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On the roof of a house outside Truelove, Maine, master carpenter Max Doyle looks down through a skylight and sees the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. She’s naked, she’s gorgeous, and everything about her is perfect, down to the ball-busting tattoo of a rose that wraps around her hip. But it isn’t just any woman making his knees buckle. It’s his best friend, Rosie Madden. And as he stands there, mesmerized and precariously close to toppling off the roof, he knows he’ll never, ever be able to look at her the same way again.

Rosie can’t help but notice that Max is suddenly acting very strange—lots of long stares, totally tongue-tied, and not at all like the slightly cocky hunk she’s proud to call her best friend. She can’t figure it out, until later that night when Max rescues her from the world’s worst date, challenges her to a game of pool, and shows her just exactly what she’s got him thinking about. Repeatedly.

But life is complicated. Rosie’s cat, Julia Caesar, wants to eat Max’s dog Cupcake for an afternoon snack. A dream job threatens to pull them apart. And another glance through the skylight changes everything, one more time. Yet try as they might, they can’t go back to being just friends, because falling in love with the one you’ve always adored?

It feels so good.



As I unlocked the door to my houseboat, I heard it. At first, it sounded like a duck paddling, but then I heard something else—a panting, or a gasping. For a second, it died down. It didn’t worry me, really, because the docks were full of weird noises, and boats were noisy as fuck. But I turned the deadbolt turned, the sound got louder and more frantic. Whatever it was, it didn’t sound good and it sure as hell didn’t sound like a duck. I let my work belt slide off my shoulder onto the deck, and looked down in the water, gripping the taffrail. There in the shadows, gasping, paddling, and panicking, I saw something small and wet and terrified.
​Holy fuck. It was a dog. A tiny, drowning dog.
​Fully clothed, boots on, I jumped into the water off the sternside. I plunged in deep, submerged in a world of shadowy barnacle-crusted dock pilings and chains holding anchors far below. Holding my breath and looking up toward the sunshine, through the bubbles that came down with me, I saw it. No bigger than a chicken, and kicking hard. I breaststroked toward the dog, aiming to come up right below it, but the salt water stung my eyes, and I closed them out of reflex. When I surfaced, it had gotten a few feet away. It was just a tiny thing, soaking wet, sucking in terrified breaths. It doggy-paddled in circles, slipping down into the water so that only its nose was above the surface. I did one strong breaststroke, but it was in full flight-or-fight mode, absolutely fucking petrified, and it paddled away from me, slipping out of my grasp. With one more big stroke, I had it, and I scooped it up into my arms to held her up out of the water, the way people do when the hold babies in the air. I saw it was a girl, her tummy soft and much less furry than the rest of her. Her big black eyes bugged out for an instant, and then…
She went limp in my hands. Lifeless, with her feet dangling down, her tongue hanging out. Her eyes were closed. On my palm, I couldn’t feel a heartbeat where I was sure there should have been one thrumming along.
​Fuck. Fuck.
​I gave her a shake, but she dangled like a rag doll.
I held her out of the water, keeping her in a tight bicep curl over my shoulder. Carefully, I maneuvered under the jetty that led to my boat. I got a toehold on the old dock ladder, rusty and unsteady. Using one hand to climb up, and using both boots like climbing picks, I emerged from my boat’s shadow and out into the sunshine of the dock. I laid her down on her back, supporting her lifeless body. With every passing millisecond, my heart fucking broke more and more. I could not let this happen. I could not let her die. I pulled myself up all the way and knelt beside her. She was flat on her back, with no signs of life at all. Her arms were limp at the wrists, and her paws dripped onto the dry wood beneath her. Still, her tongue hung out. Still, her eyes were shut. Still, she wasn’t breathing.
Somewhere, buried deep in my memory, I remembered learning the basics of canine CPR. I felt like maybe it was in my lifeguard class when I was in high school, but I didn’t fucking know and it didn’t fucking matter. All I knew was I had to do something, and fast. So I did. I wrapped my fingers around her tiny muzzle and brought my lips to her leathery nose. I blew gently, and as I did I felt her chest swell up. I held my own breath and prayed for anything, any sign of life, but there was nothing. Lightly, with the tips of my fingers, I did compressions on her soaking wet fur. One. Two. Three. And then I did another breath. One. Two. Three.
“Come on, little lady,” I whispered, and rolled her onto her side. I gave her a few pats, firm but not too hard. She was absolutely tiny—from scruff to tail, hardly bigger than the span of my hand. I rolled her over onto her back again and gave her one more breath, all the while going through the paces of what the fuck to do if this didn’t work. I had no goddamned idea whatsoever where the vet was. Did we even have a vet? Would she survive that long? What the fuck was I going to do?
But as I started the next set of compressions, she coughed. She actually coughed, like a tiny person, a gasping choking hack, accompanied by a few mouthfuls of water spilling out onto the wood planks.
Holy shit.
I froze with my hands just above her tiny body. Her strange, buggy eyes opened up and she started panting hard.
“Hey, hey!” I scooped her up in my arms, cradling her to my chest. I could tell by the way she was so limp against me that she was exhausted. Keeping her close to my body, to keep her warm and safe, I scratched the fur at the back of her neck, her tail started to wag. But she was also shivering hard, and I didn’t like that one bit.




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Nicola Rendell writes dirty, funny, erotic romance. She likes a stiff drink and a well-frosted cake. She is at an unnamed Ivy and prefers to remain mostly anonymous for professional reasons. She has a PhD in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from schools that shall not be named here. She loves to cook, sew, and play the piano. She realizes that her hobbies might make her sound like an old lady and she’s totally okay with that. She lives with her husband and her dogs. She is from Taos, New Mexico.
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For Keeps.

A sweet, sexy, witty friends to lover’s story.

I really like Ms. Rendell’s writing style she sucks you in with her writing and the characters that she has created. And I will be reading her other books as well.  

Max and Rosie have been friends for going on twenty years. Not once did they recognise that they could be anything more than friends.

That is until…

Max catches Rosie and sees her in a light he thought he never would. Things will never be the same. They cross the line. A sweet romance of getting to know your best friend differently.

Can you really be friend zoned for twenty years and then become a couple?  I guess but it would be hard to shake off that mentality after so long unless those feelings were always there but had been ignored all this time. As you can tell I’m having problems here.

I love both the MC and they are really good together. They have all the makings of a perfect couple.

As I said I enjoy this book but I wanted more story. Different strokes I need some action not a lot but I always find it hard when it is solely about the couple. But this is just me.  I love Julia Caesar and her SPAM addiction. A good alpha hero with a miniature dog called Cupcake.  

Romantic comedies aren’t always my thing but I do like to give them a try. I was really enjoying it at the beginning and then the jokes and banter were just going on and on. So yeah I liked it and I didn’t BUT if you like romance comedies than this is the book for you.







Review – The Haunting of Alcott Manor by Alyssa Richards

The Haunting of Alcott Manor Book Cover The Haunting of Alcott Manor
Alyssa Richards
Self published
1st August 2017

She has a gift. His family has a past. Can they solve a century-old mystery… together?

Gemma doesn't miss working for the family business. She has a knack for restoring older properties, but after a vicious haunting nearly killed her, she was more than ready to move on. Gemma agrees to one last job to save her parents’ business, but the 1880s historical estate has its fair share of dark secrets…

Henry Alcott wants nothing more than to free the spirit from his family’s property. Ever since the original owner was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death, the ghost has made sure every restoration effort was a miserable failure. But there’s something about Gemma that makes Henry believe in a much brighter future…

Gemma and Henry must solve a hundred-year mystery to complete the restoration in time. Failure to do so could cost Gemma’s parents their business, but staying in the house could cost them much, much more…

The Haunting of Alcott Manor is a contemporary gothic paranormal romance. If you like fateful chemistry, engaging characters, and mysteries that keep you guessing until the very end, then you’ll love the first book in Alyssa Richards’ chilling new series.


Solely based on what I’ve read I give this book 3 Stars.

I won’t say at what mark I stopped but all I can say when it comes to the book it is me. All me. The beginning starts of strong and the author sucks you into the book and you need to know more and you need it as quick as possible.

I was enjoying the spooky aspect of everything but then the main characters meet and on the same day they had sex. For some of you this won’t be an issue but it was for me. I felt as if there wasn’t any chemistry between the couple and was under the impression they didn’t like one another.

As to the plot of Alcott Manor? Brilliant, spooky and interesting until it got too spooky for me and creepy. Not to mention I was home alone last night so not a good time to read a Gothic Romance. I nearly stuck my kindle in the freezer. I myself am a firm believer and have had experiences I can’t explain and reading it during the day won’t help because night time will come soon enough. My hat off to the author to scarring the bejesus out of little old me.

Nevertheless I can recommend this book even if it isn’t my type of book.

Book received in exchange for an honest review.


Review – Leave The Night On by Laura Trentham

Leave The Night On Book Cover Leave The Night On
Cottonbloom #4
Laura Trentham
Contemporary Romance
St. Martin's Press
1st August 2017
ebook/Kindle Edition/Paperback

Love, betrayal, and sweet revenge--life in Cottonbloom is about to get a whole lot hotter . . .

Sutton Mize is known for lavishing attention on the customers who flock to her boutique on the wealthy side of her Mississippi town. So when she finds a lace thong in her fiance's classic cherry-red Camaro, she knows just who she sold it to: her own best friend. In an instant, Sutton's whole world goes up in flames. . .

Wyatt Abbott has harbored a crush on Sutton since he was a young kid from the other side of the tracks. He witnessed Sutton's shocking discovery in the Camaro at his family-owned garage--and it made him angry. What kind of man could take lovely, gorgeous Sutton for granted? But then Sutton comes up with an idea: Why not give her betrothed a taste of his own medicine and pretend that she's got a lover of her own? Wyatt is more than happy to play the hot-and-heavy boyfriend. But what begins as a fictional affair soon develops into something more real, and more passionate, than either Sutton or Wyatt could have imagined. Could it be that true love has been waiting under the hood all along?


Blog Tour – Clipped by Remy Blake


Title: Clipped
Author: Remy Blake
Genre: Erotic Romance Novella
 Release Date: July 18, 2017


When I left my hometown, I had no plans to return. New city
– new me. 
But when a family emergency brings me back home, I’m forced
to pack up my life and take the only available job.
Wesley Steele is the owner of Good Wood Tree Removal Inc. and
the boss from hell. A typical lumberjack, he’s bearded, arrogant and offensive.
He’s everything I despise in a man. I want nothing to do with him or his
flannel clad chest.
But, he’s on a mission, intent to change my mind. How far is
he willing to go to prove there’s more depth to him than meets the eye? 



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Author Bio
Remy Blake is a bestselling male and female author duo, who paired up to have some fun writing
steamy, short reads, with insta love/lust and a guaranteed HEA.
You can expect double the debauchery in every novella they
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When I left my hometown, I had no plans to return. New city – new me.

But when a family emergency brings me back home, I’m forced to pack up my life and take the only available job.

Wesley Steele is the owner of Good Wood Tree Removal Inc. and the boss from hell. A typical lumberjack, he’s bearded, arrogant and offensive. He’s everything I despise in a man. I want nothing to do with him or his flannel clad chest.

But, he’s on a mission, intent to change my mind. How far is he willing to go to prove there’s more depth to him than meets the eye?


I was under the impression that these two main characters didn’t actually know one another. At least this is what I got from the blurb.

Colour me surprised when reading the prologue, they know one another from high school and it was bloody awful to read. I personally do not look back fondly at my school time. So, I get Avery.

Once I overcame my dislike that I felt as if I had been lied to I settled in for the long haul at 28 % mark. Up until then it was very much touch and go.

I’m not the biggest fan of enemies to lovers. But here I did enjoy it. I wouldn’t make reading these kinds of books into a regular occurrence though.

Getting to the story overall it is an enjoyable read. I had a lot of fun reading about Anal Avery and Wes. Their aggravation towards one another is their kind of foreplay.

Avery had a chip on her shoulder from school all thanks to Wes. I mean who gives someone the worse name either because he likes her. Dude you have a funny way of showing her that you like her. Avery ends up working for Wes because he needs a secretary and they become friends. From then on it develops to more

Wes is a dirty, filthy man and a major douche. If you really look beneath the surface then he truly isn’t that bad. He is oblivious to Avery’s feelings and doing something stupid for the right reasons and it being the wrong way still makes it bloody stupid. Just sayin.

He did do some major groveling but I always seem to hold more of a grudge to the Heroes then the heroines in the book.

The author did a good job of making a very likeable book with a lot fun and banter.


Blog Tour – Watch Over (The DeLucas #1) by Amy Reece

Title: Watch Over
Series: The DeLucas Family #1
Author: Amy Reece
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Release Date: July 11, 2017
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Melanie Blythe has a house, a career, and a cat. She doesn’t need a man. But she isn’t the only one who’s noticed the gorgeous cop down the street. When her faithless cat prances home from the cop’s house with a note tucked in his collar, it might be the beginning of something beautiful…or it might be Melanie’s death warrant.

Detective Finn DeLuca is stuck at home recovering from a hit-and-run accident, and has plenty of time to wonder about the woman two doors down. There’s something mysterious about the beautiful brunette, and he’s determined to get to know her. 

But someone else has other plans. 
As the two grow closer, someone is watching—and waiting. Sooner or later, their chance will come. 

And the two lovebirds will never see it coming.

Amy Reece lives in Albuquerque, NM, with her husband and family. She loves to read and travel and has an unhealthy addiction to dogs. She believes red wine and coffee are the elixirs of life and lead to great inspiration. She is the author of The Seeker Series (YA paranormal) and The Way to Her Heart (YA romantic suspense).

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Melanie Blythe has a house, a career, and a cat. She doesn’t need a man. But she isn’t the only one who’s noticed the gorgeous cop down the street. When her faithless cat prances home from the cop’s house with a note tucked in his collar, it might be the beginning of something beautiful…or it might be Melanie’s death warrant.
Detective Finn DeLuca is stuck at home recovering from a hit-and-run accident, and has plenty of time to wonder about the woman two doors down. There’s something mysterious about the beautiful brunette, and he’s determined to get to know her.
But someone else has other plans.
As the two grow closer, someone is watching—and waiting. Sooner or later, their chance will come.
And the two lovebirds will never see it coming.



According to Mel it’s all the cat’s fault. I have one thing to say though and that is cats choose their owners and not the owner choosing the cat. The letters written between Melanie and Finn are a lot of fun especially written in the cat’s perspective.

Mel, Mel, Mel what is one to do with you, huh? She is so naïve when it comes to the big outside world and so trusting in other people. The cynic in me was rearing my head on every page. I liked her until she started acting as if she was in high school which made me cringe a couple times.

Out of the book I preferred Finn than Mel although admittedly he didn’t knock me off my socks either. But he is solid and an absolute diamond when it comes to Mel. Very patient and caring.

If something awful would have happened to the cat I would have had a conniption. I hate cruelty to animals.

There is suspense in the book and it well paced. I kind of guessed the crazy in the book. I liked that there is little o/w or o/m drama and what Mel saw can be misconstrued.

I enjoyed that the sex scenes were on the demure side and that the sweetness of the book. Not too sweet which is a bonus.

This is a solid start to the series and I enjoyed the book.

There are great secondary characters. I love boisterous families and the combination of Irish/Italian well sign me up for more of the DeLucas.

Hugh and Crissy are next.

My rating:











Where I Need To Be (McKenna #3) by Jamie Hollins



When heroin stole James Foley’s wife and destroyed his marriage, he poured all his energy into raising his young son and running his auto garage. There’s no room in his life for anything else until Megan McKenna walks into his shop. He finds it impossible to resist the sexy school teacher.

After an ugly divorce, Megan lost her home, her job, and a big chunk of her self-respect. With her posh lifestyle now a memory, she starts over by indulging in an unexpected fling with a hard-bodied mechanic.

What begins as something casual turns into something meaningful. But how can their relationship survive when it’s built on half-truths?

James and Megan soon discover that being honest with themselves is just as important as being honest with each other. Only then will their relationship fire on all cylinders.



Sweet romance, some angst and an enjoyable read.

The Hero, James Foley is a blue collar worker and an all-round good guy. Dealt with a tough blow in life he has been concentrating on his job and bringing up his son Cade. He caters to the rich and their cars.  The wives of their clientele are called ice princesses and one day one of them walks in and needs help.

Meghan Dempsey now Meghan McKenna lost everything. As the perfect daughter and always having the pressure of being the best. Meghan is starting over from scratch. New life, new job, new flat with a roommate and a new car that is a pile of junk. The only car place she knows is Foley Auto Repair.

They never thought that something more could develop and then Meghan becomes Cade’s second grade teacher. It started as something uncomplicated a bit of fun. They got under each other’s skin. James unfortunately pushed Meghan away and once treated her with little respect. Meghan was clear in what she wanted when it came to James. The drama could have been avoided if Meghan would have gotten her act together.

They are complete opposites on the surface but the further they dig the more they see that they have things in common. Looks can be deceiving and never judge a book by its cover.

I find it hard to rate. It is a strong read and for some reason I still didn’t like it. I think it was that their relationship was mainly chemistry based and I wanted to see more depth to it and I feel as if I didn’t get that. The sex scenes are really hot and not the same old same old scenes I have read in the last couple of books.


















Review – Night Games by Alexis Anne

Goodreads Review

Baseball’s biggest player is about to get played.


I love women and women love me.
It’s not my fault I’m irresistible. Okay, I may be a little cocky too.
All I have to do is post a picture of myself shirtless with my cat, Snickers, and the women flock to me.
It probably helps that I’m good with my bat and balls.

A selfie, a smile, and I have them in bed—but never in a relationship.
Until Carrie entered the game.
She may not know it, but she owns me. And I’m not letting her go.


I’m a professional. No, not THAT kind of professional.
I’m an orthopedic physician for the St. Pete Mantas and my job is everything.
I love the game and I love my players … but I never fall in love with any of them.
Especially not players like Wes. Especially Wes.

He thinks life is one big game.
One sexy, romantic, and sometimes sweet, game that’s left me confused and little bit worried…
I may have actually fallen for the ultimate player.

I’ll have to beat him at his own game if I have any shot at walking away with my heart intact.

I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth I cheated on this book but I’ll get to that later. I am so mad, really mad. Smack people into next week mad. All because of this book.

This is how I cheated on the book I skipped to just reading the present-day chapters which is Wes’s POV (and they were bloody brilliant) because Carrie’s POV ruined would have ruined the whole book for me. Up until the 46 % mark I read her POV but this woman. I mean really this woman is an utter cow/mare you name that is what she is. I can’t stand her. I despise her. I have nothing nice to say about her at all. I just don’t get her. Carrie’s POV takes place six weeks earlier which I also am not a fan of.

I did feel the connection between them but that didn’t help me like Carrie more in any way or form.

Based solely on Wes’s POV I would give it four stars if I’d have continued with Carrie it would be a two star read. I’ve settled on three stars. Trying to be as fair as I can here. I’m sure I missed out on a huge chunk but no way could I deal with that woman. I didn’t believe the feelings she has for Wes. Right from the start, she was only interested in his looks and trying to get him out of her system and they hadn’t even met. I like strong women and I have no problem with women being honest and living their sexuality the way they want to. But Carrie, oh my God I am working myself into a frigging rage here.

The best thing about the book?


Wes had so much more to give and he gave everything and I mean everything. He fought hard, harder than any Hero I have read in a long time. I was shouting at him to cut his losses and move on but when you’re in love you do really stupid shit.

I know what is good for the goose is good for the gander shite I get it. But I didn’t get her hang ups. She is truly horrible to Wes in the past and so callous in the present. IMO. But I guess it is her way for self-preservation.

The author sucked me in with Wes though and he is an amazing Hero he made the book.

Light, smart and funny the complete opposite to what I read before this book. You need a pick me up then this is the book for you. If I had known this is book 6 in the series I have to say I wouldn’t have requested it.

Just because I didn’t mesh with the book doesn’t mean that you won’t.


Recluse by Jaycee Ford


Title: Recluse
Series: Spider #1
Author: Jaycee Ford
Genre: Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: June 26, 2017


You were my
brother in the line of duty.
My partner.
My best
You were
the man who had it all.
Your thoroughness
and precision made you a great cop.
It’s what
got you killed.
And now I
live with the darkening shadows of your memory.
You weren’t
here when I needed you to save me.
You weren’t
here when I needed help solving the most gruesome murder this town had ever
But most of
all, you weren’t here to keep me from falling in love with your wife.


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Author Bio
Bestselling author Jaycee Ford grew up chasing street cars around the city of New Orleans. After doing a four year stint at Louisiana State University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and fled for the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. New Orleans beckoned her home again where she put her love of the foothills into a series of romance novels. In between writing, she’s found behind her desk at a top rated law firm … or still chasing street cars.
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If there is one thing I cannot stand. I repeat cannot stand then it is a to be continued without letting readers know. Kills me every time and makes me really frustrated to decide how to review a book. Moving on.

December 26th One year later…

Both Wyatt and Grace are slowly coming to terms with the death of his best friend and Grace’s husband. Since that fateful night feelings have developed. Wyatt has always carried a torch for Grace but now he can’t stop it. He tried to only be friends but it is also hard when that person starts to reciprocate the feelings. It is a slow journey for both of them.

The dead spouse trope isn’t my favorite and although this was done well I thought that there wasn’t enough time spent on the couple rather on the murder mystery that was going on.

The police station where Wyatt works is a bit like high school it is hard to keep track of who has the hots for who and what the deal is with all of them. Add in a new partner for Wyatt and everything gets busy and hectic.

The book could have been longer in my opinion. All this madness happens over a time span of a week. Obviously, I will read the next book there are good elements in the book and I enjoy the author’s writing style a lot. Bonus was that it is told solely from the Hero’s POV.


Pure Hearts by Jeannine Allison

Title: Pure Hearts
Author: Jeannine Allison
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2017
She gave me her kidney. I gave her my heart…
Nicholas Blake learned a long time ago that nobody does anything for free. He’s felt the pain of lies and manipulations enough times to know that people only look out for themselves, and that all good deeds come with a price. So when he wakes up from a near deadly car accident and finds out a stranger is offering to donate her kidney, he’s immediately suspicious of her intentions.
What he doesn’t expect is Iris Chamberlain, a beautiful woman with a big smile and an even bigger heart, claiming she just wants to help. The more time Nick spends with Iris, the more he starts to believe in what he always thought was impossible: a pure heart.

But betrayal leaves a bitter mark. Will Nick be able to let go of his past and let Iris in? And will Iris be able to show him what it truly means to have a pure heart?

United Indie Book Blog – “This is a beautiful, raw and emotional story.”

Bad and Dirty Books – “Pure Hearts has heart, intention but most of all a story to tell. A story I’m grateful I got to experience.”

Becca (Goodreads Review) – “This book is perfection. I have nothing to say. Hurry up and read it as soon as it’s released! You don’t want to miss it out.”


Jeannine Allison is an author of contemporary and New Adult romance. After waffling between many degrees in college, she finally graduated with a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University.
She loves writing and reading — obviously 🙂 — but when she’s not she enjoys playing with her two dogs, obsessing over new makeup, drinking coffee, googling new tattoos, and pretty much anything else that allows her to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt 😉
She is a big fan of being exactly who you are. Her favorite stories to write are about characters finding and loving who they are.


I can clearly see why there are high ratings for this book but…

This book is interesting and when reading the book, I thought it would be your run of the mill book. Although I enjoyed it at times I also really struggled with it. If I put my personal feelings aside this truly is a beautiful, poignant and heartfelt read. There is a hidden beauty where the author has really brought out all the emotions on paper and that you get sucked into the plot. The message of the book is that with positive thinking we will get further and that holding a grudge can cost time and energy and that we should show forgiveness.

Nick Blake is ornery, bitter and extremely grumpy. His life has been filled with disappointment, loss and a need to keep himself apart from everyone in his life. He puts in the bare minimum to live. His one true love is cooking. Although he can hold a mean grudge he I still really liked him. The author has given him such great character development that you can’t help but just fall for him as a character. Beneath all his mistrust and anger he is a good guy he just doesn’t know how to show it. And let’s not forget the dimples.

Iris Chamberlain has suffered her own disappointment and loss in life but she has made the best of a tough situation and always lives life to the fullest. She has a heart of gold and is (sickeningly) sweet. She is Mother Theresa in young. I am so cynical but just my feels on this peeps.

Iris can come across as a bit of a doormat but in her ability to forgive it really shows her true strength. She has the right attitude when it comes to life but no one can be that frigging happy and positive all the time.

The more Nick opens up the harder he falls and sees that life can be different. Iris did so much for Nick it really is hard to see what Nick has done for Iris. I did like them together but was all too happy for my liking and this is on a personal level.

The plot was interesting would you be a living donor and donate one of your kidneys if it could save someone’s life? Should more of us be living donors? Tough questions and I feel as if there is no right or wrong answer. This book did make me feel uncomfortable in places but it’s good to read out of your comfort zone.

On a personally level I believe that not everything is black and white as written in the book there are so many shades of grey. But I can’t fathom is blind faith and that at times there was a strong underlying religious theme. But this is just me so don not in any way take my review into consideration if you want to read the book.


Review – Last Chance (Vegas Heat #3) by Erika Wilde

As the Executive Casino Hostess for The Onyx in Las Vegas, Valerie Downing is always on the lookout for the night’s biggest winners. When she spots a man―one of the sexiest she’s ever laid eyes on―generating huge excitement at the craps table, she knows she’s in luck. Her goal: To make sure the high rollers stay at her hotel, and that any further gambling is invested right back into the casino. His aim: To enjoy some other “perks” that Valerie might have to offer…

Turns out Chase Pierson is already a VIP guest who happens to be working with Valerie’s boss on a top-secret mission for the Reliance Group―one for which she too has been recruited because of her psychic abilities. But Valerie, bold and gorgeous as she is, is first and foremost a professional. No fraternizing with Onyx clientele is her motto…except this hard-bodied, infuriatingly charming client is tempting her to break all the rules.

LAST CHANCE contains light paranormal elements (heroine has psychic abilities)

2.5 Stars

I kind of finished this a couple of days ago but as it isn’t entirely for me it was hard to figure out what to write in my review. 


This is just not my cuppa and I would like to add that I am in the minority here. I usually know my taste in books but sometimes I just want to try something new. It can either be epic or in this case not so much.


There is a lot of positive aspects to the book. I do consider the book to be well written. The characters are in-depth and complex although I did find them to be somewhat annoying.


I enjoyed the light paranormal element it added more excitement to the plot of the book. Our MC are to find Al Capone’s cane as it is supposed to lead to a hidden treasure of immense value.  

And here comes my but… 

For me the book just dragged in places and picked up and I was loving it but went back to a snail pace. The author couldn’t get the balance right IMO. It is repetitive in places and I found the characters to be somewhat strenuous.


Just because I didn’t like Last Chance doesn’t mean that you guys won’t. Give it a go.