.


Sheldon: Thanks for agreeing to an interview, sir.


Seth: No problem, It’s been a while since we did the last one, and a lot has happened since then.


Sheldon: A LOT.


Seth: smiles I take it the humans who work for us down at the Network are feeling a little . . .


Sheldon: Antsy? Yes. I mean, first mercenaries blew the hell out of the original Network headquarters. Then Gershom wreaked havoc at the new one. Now Aidan is haunting the hallways . . .


Seth: Aidan makes them nervous?


Sheldon: laughs Yeah. It isn’t intentional. It’s just the whole ancient Celtic immortal thing and all of the gifts he possesses. Some of the humans find it a bit intimidating.


Seth: I can understand that. looks around curiously Any particular reason you chose this location for the interview?


Sheldon: You mean instead of doing it down at the Network?


Seth: Yes. The humans there are accustomed to seeing me on a fairly regular basis. Some may view me with something akin to fascination, but I don’t think they fear me.


Sheldon: No, they’re fine with you. I just thought you’d be more comfortable here.


Seth: In David’s backyard?


Sheldon: Yes.


Seth: stares at him, unspeaking


Sheldon: Well . . . David’s place IS sort of the hub of the Immortal Guardians’ world here in North Carolina and—


Seth: What do you want, Sheldon?


Sheldon: narrows his eyes Are you reading my mind?


Seth: grimaces No. There’s too much—


Sheldon: Porn and weird crap up there. Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it before.


Seth: So spit it out. What do you want?


Sheldon: shifts I was kinda hoping you’d do me a favor.


Seth: releases a beleaguered sigh Fine. I’ll do it.


Sheldon: eyebrows fly up Really? You know what it is?


Seth: I assume it’s the same thing you wanted for your birthday?


Sheldon: Yes. You’ll really do it?


Seth: Yes.


Sheldon: Why?


Seth: Because you’re good with Adira.


Sheldon: waves a hand in dismissal Who ISN’T good with Adira? That cutie has every one of us wrapped around her little finger.


Seth: Nevertheless, I appreciate everything you do for her. For Marcus and Ami as well. rises and backs away Are you ready?


Sheldon: grins big Absolutely!


Seth: shifts into the form of a huge dragon that dwarfs the sprawling house behind them


Sheldon: gapes up at it as the dragon roars and breaths fire that buffets him without burning him


Seth: shifts back into his natural form and retakes his seat


Sheldon: That. Was. AWESOME!!!


Seth: lips quirk Fun, too.


Sheldon: Will you do it again and let me—


Seth: You’re not climbing onto my back and going for a ride, Sheldon.


Sheldon: Oh,come on. I give Adira piggy-back rides all the time.


Seth: Seriously? That’s your argument?


Sheldon: shrugs with a grin It was all I could think of.


Seth: laughs


Marcus: opens the back door, leans out with a pretty toddler on his hip and casts them an exasperated look Really? I JUST got her down for a nap.


Sheldon: winces Sorry, man.


Seth: My apologies. We’ll keep it down from now on.


Marcus: ducks back inside with a sigh


Sheldon: Okay. Where were we?


Seth: Before I shape-shifted? I believe you were telling me that Aidan is making the employees down at the Network nervous.


Sheldon: Right. While we’re on the subject of Aidan . . . Rumor has it he’s smitten with a psychic.


Seth: That’s correct.


Sheldon: How’s that going for him?


Seth: It would go a lot better if all hell didn’t break loose every time an immortal falls in love.


Sheldon: I hear ya. What do you think of Dana?


Seth: I like her. She’s a fighter.


Sheldon: I’ve heard some things about the first few times you met her . . . It’s pretty wild.


Seth: lips twitch There were . . . extenuating circumstances.


Sheldon: laughs Well, if even half of it is true, that woman is ballsy!


Seth: laughs As I said, she’s a fighter.


Sheldon: Strong women are so hot.


Seth: Yes, they are. Aidan is a lucky man.


Sheldon: Immortal males all seem to be drawn to strong women.


Seth: nods Every one of us.


Sheldon: Even you?


Seth: Next question.


Sheldon: Hey, I had to ask. The ladies at the Network are very curious about your love life . . . or lack thereof.


Seth: Is there a question in there somewhere?


Sheldon: Fine. If you won’t talk about that, then let’s talk about the latest problems that have arisen. How are you holding up?


Seth: I’m fine.


Sheldon: I know things have been . . . pretty tough lately.


Seth: A bit of an understatement.


Sheldon: Tempers are flaring.


Seth: wry smile Yes, they are.


Sheldon: The Immortal Guardians have acquired quite a formidable foe.


Seth: Not just the Immortal Guardians. Gershom wants to watch the world burn. If we don’t stop him, EVERYONE will lose.


Sheldon: No pressure, right?


Seth: laughs Right.


Sheldon: Kinda makes you long for the days when the only enemies Immortal Guardians fought were psychotic vampires.


Seth: huffs a laugh as his cell phone rings Life WAS simpler then. retrieves his phone from a back pocket, looks to see who is calling, then answers Ja? frowns Ik ben onderweg. pockets the phone and rises I have to go.


Sheldon: Okay. Thanks again for the interview.


Seth: Anytime. vanishes


Sheldon: That is so cool.


To quote and use my favorite line of this book : “There is a slight chance … that I might have …. “ fallen in love with this series even more …. “how slight …. ? GARGANTUM!”


#sigh – I “live” for those small Zach and/or Bastien moments …


Series are usually heading into one direction when they go on for a long time and that is repeating previous stories.

With the immortal guardians I never experienced that problem so far and when I take a look at the background story and the characters I also do not see it anywhere in the future.

Quite the opposite actually I am kind of afraid that the author might at some point not continue that series and I will never get to hear all those great stories that I can practically see lurking in the background.

So DEAR AUTHOR don’t you ever do that to us please …


While the way the couples fall in love might always be close to instantly (which is normally something I dislike) their love stories never get boring. They are never common or easy … I agree with Seth on that fully … Non of our Guardians got a real nice courtship with his woman … so why should it be any different with Aiden – especially with him not leaving anything out to finally find a woman. (that is no spoiler but a fact that followers of the series know) …


I think there is no series honestly where I memorized so many character names … and no matter how much time passes the moment I open a new book all the stories that I read come back to me. Usually I have to re-read older books to get back into the story but here … the basic storyline always comes back to me …


So I really can not review this as “Aiden’s” story – for me this is a complex network of people and I love to revisit all of them at all times ….

Let me tease you … we all know our unsocial Roland right ? Are we sure he really is unsocial ? How much would you like to find out ?

Would you ever expect Bastien to care about anyone else then his woman ? …

And then there is Cliff …. Yeah he is there … no spoiler here but what will happen to him … ? He is this background secondary character that has I think like Sheldon his own fans waiting on hearing the full stories …


I loved that we got glimpses of a Seth that almost seemed “human” – and some comments make me wonder when we will get his story.

Readers will get to meet some new guardians as well …

And I loved the way the author threw some thoughts out there about stuff that happened that might not have been what it looked like … (sorry being vague on purpose) – so I hope to hear about a guardian again that ….(vague sorry)


See ? you open Aiden’s story but believe me you will get so much more …

And I honestly already can not wait on the next story and I am sure it will be far to long before we get it – but it will be OK  as long as we WILL get it … I can be patient … (But it would be nice as a Christmas present 2017 #laughing)


So in total ? you ask me for my NO. 1 paranormal series ?

Look no further start with this series WITH BOOK 1 and slowly fall in love …


The Immortal Guardians Series:

About the Author

Dianne Duvall is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Immortal Guardians series and The Gifted Ones series. Reviewers have called Dianne’s books “fast-paced and humorous” (Publishers Weekly), “utterly addictive” (RT Book Reviews), “extraordinary” (Long and Short Reviews), and”wonderfully imaginative” (The Romance Reviews). Her books have twice been nominated for RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards and are routinely deemed Top Picks by RT Book Reviews, The Romance Reviews,and/or Night Owl Reviews.

Dianne loves all things creative. When she isn’t writing, Dianne is active in the independent film industry and has even appeared on-screen, crawling out of a moonlit grave and wielding a machete like some of the vampires she creates in her books.

For the latest news on upcoming releases, contests, and more, please visit You can also find Dianne online . . .

Blog | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | Goodreads | Google Plus






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UNBREAK ME by Bella Love-Wins and Shiloh Walker is FREE!


UNBREAK ME by Bella Love-Wins and Shiloh Walker is FREE!
Grab the prequel to Ruin Me now!

Amazon –
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I lived in the eye of a storm. A broken child in a nightmare I could never wake up from…unless I could get away.
But running meant I had to leave everything behind.
Years after I finally escaped, I found her.
She was too innocent, too sweet to turn my back on, and it only took an instant to seal her fate to mine.
This innocent stranger could be my only chance. If I let her in, she was sure to unbreak me.

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Bella Love-Wins, and bestselling author Shiloh Walker comes a dark, emotional contemporary romance.
Unbreak Me is a short story prologue to the standalone, Ruin Me.

Amazon →
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Pre-Order Blitz & Giveaway – Beauty by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Once upon a time, I thought love was a fairytale.

My prince was a Beast with blood on his hands and ice in his veins. My family offered to save me. The only price: leaving the tattered pieces of my heart behind.

Our love was irrational. Cruel. Unforgiving. Nothing like the storybooks said it should be—but it was perfect.

The longer we were apart, the more I lost myself. He was vicious and domineering, but I craved the submission. Together we were destructive, but I was addicted to the devastation. Still, I thought titles mattered. To my family I was princess, and to the Beast I was slave. I was too naïve to understand that even though he’d been my captor, he’d broken the shackles on my soul.

Once upon a time, I thought love meant happily ever after.

Now I know better.

I was going insane, absolutely aching, and it was just instinct to touch myself. He grabbed my hand, lifting it so my fingers were just below his chin.

“Greedy girl,” he said. “Don’t you know your orgasm is mine? I own this.” He sucked my fingers until they were clean and I moaned, rubbing my thighs together. I was so overstimulated, I was sure I was going to come just from the friction. I rubbed my thighs harder and he laughed darkly, pushing me off him. I fell to the ground.

Eyes still locked, Anteros reached behind and flipped over the coffee table. The glass crashed and shattered. Some shards hit my thigh, but I didn’t think about that or the mess or the possible danger because moments later Anteros was on the ground with me.

He crawled between my legs and spread them wide in the new space. I got to my elbows, watching him rapt.

“If you come without permission,” he said, licking a long, razor sharp trail from behind my knee to inside my thigh, “you will be punished.”
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Mary Catherine Gebhard bites off more than she can chew. She’s lived in Salt Lake City, Utah her entire life but occasionally goes on vacation from reality. Don’t worry, she sends postcards.


Who wants a #FREE book? Not Looking For Love by @LenaBourne is FREE on all platforms! #NA #Romance


Who wants a #FREE book? Not Looking For Love by @LenaBourne is FREE on all platforms! #NA #Romance


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Labor Day weekend sale! Start the Fighting series for free today! 

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I am an eighteen year old high school graduate who has just experienced my first… well, everything. I would give anything to hold on to Cooper but we made a decision. After thirty hours of falling in lust, after tonight we are parting ways. I am starting college and I can’t be distracted. Besides he has his own life to get back to. 

The moment I saw her I knew she was the one but what my heart wants it doesn’t get. I know how life works. I have been fighting most of my life. My dad was a fighter and so was his dad. I watched my mom cheat on him and in return he destroyed her. I will never do that to a woman. I get thirty hours with Liz and then we are both walking away. At the end of the day, all we will have is the memories we have created here in Miami. 

Five years later Liz runs into Cooper only he has no idea that memories weren’t the only thing they created in Miami. He broke her heart once the day he left and her heart is now guarded. Will he succeed in winning her heart back a second time? The only thing he knows for sure is that he is fighting for a second chance and this time he will not let her go.


Excerpt Reveal & Giveaway – In the Crease (Assassins #12) by Toni Aleo





Jensen Monroe is a unicorn. As handsome as any model, as polite as can be, a goalie of unmatched skill, and the best friend anyone could ask for. But he longs for a particular special someone to make his life complete. He’s been in love with Wren since he was a teenager, but as his best friend’s sister, she’s always been off-limits.

Wren Lemiere has prided herself on being a love ’em and leave ’em girl her whole life. She’s all about equal opportunity in the battle of the sexes. Why should guys like her brother and his best friends get to be the only ones allowed to play the dating game? One wrong move, however, and she finds herself in violation of her own rules.

In need of a fake husband and baby daddy for her unexpected bundle of joy, Wren finally accepts Jensen is the logical one to ask for help. Except he has a counteroffer…one with so many strings attached, they may just find themselves wrapped up in ties that bind. Forever.


Dr. Richards laughed as Wren giggled. “Everything is good. Come on up,” he said, helping Wren up before he patted her back. “But we need to discuss something.”
Her expression turned worried as she met his gaze. “Is everything okay?”
“Fine, but looking over your chart, you had quite the weight gain from last time. Fourteen pounds.”
Her face flushed as she held his gaze. “Baby weight?”
“Some, but not all. Healthy weight gain is about twenty pounds, and you’ve gained thirty.”
She shrugged. “Taco weight?”
He smiled, patting her back. “Are you exercising?”
She nodded. “I walk to the fridge?”
“I’ll take that as a no,” he said, marking his chart. Why did she feel like he was scolding her? “You need to get a little more active, and I’m sure your husband won’t mind doing that with you.”
Wren couldn’t look at Jensen, she was so embarrassed, but still, she said, “Of course.”
“And maybe instead of all the tacos, we have a taco salad?”
She glared. “You’re ruining my life, doctor guy.”
He smiled before he winked. “Just a suggestion.”
“Duly noted.”
“Good. So have a good trip,” he said with a grin before sliding out of the room with only a wave and “see ya next time.”
“Well, that sucked,” she muttered, scooting to the end of the table and getting off. Still unable to look at Jensen, she went to pull her shirt down, but she jumped in surprise when Jensen’s hands stopped her. When she looked up, he was staring at her, his eyes dark as he took her belly in his hands. Bending down, his very large body took up most of the room as he went to his knees before kissing her belly. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she watched him.
“Hey, you, we need to back off the tacos, okay?”
She laughed as he kissed her once more before standing and taking her face in his hands. “And you are fucking sexy, okay? Those numbers mean nothing, except that we’re going to go for walks in the mornings this whole trip.”
Her eyes started to cloud with tears as she nodded. “Okay.”
“Don’t let that bother you, okay?”
“We’re good.”
She nodded. “We are.”
“And I like the name Liam.”
“Liam?” she asked as he slowly brought her shirt down over her belly. “I don’t know about Liam.”
“I like it, but can I tell you what I don’t like?”
Her brow rose. “What?”
“That doctor.”
She laughed. “What? He’s nice!”
“He’s too hot to be touching you, and I’m man enough to say that. We need to switch.”
She laughed hard, and he took her hand in his as she reached for her purse. “I know you’re not jealous.”
He gave her a dry look. “Beyond.”
“What! No, you’re not!”
“I am,” he admitted, shaking his head. “Does he stick his hands inside of you a lot?”
She sputtered. “Many times.”
“Bullshit. I hate him.”
“You’re silly!”
“I was boiling, sitting there as he touched you. I wanted to deck him.”
“You did not!”
“I did.”
“Like that would bother you.”
He set her with a look that swirled so much desire and the dirtiest thoughts imaginable inside of her. Pulling her against him, he looked deep into her eyes, his mouth barely away from hers as he whispered, “It bothers me just knowing that men look at you.”
“Jensen,” she gasped, her lips curving. “Stop lying to me.”
“I’m not. You’re mine, woman, and that’s that.”



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My name is Toni Aleo and I’m a total dork.
I am a wife, mother of two and a bulldog, and also a hopeless romantic.
I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena’s glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!
When my nose isn’t pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son’s hockey games, my daughter’s dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, scrapbooking, and reading the latest romance novel.
I have a slight Disney and Harry Potter obsession, I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, I might have been a Disney Princess in a past life… probably Belle.
… and did I mention I love hockey?
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#Degrade by TL Smith is currently #Free for the next 4 days!!!

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One rule, only one rule women need to follow when they’re with me.

Don’t ask for more.

This rule is in place for a reason, you won’t get more of what’s not there to give.


He is striking, and he’s all man. He is also the devil, or so I believe him to be. I gave him my heart, not realizing I was doing so. He likes to break me down, so I’m a shell of the person I once was. He’s chipping away at me, bit by bit. Though I’m not as weak as he thinks, and when I can’t handle it anymore, I will come back swinging.

Book 2 in the series, Twisted is free to read in #KindleUnlimited

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